Do you suffer from a Blank white screen in WordPress ? Known as the white screen of death.

For example, after performing a core update, you may be confronted with the infamous white screen. The white screen in WordPress is a common problem and can have various causes.

In this article, we’ll explain how to find out what the problem is and how to solve the problem.

A white screen in WordPress often occurs: after an update or other cause, your WordPress website is more accessible. Your WordPress website shows a white page and you cannot log in to your dashboard. So what?


What is the Blank white screen in WordPress?

It is actually literally what it says: it is a white screen, a blank white screen.

What can make this problem particularly frustrating is that in many, if not most, cases it will also deny access to the WordPress admin panel. Because the screen is blank and white, no error message or the like is displayed.

Anyone who has never had to deal with this, or who does not agree with what is described above, will probably never have experienced it, been lucky or always took the right measures. Make sure it stays that way?

What are the Causes and solutions for the blank white screen in WordPress?

There are several causes of a white screen in WordPress. I will list a few causes and give you the possible solution.

Preliminary investigation

Before making any changes, check to see if the problem occurs on other websites.

This way it can be ruled out whether it is, for example, specific to a certain domain.  If that is the case, the fault is most likely with the relevant internet service provider or web hosting service.

🥺 What is the Blank white screen in WordPress?

The blank white screen of death is a blank white screen. It is particularly frustrating that it often also refuses access to your admin environment. You also don’t see an error message.

❔ What causes a blank white screen?

Some possible causes of the white screen could be: exceeding your Memory Limit, problems with your WordPress plugins or themes, the cache.

✔️ What is the solution for a white screen of death?

The solution to the blank white screen is, it cannot be summarized in a few sentences. It depends a lot on the cause. Read our extensive tutorial for this.

A warning in advance

Note, this is important!

Make a backup before making any changes! A lot can go wrong, especially at this level.

1: Your website exceeds the (PHP) “Memory Limit”

Sometimes the PHP memory limit is exceeded by your website. You can solve this by increasing the “Memory Limit” . Exceeding this limit can have various causes,

for example a theme or plugin that is poorly put together, or a badly configured hosting server. Also contact your hosting party.

They can often look in the “logs” to see which plugin or theme is causing the problem.

To increase the limit one can add the following line in the configuration file “ wp-config.php ”. This requires an FTP ( File Transfer Protocol ) client or file manager in your control panel of your web hosting package.

define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’ );

In this way the PHP memory limit is increased to 256MB.

After making the changes, if all goes well, the website should work again.

In some cases, web hosting services do not allow these things, such as memory limits, to be adjusted.

2: Plugin (s)

If raising the “memory limit” didn’t fix the problem, check if one of the plugins on your website is the cause. You can find out by deactivating all WordPress plugins on your website.

Is your website working again after deactivating all plugins? Activate your plugins one by one and see which plugin goes wrong.

If your website still doesn’t work after deactivating all plugins, then it’s time to look further.

3: WordPress theme

Are you using an outdated WordPress theme or a theme that is poorly built? Many free WordPress themes (especially themes that are not in the repository on are not reliable or are poorly constructed. That is why we work almost exclusively with premium themes such as Divi from Elegant Themes .

To find out if your theme is causing the problem, activate the default WordPress theme, Twenty Seventeen (or soon Twenty Nineteen). Can’t access your admin environment anymore? Then you can do this by logging in via FTP and going to the folder / wp-content / themes / .

Check if “Twenty Seventeen” is listed here and rename the folder of the theme that is currently active (for example from theme-name to theme-name-2 ). WordPress will now automatically “fall back” to a standard theme.

If deactivating your theme solves the problem, you can try looking in that theme ‘s functions.php file. Sometimes, for example, there are a few “spaces” or “enters” at the bottom of the functions file, or there is a badly coded function in the file.

Not technical enough? Then ask a developer to look at it or consider using a different theme. It can also help to download the latest version of the theme and reinstall it.

4: Cache

Are you using a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache to speed up your WordPress website ? The cache of this plugin may cause a white screen.

Open your website in a private or incognito window to see if you also see the white screen. Also empty the cache in your browser to see if your website works again.

5: Other causes

If the solutions above do not help, you can always do a “fresh” installation of WordPress. Another option is to enable “Debug Mode”. You do this by opening the wp-config.php file and adding the following line of code:

define( ‘WP_DEBUG’, true);

Instead of just a white screen, errors will now also appear. These can help you find out which file is going wrong.


The WordPress blank white screen is a problem, This is a common problem in WordPress.

But what to do in the future? This problem and the problems that may result from it can sometimes be difficult to avoid, especially when it concerns a website that really wants to benefit from all kinds of innovations such as in new versions of WordPress. In this dilemma, consider the advice below to avoid, if not mitigate, future problems.

stuck any where to solve blank white screen ?  Then contact us ,  we provide one of the best website maintenance services It can also help to contact your hosting party. They can quickly find out what is going wrong by looking in the log files of your server.

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