Cameroon visa | How to obtain a visa for Cameroon?

Cameroon visa

Cameroon visa What are the requirements and processes for visiting Cameroon? GV provides you with all of the necessary keys to complete your request!
Cameroon, located in West Africa on the Atlantic coast, is a huge country where flora and animals thrive in national parks such as Waza, Boumba Bek, Faro, and Takamanda.

Cameroon is also home to the Ekom waterfalls, Kribi, a beach town famous for its white sand, and even Yaoundé. Come and explore all of this African country’s characteristics; the change of landscape is complete.

However, administrative processes must be followed. No need to be concerned; just apply for a Cameroon visa and you will be able to go with peace of mind.

Is a visa required to travel to Cameroon?

Yes, a visa is required to enter Cameroon. The government has decided to impose this document on all French citizens, regardless of the cause for their visit or the duration of their stay.

What type of visa to choose for Cameroon?

To visit Cameroon, you must get a visa based on the purpose of your visit. You may apply for a tourist visa for a short period of time, a business visa for a short period of time, a long-term visa, or a transit visa.

You must get a conventional visa in Cameroon since the nation does not issue an e-Visa.

What is the validity of a visa for Cameroon?

The tourist visa for Cameroon is only valid for 30 days and only allows for one entrance into the country.

What is the cost of the visa for Cameroon?

The price of the visa is consecutive to its very nature:

  • The 30-day tourist visa: $125 ;
  • Business or temporary visas: $125 ;
  • The long-stay visa: $240 ;
  • And the transit visa: $125.
  • The price of your tourist visa is simply the official consular fee.

What are the documents to obtain for a tourist visa in Cameroon?

The Cameroon consulate requires the following papers in order to secure your visa:

A passport

This must be valid for six months following the date of return. It must have three blank pages, two of which must be facing each other. Check that it is not damaged; if it is ripped or crossed out, the Cameroonian embassy may deny it.

2 passport photos

For your Cameroon visa, you must produce two current identification photographs.

Plane tickets

Cameroon wants a copy of a return ticket from France to Cameroon.

A proof of accommodation

In Cameroon, you must provide a hotel certificate for the length of your stay in order to get a visa.

Proof of address

It is important to provide evidence of French residency.

A visa application form for Cameroon

You must fill out a form, taking care not to leave any fields blank, since this might result in a denial by the Cameroonian embassy.

Copy of birth certificate

This document is required and must be current (less than 3 months).

Minors will need to provide supplementary documentation in order to acquire a visa to Cameroon.

Copy of the family book

He must show the page of the parents and the minor who is leaving for Cameroon.

A copy of identity documents

You must provide each parent’s ID.

A letter of authorization

A parental travel authorisation letter is required by the Cameroon consulate. One should be written by each parent. Remember to sign and date it.

How to fill in the visa application form for Cameroon?

You must apply for a visa to Cameroon online using the Diploconsult website. Select “visas” from the “request a service” menu. The form will then display. You must submit a particular quantity of personal information:

  • Lastnames and firstnames) ;
  • Place of birth ;
  • Sex;
  • Original nationality and current nationality;
  • Current residence;
  • Telephone number;
  • Mail address ;
  • Occupation ;
  • Name of employer ;
  • Employer’s address ;
  • Employer’s telephone number;
  • Name of parent or guardian;
  • Family situation ;
  • Surname(s) and first name(s) of the spouse.

When you have finished filling out the form, you must print and sign it before submitting it to the Cameroonian embassy in France.

You should be aware that you have the option of bypassing all of these processes. RapideVisa and other agencies may help you. This not only saves time, but it also eliminates the possibility of making a mistake or forgetting information or a document. You completely outsource your Cameroon visa application and are certain to profit from your valuable advice before departing for your vacation.

When to apply for a visa for Cameroon?

It usually takes 8 working days to get a Cameroonian visa. As a result, it is best to anticipate your request, particularly because deadlines may be extended during vacations or public holidays. Do not hesitate to submit your request one month in advance, since your visa’s validity period of 30 days begins on the day of departure.

Did you neglect to apply for your Cameroon visa, or were you denied because of a lack of information or a missing document? You should be aware that you may apply for an urgent visa. This time, you will get your paper within 1 to 3 days.

Do you need insurance to travel to Cameroon?

Cameroon is not one of the nations that need travel insurance, despite the fact that the list is expanding year by year, particularly after Covid-19. It is not feasible that Cameroon may impose this insurance in the near future.

However, the fact that it is optional does not render it ineffective. This insurance will pay for your emergency medical bills. If you injure yourself, fall, or have an accident and need extensive treatment, the cost will be significant, and everything will be your burden.

As a consequence, Cameroon travel insurance enables you to go with total peace of mind. Furthermore, considering the cost of repatriation (a few thousand euros), it is best to plan ahead of time with enough insurance.

Cameroon is normally a nation that we would visit for its natural areas; as a result, the chance of accident or injury is higher. It is worth noting that travel insurance for Cameroon for 30 days costs just a few tens of euros.

The e-visa in Cameroon: how does it work?

Cameroon does not provide e-Visa. Filling out an online form is all that is required, however it will be printed and delivered to the Cameroonian consulate. As a consequence, only the conventional visa, which is attached to the passport, is available for this African nation.

Do we need a visa for Cameroon for a stopover?

When staying in Cameroon for longer than 24 hours, a transit visa is required. There is no need for a visa if you are staying for less than 24 hours and do not exit the airport’s international area.

This transit visa is only authorised for a single entrance for a period of one to five days. It will set you back $125.

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