color sampler in elementor

How to use color sampler in elementor

Would you like to use the Color Sampler in Elementor? Today we will tell you about another quite popular feature on Elementor. Although it remains largely underestimated this feature will help you improve your productivity with Elementor. The color palette of a website is an essential part of the user experience. Choosing the wrong palette […]

Blogger Mistakes

25 Beginner Blogger Mistakes You Should Avoid At All Costs

Here are some newbie blogger mistakes to avoid at all costs. Creating a professional and profitable blog, making a living easily from your blog is not always easy. A lot of times bloggers limit themselves to “what to do” to build a profitable blog, but they really don’t care about the mistakes that must be […]

best CDN for wordpress

5 Recommended CDNs to Boost Your WordPress Blog’s Performance

Need the best-recommended CDNs to boost your WordPress blog performance? If you have optimized your website inside and out ( compressed images, reduced CSS and JavaScript, and implemented a caching plugin …), and your website still does not load as fast as you like, it’s time to set up a CDN or Content Delivery Network. […]

difference between bloggind and copywriting

What is the difference between Blogging and Copywriting

Blogging vs Copywriting The writing of a text must usually be done quickly because they do not want to get back into the ‘Content race “and they want to see quick results. Many of these texts have to be written in a promotional way with the aim of directly inciting the reader to action. While […]

wordpress blogs to follow in 2021

Top wordpress blogs to follow in 2021

Learning is a lifelong journey. We can’t just stop learning at all levels of our lives. When we talk about technology today, it is essential to keep learning. Likewise, you should follow the best WordPress blogs to stay up to date. Either You Do Blogging or Business Websites WordPress is the best platform to build […]

setup crypto payment in woocommerce

How to setup crypto payment in woocommerce

Crypto is taking the world by storm as Bitcoin, Etherium, and the new coin named Dogecoin is already accepted by major e-commerce websites. In this article, we are going to learn how to set up a crypto payment gateway on WooCommerce. Before we discuss the how-to guide, we’ll take a close look at the pros […]

woocommerce product designer plugins

Top 9 Woocommerce product designer plugins

There are various innovative strategies available in the e-commerce industry that aim to delight customers. Allowing customers to design their own products is one such strategy that has enormous potential. If you have a WooCommerce store and want to offer customers the ability to design products, you will find several plugins to help you out. […]

Google ads smart bidding features

Google Ads adds new smart bidding features

Google launches new Smart Bidding features. With the update, Google wants to make it more intuitive for marketers to automate their ads and respond to changes in the market. Changes in key signals Advertisers can now tap into key search campaign signals through Target ROAS and Maximize Conversion Value. “Currently you can only see signals […]

Email Marketing

Email Marketing: How do get Inspirations for your email

In this article From call to action to the story How do you use storytelling in your email marketing? Start your story with drama How do I find a good story for my mailing? Inspiration can’t be planned A lifehack for more email marketing inspiration Email marketing, how do you get inspiration for your emails? […]

Wordpress title attribute

WordPress Title attribute: What is it and How do you use it?

If you’ve ever created a WordPress menu, you’ve probably come across it before: the WordPress title attribute. People often ask what the title attribute is and what you can do with it. In this blog, we will answer these questions. What is the WordPress title attribute? The WordPress title attribute is an HTML element mainly […]