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Today, Google remains the most popular solution in the Analytics market. But does this mean that we must completely neglect the other solutions?
While Google Analytics is clearly a great platform and meets the needs of most, I think other platforms like deserve some attention as well and that’s why I’m going to introduce you today to these 2 data analysis tools.

We will also wonder if Oribi can really compete with Google Analytics?

Why choose Google Analytics?

Founded in 2005, Google Analytics is currently the most popular and widely used analytics program on the Internet. In addition to tracking millions of data points on computers, Google has also expanded into the mobile world, allowing users to collect usage data on both Android and iOS.

There are many reasons why you might choose Google Analytics for your own use, including the many features offered. Once installed ( which is pretty straightforward ), you will have access to bounce rate, visitor conversion, value per visit, duration of each session, lead generation costs, pages per session, exit pages, and many more. With so many metrics, it’s easy to pay attention to the areas that matter most and use the data to make informed decisions.

In addition, you can integrate your Google Analytics account with Google AdWords to easily assess the quality of campaigns and their performance.

Moreover, the major advantage of choosing Google Analytics is the fact that it is absolutely free.

We must also highlight the flexibility and freedom that users enjoy thanks to Google Analytics. As your business grows, Analytics will grow with you. Over time, you can change focus and change the settings you pay attention to. During this time, you will have a historical database that you can use as a basis for your decisions and future growth.

Why choose Oribi?

If you want to get away from one of the biggest names, you’ll need a good reason. I think is a good reason thanks to its many advanced features. Not only does the platform cover the basics well, but it also manages to outperform Google in some areas.

When using this platform, one of the first things you will undoubtedly notice is the amazing dashboard. Of course, functionality and various other aspects are more important than aesthetics, but that helps, doesn’t it? With this clean and attractive design, everything you need is displayed neatly in one place.

Then the information you receive is easy to understand and changes can be implemented quickly using this information. If you visit the Oribi website, you will see that one of their goals is to make analytics accessible to everyone and that their platform is an embodiment of this idea.

Since you can install the tracking code on your website, you also have the option of excluding certain pages if you do not wish to collect data there. Additionally, the tracking code works in isolation, which means you can make Oribi work with other tracking platforms like Google Analytics.

With Oribi, all interactions with your website are presented in summary form and you can track the behavior in several areas. Without requiring any coding knowledge or other technical skills, Oribi is for those with little experience who want to build funnels, define conversions, and create reports.

5 points on which Oribi exceeds Google Analytics

After briefly introducing you to both platforms and explaining why you should consider using them it is only fair that I compare them face to face. If you like Google Analytics, there is no need to immediately get rid of it and lose all the data you have built up. However, Google Analytics has its limitations, and it’s important to remember them.

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Individual follow-up

It’s good to know what groups of people are doing, but sometimes you have to dig deeper, and that’s where Oribi comes in. Through this platform, you will have access to information about individual users. That’s right, you can learn who they are, how they behave on your website, what actions they take, and much more.

As you may know, Google Analytics is subject to severe restrictions in this regard and is not allowed to send personal information. Unfortunately, this means that there is a gold mine of hidden data; Oribi gives you access to this data.

Where did they first come into contact with your brand? Where are they? When did they register? What pages have they visited? Have they reached the payment page? All these questions will now be answered and you can learn about the typical journeys of your prospects when they arrive on your website from various sources.

Multiple dimensions

With Google Analytics, you’re limited to two dimensions, which can be incredibly restrictive when making the effort to really understand the data and how you can grow. For example, you might want to see how many users have come from mobile, from Facebook, and are located in the United States. Then you might want to change the subject a bit and start with localization. With Google, this is simply not possible.

Over the years, I have been able to speak with many Google Analytics users who feel disappointed that they cannot see how many users have come through a specific marketing channel, landed on a certain page, and used a platform. specific. At any time, you can only see two dimensions. In a data-driven world, we believe three dimensions are needed and this is another reason why Oribi has grown in popularity in recent years.

As one of the largest companies in the world, it can be difficult to get in touch with Google’s customer support team. Considering the complexity of Google Analytics, a helping hand would be very useful. Unfortunately, your only option is a help center with articles and a help forum.

While understandable, the lack of support provided by Google can be frustrating. Instead of entering the data correctly, you find yourself reading endless articles just trying to find an answer to your question. Some people can get help from Google, but they spend over $ 100,000 a year for the Premium version.

As you’ve probably guessed at this point, Oribi has a fantastic customer support team that is accessible by email and phone.

Event-based analysis

If we were to compare Oribi and Google Analytics in one sentence it would be this: Google focuses on traffic while Oribi goes deeper into events, users, and conversions. With event and conversion data playing an important role these days, this is a significant weak point for Google. How are you supposed to optimize your marketing efforts without it?

With Oribi, this simple addition will give you endless possibilities to improve the sales funnel and landing pages.

Explain the why

The fifth limitation of Google Analytics, there is a big difference between knowing what is going on and understanding why it is happening. With Google, you can’t focus on the “what”; it is everywhere and you have hundreds of indicators to know exactly what is happening on your website and in your business. However, he doesn’t really explain why. Sure, you may have fewer conversions month to month, but why did this happen?

As an event-based analysis tool, Oribi is in a better position to explain. Once you know what caused conversions to drop or increase, you can continuously improve your service. If something, in particular, has worked well, you will know how to do it over and over again.

Oribi vs. Google Analytics: Which is better?

Of course, you are here to find out which is best. Ultimately, we can’t provide a concrete answer to this question because we don’t know your business, goals, or current market position. Both are useful tools, and the fact that Google is free makes it ideal for start-ups and small businesses. However, the five limitations above may prevent you from growing your business beyond a certain point.

If you’ve experienced the limitations mentioned, maybe it’s time to switch to a more advanced analytics platform, and Oribi fits that need perfectly.


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