Brand image: How to develop or relaunch your brand image

Brand image: Brand identity acts as a preference accelerator, assuring and facilitating choice. How do you create a brand image? How can you revitalise your brand’s image? Which brand identification approach is best?

Brand image: an implicit contract of trust

Brand identity acts as a preference accelerator, assuring and facilitating choice. It is a meaning and value vector that enables for projection and inspiration. The brand is a commitment lever. It identifies, fosters a sense of belonging, and federates. Brand identity is also a structure that ensures the consistency of the company’s discourse. It communicates the company’s posture via particular techniques of expression and has an influence on the company’s sphere of operation.

Create or relaunch your company’s brand image.

Almost of French citizens expect businesses to commit to social concerns. To adapt, businesses must increase certain of their characteristics, such as their usefulness, mobility, and resilience… The various audiences must be able to grasp the company’s raison d’être, values, beliefs, and problems via the company’s brand image.

Create a brand identity that is inclusive.

According to journalist-essayist Naomi Klein, “the problem of brands is no longer economic; it is moral.” The corporation must uphold its promises throughout time and transform its words into tangible deeds. To do this, it must activate and unify its senior management in order to participate in a consistent discourse with all of the company’s audiences, customers, users, partners, institutions, opinion leaders, and so on. A required interaction in order to foster confidence.

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Branding that extends beyond the brand platform

The brand image must be adaptable and supportive of the significant changes impacting our society. It is advisable in this context not to lock the brand’s construction within an unduly rigid platform. The brand image strategy must be adaptable in order to accommodate change, whether in times of expansion or crisis.

A quick way to develop a brand identity

To fulfil the demand for speed and flexibility in brand image development, we designed a flexible and modular approach centred on three main immersion work sessions to structure and define the brand’s positioning and strategic trajectory, as well as bring out its basics of expression (naming, logotype, visual identity, storey base, etc.).

An strategy that may be used to establish internal and external brands for any sort of organisation, whether it is an ETI, a publicly traded firm, a public body, or a professional group.

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