MySQL tutoring

MySQL tutoring: what is it and how to use the system

MySQL tutoring: MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) supported by Oracle and based on structured query language (SQL). The system works on virtually all platforms, including Linux, UNIX, and Windows. The system is an important component of an open-source toolset called LAMP, which uses Linux as the operating system, Apache as the […]

how to duplicate page in word

How to copy or Duplicate a Page or File in Word

How to Duplicate a Page in Word How to duplicate page in word: Many features help us work more comfortably and efficiently when using a word processor like Microsoft Word. How to duplicate a page in Word is without a doubt one of them. Working with one or more duplicate pages makes work much easier […]

what is class in html

[complete guide] What is class in HTML?

What is a class in HTML: The “class” attribute in HTML What is a class in HTML: The “class” attribute is added to a label and serves to define what class that label is (that is, what class it corresponds to). With this, we begin to take full advantage of the CSS programming language. Suppose […]

instagram vs snapchat

Instagram vs Snapchat: Which app offers the best experience?

Instagram vs Snapchat: Know their main differences Instagram vs Snapchat: they are social networks used by thousands of people around the world. In its origins, the purpose of Instagram was to share and edit photos with added filters, while Snapchat was based on an ephemeral messaging system. Instagram VS Snapchat Currently, both applications are designed […]

instagram aesthetics pictures

Tips that stand out Using Instagram aesthetic photos

Instagram aesthetic Photos: The best flirty and glamorous versions of ourselves, popularized on Instagram aesthetic Pictures, have been met with very negative reactions lately. The photoshopped montages of perfection: the decor with a floral wall in the background, the fashionista who crosses a zebra in a lively urban environment, these heart-shaped cappuccinos are above all […]

instagram highlight ideas

Ideas for your Instagram highlight stories

20 ideas for your Instagram Highlight Stories Today we bring you some ideas for Instagram Highlight Stories. Since Instagram has lowered the reach of feed posts and made stories more relevant, it is more important than ever to spend time on stories. Instagram highlight ideas, there are many types of stories, but we could mainly […]

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