old content

Tips to revive your old content

What are the tips to give your old content a second life? In the blog How can you make the (old) content on your website or webshop even more valuable, In this blog, we go deeper into how you can approach the reuse of your content and we give you tips! In what ways can […]

online marketing plan

Your Online marketing plan for 2021 in 5 easy steps

A well-thought-out marketing plan is essential to be able to grow online in 2021. This way you know where your company stands and where you want to go in the new year. There is also better communication within the team and you determine how you spend your budget most effectively. Still, many companies struggle with […]

how to build successful community

How to Build Successful Community

Community building: how do you build a successful community? “What are the challenges of a membership A membership site is a site that a target audience can subscribe to, often in exchange for a periodic financial compensation. This construction makes a membership site ideal for courses or.. ? I like to see a checklist to […]

ways to increase traffic

10 ways to improve google traffic

Are you always keeping an eye on your website traffic statistics? Whether your website is personal or for business, more traffic means more exposure, and that means more income. So, it’s understandable that I’m obsessed with my website stats, right? In fact, I’m sure you’ve already realized that it’s important to have a constant flow […]

facebook shoping

How to setup facebook shop in 2021

We already knew that Facebook is not only the place to keep in touch with your friends. You can also shop via the social media platform. Companies have the option to sell items through their Facebook page. In May 2020, Facebook launched a new but highly anticipated tool called Facebook Shops. Due to the Covid-19 […]

outsource link building

Outsource link building in 2021

Everyone wants to appear higher in the search results. That is why a focused and strong SEO approach is crucial. Google ranks your website using several variables. Link building is one of them, but it probably takes the most time. That is why we at Online Marketing Monkey have the ideal solution, namely: outsource your […]

SEO tips

10 tips to analyze an SEO drop

Just imagine: you open your Google Search Console and suddenly see that the search traffic to your website has dropped dramatically. So you suffer from an SEO drop. Of course, that is not immediately a reason to panic, because a decrease in your search traffic can have various causes. And if you know what you’re […]

whats news in wordpress 5.8

Everything you need to know about wordpress 5.8

WordPress 5.8: What’s New and Why We’re So Excited!. In this article Template editor – first step to full site editing Gutenberg Blocks as Widgets in Customizer Proprietary WordPress support for WebP images New Functionality in the Gutenberg Block Editor Other Changes How to Install and Use WordPress 5.8 (Before It’s Officially Released) WordPress 5.8 […]