Burma visa | How to get a visa for Burma?

Burma visa What are the requirements and duties for visiting Burma without a visa? Everything is explained in detail in our comprehensive guide!
Have you decided on Burma for your next international trip? It’s a fantastic option. If you are considering a vacation to Asia, you should consider visiting Myanmar. This nation is located on the Bay of Bengal, between China, Thailand, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Laos.

Discover all the characteristics of this Asian nation, including rice fields, caverns, monks, and pagodas! Your tour to Burma will take you from Yangon (formerly Rangoon) through Inle Lake, via the Mergui Islands and its diving opportunities, and through Monywa and its Buddhist temple.

However, in order to experience the outstanding scenery and architecture of Burma, you must first get a visa for the country. We’ll show you how to accomplish that in this section.

Yes, citizens of France and the rest of the European Union must apply for a Burma visa before travelling to the country. You will be unable to pass the Burmese border without this document, regardless of the length of your stay or the cause for your visit.

What type of visa to choose for Burma?

To visit Burma, you must first get a visa, which might be either tourist or business. Know that there is even a meditation visa, which is an unusual enough answer to highlight. This requires, among other things, an official invitation letter from a meditation group.

To travel countries, Myanmar provides both the traditional visa attached to the passport and the e-Visa (or electronic visa). It is up to you to choose the most comfortable option for yourself.

It’s worth noting that Burma does not provide multiple entrance visas; you can only apply for a single entry visa.

What is the validity of a visa for Burma?

Burma visas are valid for a stay of 28 days in the country. The paperwork itself is only valid for three months.

How much does Myanmar visa cost?

The cost of a Burma visa is influenced on the kind of paperwork you need. Here are some costs to keep in mind:

  • The tourist visa one entry: 40€ ;
  • A religious visa: €50 ;
  • Business visa: €50 ;
  • And the study visa: 50€ .

What are the documents to obtain for a tourist visa in Burma?

Let us now look at the paperwork that the Burmese embassy need in order to award you a visa to Myanmar.

A passport

The original passport must be valid for at least six months and have three blank pages.

Two visa application forms

You must include two forms with your application, which you may get from the Myanmar Embassy’s website at this link.

Two biometric photos

These two photographs must be colour and passport size (35 mm wide x 45 mm high). They must be current and free of glue, clips, or staples.

A return plane ticket

You must show a copy of these tickets to confirm that you have booked a return journey to Burma.

A hotel reservation

Your Myanmar visa application must be accompanied by a hotel reservation confirmation, at least for the first night.

A self-addressed return envelope

Attach a stamped envelope for registered mail to your letter so that the Burmese embassy may send you your visa.

How to complete the Burma visa application form?

The form may be obtained at the Myanmar Embassy’s website. You must submit the following information to finish it:

  • Last name and first names ;
  • Name of the Father ;
  • Nationality ;
  • Sex;
  • Date of Birth ;
  • Place of birth ;
  • Occupation ;
  • Name, address and telephone of the employer;
  • Personal description: hair color, height, eye color, complexion;
  • Passport: number, issuing authority, date of issue, date of expiry, place of issue;
  • Permanent address ;
  • Telephone number;
  • Address in Myanmar;
  • Purpose of the visit to Burma;
  • Expected arrival date and flight number;
  • Expected departure date and flight number.
  • Remember to date and sign your application.

Any mistakes on the Burma visa application form will result in a denial. Don’t risk jeopardising your vacation to Myanmar.

Take note that Rapide Visa promises to handle all aspects of your visa application. This enables you to be accompanied by specialists who are used to applying for visas on a regular basis, reducing the danger of mistake.

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When should you apply for a Burma visa?

Your visa application will be processed in about 4 working days. However, in the case of a delay due to holidays or public holidays, it is still recommended to submit your request in advance.

Furthermore, if your application is refused due to a mistake (incorrectly filled form, absence of document, or non-compliant document), you must renew it. Because the visa is valid for three months for a stay of 28 days on site, apply at least one month before your departure.

Do I need insurance to travel to Myanmar?

Burma does not need a travel insurance certificate to enter the country. It is, nevertheless, safer to insure yourself.

Travel insurance for Burma protects you in the case of a medical emergency. Do you become sick, experience a car accident, or are you attacked? Your expenditures may be reimbursed (or even not make an advance on expenses depending on the organisation and the cover taken out). Because the expenditures of hospitalisation are so high, it is best to safeguard oneself.

Travel insurance, on the other hand, covers repatriation. In the case of a significant health crisis that necessitates repatriation to France, the cost might exceed a few thousand euros. It is preferable to invest a few tens of euros on insurance.

Finally, depending on the formula selected, this travel insurance covers you not only in the case of baggage theft or loss, but also in the event of cancellation that is not your fault (for example if your employer postpones your holidays).

Since 2014, Burma has offered the e-Visa for arrivals at the airports of:

  • Yangon ;
  • Mandalay ;
  • Naypyidaw .
  • The Burma e-Visa also allows you to enter the country through the following border crossings:
  • Tachileik ;
  • Myawadi ;
  • Kawthaung ;
  • Tamu ;
  • Rih Khaw Dar .

Once again, you have to fill out a form, this time online. The embassy will ask you to upload documents (copy of electronic passport, photos, etc.).

When the entry is complete, you pay online by credit card and receive an application confirmation. The approval letter is sent within 3 working days by email. Print this letter and don’t forget to bring it with you.

On arrival in Burma, at the immigration checkpoint, present this letter and your passport, a stamp will be affixed to it.

Good to know: this visa can be requested by express.

Do we need a Myanmar visa for a stopover?

Yes, Burma has provided for a specific transit visa. To obtain it, you must provide the following:

  • An original passport valid for at least 6 months with three blank pages;
  • Two visa application forms ;
  • Two biometric photos ;
  • A plane ticket ;
  • A self-addressed and stamped return envelope for sending by registered letter.
  • The price of the transit visa for Burma is $20.

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