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brown color palette

Brown color palette: Choosing the right color scheme is one of the keys to bringing your design to life. Whether you’re trying to evoke the sensations of a beautiful landscape, a romantic sunset, or a vibrant scene full of color, it takes a keen eye to bring together the perfect hues to get your point across.

To save you time and the effort of researching the perfect color scheme, we’ve created a list of color schemes that you can use for each of your projects.

These color palettes are already available on Visme. You can easily apply them to any of your designs by clicking on the color scheme of your choice as shown below.

Apply any of these stunning color palettes to your design. Try this feature for free

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to apply your color schemes directly to Visme, here are 50 stunning and unique color palettes our design team has created just for you.

1. Blue sunset

Brown color palette: A mix of bright yellows and oranges with a slightly dark blue and an intense orange make this an attractive palette for any design aimed at sending a message of energy and vitality.

2. Classic and Retro

Brown color palette: This predominantly dark color palette, ranging from a dark gray cyan and a slightly dark red to dark orange, is ideal for a muted effect. For simpler designs, you can also choose to use only the first three colors.

3. Shimmering greens and blues

Here’s a mix of intense, vivid blues with a soft yellow and a dark desaturated orange, perfect if you’re going for something a little more exciting and vibrant than regular blues and browns.

4. Sunset over a swamp

Brown color palette: This mix of desaturated dark blue, soft yellow, orange, and bright red is the color palette for light and youthful themes.

5. Mediterranean blues

This perfect palette composed of a blue-gray with a desaturated dark blue and a range of browns evokes the sensations felt in front of this magical and mysterious Mediterranean landscape. It is ideal for designs related to travel and nature.

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6. Exotic orchids

Brown color palette: Here is a range of blues complemented by dark cyan and bright orange, the perfect palette for a colorful and vibrant design. You can also choose the colors that best match your design as an accent color, for example, dark blues and orange.

7. Sophisticated and Calm

This color palette is versatile enough to be used in many types of projects, from sophisticated and upscale designs to designs evoking calm and coziness.

8. Magentas and Yellows

Brown color palette: A range of magentas combined with a bright yellow and olive tone makes this an original and unconventional palette.

9. Mountain peaks and blue clouds

This range of blues combined with a dark yellow and light gray pink make this palette a perfect color scheme for professional and traditional designs.

10. Orange sunset

Brown color palette: In this palette, a deep pink and desaturated dark purple are mixed with a soft red and a soft orange to create a vibrant and colorful palette that can be used in a variety of designs to express energy and warmth.

11. 1950s retro

For a classic, retro effect that sparks a bit of nostalgia, here is a unique palette composed of a slightly desaturated blue and orange at the top, and an intense cyan and a soft yellow at the bottom.

12. Lively and Retro

Brown color palette: This quirky mix of red, pink, and bright orange makes it a versatile and eye-catching palette that can be used in many ways, for example applying the first three colors, or the last three to a design.

13. Ornamental reds and yellows

This palette is made up of very dark reds and a range of yellows and oranges. Choose one of these colors to give your design a bold look.

14. Turquoise and Red

Brown color palette: This colorful photo of a ripe fruit showcases this unique palette of blues, cyans, and reds. If you decide to mix two or three colors at a time, you can create a range of palettes for your designs: from professional designs with cool colors to more cheerful and vibrant designs.

15. Blue sundew

This carnivorous plant photo features a range of blues complemented by a dark red and brown tone.

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16. 1970s classics

Brown color palette: If you are looking for something reminiscent of the 1970s, you can create a variety of color schemes with this photo of a Volkswagen camper van along the beach.

17. Gothic architecture

This photo of a cathedral in Normandy inspired this model which is suitable for a cold, controlled, and professional design.

18. Glowing red landscape

Brown color palette: This snow-capped Swiss mountain surrounded by clouds creates this color scheme, which includes black and a range of reds.

19 Urban landscape

If you’re looking for a modern and vibrant color scheme, this palette inspired by this photo of a city offers a unique range of colors.

20. Natural elegance

Brown color palette: This pretty portrait of a bride-to-be inspires this harmonious palette that can be used in many designs to express professionalism and tradition or sophistication and natural elegance.

21. Summer blueberries

A range of purples and an intense pink and yellow come together in this palette bursting with colors reminiscent of spring and summer.

