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If you like photography, you should know that this activity, in addition to being a hobby, can become an excellent way to generate income.

On the Internet, there are hundreds of agencies that are dedicated to offering audiovisual content and you can collaborate with them. One of these agencies is Bigstockphoto, a place where your photos will be valued both professionally and financially.

On the other hand, Big stock photo is also the ideal place for those who want to professionalize their projects by incorporating quality images.


Bigstockphoto is an image bank created in 2004 in California, USA. Thanks to the excellence of its content, the company became in a few years one of the largest agencies in the sector. Shutterstock, the largest photo bank on the net, acquired Bigstockphoto in 2009, and for commercial reasons it was decided to shorten its name to Bigstock.

At present, has a catalog of more than 33 million photos and illustrations, which is growing every day.

The page is translated into more than 20 languages ​​and provides exclusive graphic material for internationally renowned companies such as National Geographic, TIFFANY & CO, Microsoft, CapitalOne, and McCANN, among others. Knowing how the experiences of other users have been with this photobank is very easy. A quick search on the Internet will reveal that Bigstock has obtained a bronze seal in eKomi, a new market of valuations created a few years ago by Michael Ambrus and Marcos Ross. In eKomi, consumers rate companies that market products or services online, and the page has achieved a positive rating of 4.3 (the maximum score is 5), by its users, who highlight the quality of the pictures and excellent customer service.

You can contact Bigstock in three ways:

Most digital content agencies offer as a kind of welcome gift to new users, the possibility of accessing some free images. However, Bigstockphoto offers you much more. Just by subscribing you will be able to access the full catalog of the page for 7 days and download 35 images without paying any cost.

And if this were not enough! In addition to the free Bigstock photo images, you can also access the HD videos section of the site and enjoy a free subscription for one week, being able to download up to 35 spectacular video clips to animate any commercial or artistic work.


Many people have some fears of acquiring audiovisual content on the Internet because they think that they must pay a considerable amount of money for a material that may be defective or of a lower quality than expected.

If you are one of them, you can buy on this site with complete peace of mind. Surely, the photos of Bigstock photo will leave you satisfied but if for some reason it is not like that, the company offers its users a Satisfaction Guarantee, through which they will refund the full amount of the subscription you have paid.

However, keep in mind that the guarantee is valid only if you make the claim within 30 days after the moment you paid for your subscription and as long as you have not downloaded more than 20% of the material that you were enabled to download.

You will not be able to use the Satisfaction Guarantee in the following cases:

  • If you downloaded more than 100 images.
  • If you have previously requested this guarantee. or used the free trial period at the beginning of your subscription. and remember to violate or breach any of the conditions described in the company’s “Terms of Service”“.
  • Bigstockphoto API

Bigstockphoto makes the latest technologies available to its users to help them have a more comfortable and fruitful experience on the site.

You can customize and control your content purchase through this application in three easy steps.

There are so many utilities of this application that recognized companies such as Wix, Instapage, Constant Contact, ZOHO, Café press, Emma, ​​PosterJack, among others, use it frequently.


In order to download images and videos, you must subscribe to one of the available plans, they are all very accessible and you can choose the one that best suits your pocket.

  • Imaging plan
  • Popular plan

Paying $ 79 per month, you can download 5 images per day, a total of 150 photos per month. With this plan you would be paying $ 0.53 for each image.

  • Most convenient plan

Paying $ 99 per month, you can download 300 images per month, with a maximum of 10 photos per day. With this plan you would be paying $ 0.33 per image.

  • Flexible plan

Paying $ 79 per month, you can download 50 images per month, with the advantage that there are no daily download limits.

  • Video plan

These subscriptions are necessary for those who need to provide themselves with good video clips.

  • Popular plan

Paying $ 79 per month, you can download 150 videos per month, up to 5 downloads per day. With this subscription you would be paying $ 0.53 per video.

Paying $ 99 per month, you can download 300 videos per month, up to 10 downloads per day. With this subscription you would be paying $ 0.33 per video.

  • Flexible plan

Paying $ 79 per month, you can download 50 videos per month, with no download limits per day. With this subscription you would be paying $ 1.58 per video.

How to sell images on Bigstockphoto

If you are an artist, photographer, or designer and you want to earn money with your work, you can do it by following 4 simple steps:

  • In order to start uploading your images, you have to register and see the tutorial specially created for contributors.
  • When you have completed your subscription you can start uploading your work.
  • If your images are approved, they will be published and every time someone downloads them, you will receive a percentage.

Your earnings will depend on the plan that the user who downloads the image has chosen and the size of the file.

For example: for a small file, which has a value of $ 0.50, you will receive a 30% commission.

It is important to remember that you will always retain the copyright on your work.

Finally, keep in mind that the larger your portfolio, the higher your income. Upload images frequently and your earnings will grow quickly.

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