Can CBD Work Better Than Biotin For Hair?

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There is no better beauty buzzword in this day and age than CBD. You’ve probably seen the renowned ingredient made into every type of product, from skin and cosmetics to hair—and they all promise a slew of beauty-boosting benefits. For example, CBD-infused cleansers, conditioners, and leave-in products encourage hair growth. CBD is also very popular in the form of edibles like CBD gummies.

CBD gummies are similar to conventional gummies in many respects. CBD gummies are advertised as health supplements, with hemp extract or CBD oil as an additional component.

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Biotin is a B-vitamin that is frequently advised for hair health. Because a deficiency of biotin can cause hair thinning, some people believe taking biotin supplements helps thicken hair and encourage growth.

The incredible thing is that biotin is present in various foods. Biotin is available in pill and tablet form and in biotin-enriched hair products. These items can be costly, and some manufacturers are less renowned than others.

Biotin vs. CBD for hair nourishment

Hair growth

  • CBD

A large body of studies suggests that CBD can, in reality, increase hair growth. Dr. Nathan claims that our skin and hair have sensors that respond to exogenous cannabis usage, such as CBD. Once this oil is administered topically, the receptors assist in encouraging the growth of new strands. CBD’s antioxidants encourage a healthy scalp, stimulating sluggish or slow hair follicle growth. A variety of factors, like hormonal and environmental factors, diminishing hair follicles, and stress, can cause hair growth to decrease or cease.

  • Biotin

Biotin provides several health advantages. Its prime function is to aid in the conversion of food into energy. It is also required by your body to manufacture keratin, which is a kind of protein found in hair, skin, and nails. Therefore shortage is uncommon in healthy persons who consume a well-balanced diet. Although uncommon, biotin deficiency can result in skin rashes, brittle nails, hair thinning, and loss. This is due to the vitamin’s function in the formation of keratin.

As a result, biotin pills and biotin-added hair treatments are frequently marketed to stimulate healthy hair development or fuller, voluminous hair. Despite these claims, there is minimal proof that augmenting using biotin or lathering it into your hair increases hair growth in persons who are not deficient.

Hair loss prevention

  • CBD

CBD may assist in hair regeneration after hair loss since CBD-rich hemp extracts added to carrier oils may enhance hair growth over time. In a study published in 2021, individuals who used CBD oil topically to their damaged scalp and hair for six months saw an increase in hair regeneration, with males faring better than female participants.

Hair growth may be enhanced by CBD’s ability to improve sleep and decrease anxiety. Reducing daily stress may influence hair follicle regeneration since stress is a primary cause of increased hair loss.

  • Biotin

Biotin, commonly called vitamin B7, increases keratin formation in the hair and can speed up follicle growth. It is not retained for prolonged periods in the body, and the majority of it comes from the meals you eat. It would be best to ingest it to achieve efficiency. According to a 2017 analysis, there is no clear proof that biotin prevents hair loss, yet it is a popular prescription for hair, skin, and nail development.

While biotin is included in certain shampoos that promise to combat hair loss, there is no proof that this is effective. Consuming meals high in vitamins and nutrients will improve overall hair health. Meat, eggs, seafood, seeds, nuts, and vegetables are the most acceptable natural sources of biotin. Per the National Institutes of Health, they will help reinforce your hair follicle by increasing keratin levels.

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How effective is CBD in improving hair-related issues?

Recent studies have shown that CBD has advantages for damaged hair but that these benefits are dependent, especially on doses. For six months, researchers in 2021 found that taking 3 to 4 mg of CBD daily had a 93.5 percent positive effect on good hair. However, since there hasn’t been much research done on the issue, the results may differ based on the person, the reason for baldness, maturity, gender, and other variables. In general, CBD oil seems to be not 100% effective in treating hair loss.

Although the evidence for biotin alone for hair development is weak and restricted, the evidence for avoiding hair loss is slightly more significant. Nonetheless, biotin tablets are sufficient to stop hair loss and increase hair growth in persons deficient in biotin.

Because of the many variables that contribute to loss of hair and weakening, augmenting with biotin without first diagnosing the reason might hinder or delay proper therapy in cases when a biotin deficiency isn’t to blame. Even in a biotin deficiency, biotin supplementation may not prevent hair loss.

Hair type considerations before using CBD for hair

CBD oil can help with a variety of hair types. However, according to Henry, research on CBD’s capacity to encourage hair growth is restricted.

Before you go out and buy Cannabis products for your hair, you should know a few things. CBD & hemp seed oil are not the same thing, as we said at the tale’s beginning. The hemp seed oil contains fatty acids, great for hair and scalp hydration. On the other hand, CBD has a higher amount of anti-inflammatory properties. When administered to our epidermis, the hemp plant may molecularly attach to our bodies’ CB1 and CB2 receptors, reducing inflammation—including our scalps.

As most of the study has been done on CBD oil, alternative forms of CBD, like gummies, pills, and vapes may not aid with hair loss. There isn’t any concrete proof to encourage biotin for hair development or avoid hair loss in those who do not have a deficit. As biotin deficit is occasionally related to hair loss and poor hair development, addressing an insufficiency can help bring back hair growth in specific individuals.

Speak with your physician if you are worried about the health of your hair for any reason. You could have an underlying ailment, or your diet may need to be revamped.

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