22. On the bay dock

Brown color palette: These maritime colors are ideal for evoking the freshness and tranquility of an afternoon sitting on the bay dock, “watching the tide come down”.

23. Earthy greens

Brown color palette: These olive and brown tones are perfect for themes related to sustainable development, nature, and the earth.

24. Old car and blue jeans

Here is another unique palette consisting of a dark blue and dark green with a soft yellow and a desaturated dark red.

25. Abundance of berries

Brown color palette: These mouth-watering berry colors can all be used at the same time or depending on your project, you can use two or three at a time. For example, you can opt for a monochrome effect with only the first three colors.

26. Refreshing and Invigorating

This breathtaking photo of a stone archway in a national park inspired this cheerful and playful color scheme that will undoubtedly bring a healthy dose of life and vitality to your design.

27. Serene and Relaxing

Brown color palette: This calming color palette evokes a relaxing stroll along the coast, with the wind blowing through your hair. Its range of greens to shades of gray makes it a perfect color scheme for many projects.

28. Aquatic Greens

This range of cyans and lemon greens evokes everything to do with submarines, boats, scuba diving, and ships.

29. Summer holidays

Brown color palette: This mixture of blues combined with a beige and a brown tone evokes the emotions of a pleasant summer day in the sun.

30. Moon at dusk

Are you looking for a theme for Halloween? This range of oranges and black is perfect for any fall or Halloween design.

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31. Swiss meadows

Brown color palette: Dark blue in combination with gold and bronze in this palette is often considered the official colors of schools and their teams. Pink nevertheless adds a unique and colorful touch that can make your design stand out.

32. Tropical fauna

If you are looking to add a burst of energy to your design, you can apply all the colors of that template or just two or three colors at a time (eg the top three colors or the bottom three colors).

33. Child games

Brown color palette: This cheerful and yet elegant model brings together the following colors: dark blue, moderate red, bright orange, and orange-gray.

34. Sunset in Hamburg

This photo of a haunting Hamburg sunset evokes these warm colors, ranging from dark red and subdued orange to blue-gray and orange-gray.

35. Lemon in water

Brown color palette: This mix of soft yellow and olive with a black and a purple-gray creates a bold and eye-catching design.

36. Inspiration and Romanticism

This cute photo of a breathtaking sunset inspired this palette of dark pinks, purples, and reds.

37. Along the Thames in London

Brown color palette: While this color palette is technically made up of browns, oranges, and red grays, it can be used as a monochrome template in any of your designs.

38. Black and Bright Orange

A range of oranges, black, and dark grayish lime green are combined in this high contrast model.

39. Indian fields

Brown color palette: This exotic photo inspired this colorful model consisting of an array of vivid greens and reds.

40. Jazz evening

Choose two or three of these colors to add character to your design. You can use the first two colors with the light yellow-gray or the bottom three colors together.

41. Bright and Energetic

Brown color palette: If you want to express energy and accessibility, this bright color scheme will do the trick. The cooler colors at the top are perfectly complemented by the soft reds at the bottom.

42. Earthy and Natural

This mixture of green leaves and chestnuts is ideal for any design related to the environment, sustainable development, nature, and flora and fauna.

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43. Czech architecture

Brown color palette: This unique palette recalls the colorful facades of European houses. You can use all of these colors at the same time or choose two or three for each project.

44. Blue accent

If you are looking for a design to grab someone’s attention then choose this range of grays complemented by the perfect soft blue accent.

45. Kaleidoscopic illusions

Brown color palette: Lemon greens paired with brown and peach make up this palette, which can be split to create several other combinations with two or three colors.

46. Barn in winter

Make your design stand out with this unique color scheme, consisting of a range of cool blues and a distinctive dark red.

47. Bright and Fruity

A selection of warm and cool colors come together in this cheerful palette, suitable for designs related to food, diet, and nutrition.

48. Purple garlic

Brown color palette: In this model, intense reds are complemented by light grayish magenta and dark red with gray undertones.

49. The Colors of Nature

A range of blues and browns make this color scheme appealing for themes aimed at expressing durability, transparency, and reliability.

50. Oriental opulence

Brown color palette: A purple, a blue, and a light orange with gray undertones are combined here with a dark blue and intense orange to add color and vitality to the model.




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