snapchat bitmoji

Snapchat: how to create and edit your Bitmoji

Bought in 2016 by Snapchat, Bitmoji is an application that allows you to create customizable avatars. Now integrated into the application, Bitmojis replace profile photos. Create your Bitmoji on Snapchat The creation is done directly in the application settings: Open Snapchat, Tap the profile icon at the top left of the camera, Select Bitmoji, then […]

snapchat tips

70 Snapchat Tips: The Complete Guide

Discover tips for using Snapchat effectively: know emojis of friends, best Snapchat friends, use Lenses, create Bitmojis, save your stories in Memories. Access the beta version of Snapchat To access the Android beta or iOS beta for those with an iPhone, go to your Snapchat app settings, scroll to the bottom, and tap Join Snapchat […]

WordPress permalink

What is the best WordPress permalink structure for SEO?

Want to know the best WordPress permalink structure for SEO? Using SEO-friendly permalinks or URLs can help your website rank higher in search results. This is because the user experience is Google’s top priority, and it also helps search engines better understand what your page is about. So, in this article, we are going to […]

web hosting and domain registration

Differences between web hosting and domain registration explained

Web hosting and domain registration are two parts of running a website. But it’s important to understand the difference and the use cases. What is hosting and domain? Web Hosting is an account on a computer (aka server) that can store and serve website files over the Internet. Domain registration rents a human-readable word (eg, […]



This is a CodeIgniter tutorial, which we will systematically introduce as a framework for the reader. You will learn how to install and configure CodeIgniter Hosting Hostinger along with building your first application using PHP, this concept is very common. You can also learn about MVC and why it is an important tool for advanced […]