pagination plugin

Top 10 awesome plugins for pagination in wordpress

One of the most useful features of WordPress is the paging system. In another post, Script Certo taught you to create custom pagination without plugins. However, today we are going to show you 10 WordPress pagination plugins for those who don’t want to manipulate code at all. Ah! Among the plugins in our listing, there […]

best testimonial plugins

Top 10 Testimonial Plugins for WordPress

To gain more customers and new visitors, using personal testimonials on your website is extremely useful. People believe what others indicate. It’s instinctive and inevitable. That’s why, with our list of WordPress Testimonials Plugins, your website will look more professional, your product more reliable and your services more attractive. Just check the list that Script […]


Are you considering quitting SEO? Do not do it!

Before we even talk to each other, I can already tell you that it is not a smart idea to stop the SEO work for your website. Why not and what the effects are if you do, I’ll tell you in this blog. Unfortunately, we are often asked by customers to (temporarily) stop the SEO […]

how to send email with php

How to send email using PHP scripts

The PHP mail function can be used to send the email with PHP. This is useful if you want to implement a contact form on the website. With inbox, PHP, emails can be sent via a simple PHP script. In this tutorial, you will learn how to send an email with PHP and test the […]

tools to test speed performance

Best tools to test your wordpress speed performance

The speed and performance of a website are points that most administrators and bloggers often overlook. Accessing a blog and waiting “a lifetime” for it to be uploaded is something that no longer fits today and no one has the patience. Therefore, decreasing the number of visitors will be a simple consequence. If you haven’t […]

best woocommerce plugin

30 best Woocommerce plugins for your online store

WooCommerce is a powerful and complete plugin that makes your job of setting up a virtual store inside WordPress easier. But customizing your store according to the types of products/services and how they should be offered to customers can vary between each e-commerce site. In this article, you can check 30 Interesting WooCommerce Plugins that […]

display different prices in woocommerce

How to display different prices in woocommerce

The diversity of businesses that are idealized with the existence of the internet is infinite. Therefore, our online systems – be they websites or stores, need to be constantly evolving, adapting to the most used strategies at the moment to generate profit. WooCommerce is a system for online stores based on WordPress and with it, […]

LinkedIn for company

How do you get the most out of Linkedin for your company?

In this day and age, social media is indispensable. More and more entrepreneurs are also active on social media. Linkedin is a very popular social media platform among entrepreneurs. Linkedin is, as it were, the “business” social media platform. As an entrepreneur, Linkedin is a good tool to increase the reach of the company and […]

tips to improve shopping cart

5 tips to improve the conversion of your shopping cart

You are so happy with your brand new webshop! Hopefully, many purchases will be made soon. After a month you view the results on Google Analytics and you see that many consumers leave the website after adding a product to their shopping cart but have not completed the purchase. What’s going wrong? How can you […]