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best web host

In 2021, more than ever before, many people are stepping up to create their own websites. For this, it is necessary to find a quality web host. In the jungle of web hosting, it’s not easy to navigate – especially when you’re just starting. For you, we have tested a dozen services, and here is our comparison and ranking of the best web hosts in 2021.

The ranking takes into account the entire offer of service providers. This includes a detailed analysis of all of their characteristics such as their performance, security, customer support, the diversity of their offer, and the value for money.

Secondly, we will also establish more specific rankings such as a comparison of the best-dedicated web hosting, for WordPress, on the Cloud (VPS), or even the best offers for Minecraft. You can find all these rankings later on our site.

best web host

The best web hosts of 2021:

  • Hostinger
  • PlanetHoster
  • Infomaniak
  • o2switch
  • EX2
  • LWS
  • 1 & 1 IONOS
  • HostPapa
  • Gandi
  • OVH

Below, we’ll break down our 3 favorites that stand out from the crowd.

Top 3 best website hosts in 2021

After having tested over 10 hosting services over the past 10 years ( OVH, 1 & 1 IONOS, PlanetHoster, LWS, HostPapa, O2switch, Hostinger, Infomaniak, Siteground, Ikoula, EX2, and Bluehost), we have sufficient perspective to judge and compare the different solutions.

Choosing the right web hosting service is essential to minimize the risk of problems, which, in the case of monetized sites, could cause very significant losses. Below, we present our 3 favorite website hosts. These are the ones that we believe offer the best quality of service for the main selection criteria. This ranking is the result of our personal experience after having hosted sites for at least 1 year with these different services.

1. Hostinger, quality at an unbeatable price

Hostinger is, in our opinion, the best web host in 2021. Founded in 2004, it has since succeeded in carving out a very important place in this highly competitive market. With more than 29 million users worldwide today, it is truly a benchmark and this was confirmed during our test. Whether it’s speed, security, customer support, or value for money, Hostinger really sets the bar very high.

A complete offer

If Hostinger is positioned on the first step in our comparison of the best website hosting services, it is because, above all, it has a very wide choice of servers, to meet all needs. Whether you’re just getting started with your first site and need low resources at a low price, or looking for a web host for your 1000th site with high-performance requirements (CPU, RAM, I / O, bandwidth,…), Hostinger will have a solution for you.

Indeed, you will find shared web hosting as well as VPS or solutions on the Cloud. Hostinger even has specialized servers for hosting Minecraft for example.

Top-flight performance

Choosing the best web host is in large part finding a reliable and efficient service. This is the quality of Hostinger. Indeed, despite the very attractive prices, Hostinger has not skimped on quality. For example, you will have a LiteSpeed ​​server no matter which plans you choose. The performance will immediately be 3 to 5x better than some competitors who do not offer this solution.

With its Tier IV certified Data Centers in 7 countries (including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands) you will have an availability rate of over 99.995%. In other words, you should never experience a “down” moment, so dreaded by any webmaster… especially in the middle of a traffic spike.

The pricing structure

When it comes to web hosting, we don’t like to focus too much on price. Indeed, what is the point of wanting the cheapest first of all if it is to have an extremely slow site and encounter problems all day long? Price is certainly an important criterion to take into consideration, but it should in no way take precedence over performance.

Here, we can’t help but talk about Hostinger’s ultra-competitive pricing. And for good reason, despite its performance which positions it as the best web hosting service in 2021, it manages to keep prices that could not be more competitive.

Be careful though. The prices you see while browsing their site are call prices and are always on their long-term subscriptions. Obviously, when you start with your site, it does not make sense to take a monthly subscription which is relatively overpriced. But be aware that to have the best prices, you will have to commit directly over 2 to 4 years. To give you an idea, by doing such a thing for Hostinger’s shared hosting, you’ll save 80% off the price of a monthly subscription (by committing 4 years). The game is therefore worth the candle.

Nothing shocking when you are prepared for it, but it is better to know it beforehand so as not to have any bad surprises by seeing that to benefit from the low prices, you have to commit over several years.

Know that, whatever happens, you will have 30 days satisfied or your money back. So, if you are disappointed with your performance, you can request your full refund at any time. To get the best prices from this quality web host, take advantage of our PRESSECITRON promo code.

Hostinger, for whom?

So who can care about the range of services offered by Hostinger? Absolutely everyone. From beginner to experienced webmaster, there is really something for everyone with shared web hosting, cloud, VPS, and prices that remain, for all solutions, very affordable. Obviously, Hostinger is a web host that should be tested at some point in your web career.

2. PlanetHoster, a simple and very effective offer

In this comparison of the best web hosts, we then find PlanetHoster. This Canadian host has data centers in France (Paris) and Canada. We had the opportunity to use it for several years and still have many sites hosted on their data centers.

The quality of its service is no longer to be proven as the feedback from its users is positive. If PlanetHoster does not manage to get the first position in this ranking of the best website hosts, it is because its offer is a little too limited for our taste. The supplier preferred to focus on few quality offers, rather than going all over the place and making the lives of its customers more complex, and that is to their credit.

Excellent performance on the hybrid-cloud

PlanetHoster’s flagship product is its Hybrid cloud, a hybrid service between VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) and Cloud hosting. In this case, you will have a completely dedicated server part for your site (s), to obtain the best possible performance. With this hosting, you will be able to have up to 32 CPUs, 256GB of RAM, and 16TB of space on your disk… characteristics that meet the needs of very demanding customers, with very greedy sites in resources.

During our tests, PlanetHoster showed impressive statistics, both in terms of response time (TTFB) and the total page-load of our sites. We particularly appreciate the possibility of boosting resources by 2.5x with AutoPeakPower in the event of an unexpected traffic peak. This option is free and can be used within the limit of 48 hours per month, in increments of 8 hours.

A very good alternative to the World offer

If you’re new to your first website and looking for the best shared web hosting, its other offering, World, should appeal to you. Both very efficient and inexpensive, this solution allows you to host an unlimited number of sites and even isolate them by creating separate spaces with different Cpanel accounts.

What we liked a lot with the PlanetHoster World offer is the possibility of allocating resources very easily to the different hosting accounts created. If you have several sites, with different needs, then this solution can be very practical. Note that, by default, the allocated resources will be 8 CPUs, 16 GB of RAM, and 16 MB / s for write/read (I / O). All this, for only 6 € per month, is an impressive price given the performances offered.

You will also have the option to make these performances even better by activating LiteSpeed ​​for 2 € per month. Finally, you can, at any time, increase the overall resources of your account. In short, one of the best shared web hosting that we have tested and we therefore absolutely had to talk about it in this comparison.

Unparalleled customer supports The PlanetHoster

offer is not limited to excellent performance. Indeed, in our eyes, customer support is almost at the same level (in terms of selection criteria) as performance. It seems almost impossible, no matter which web host you turn to, that you run into no problem. When a problem arises, it is best to have high-quality assistance to resolve it as quickly as possible.

With PlanetHoster, you will definitely have the best customer support possible. Of all the hosts we tested, this is really the one that impressed us the most. When we tried to contact them by phone, the average time to get in touch was 10 to 15s … a figure that has something to dream of other hosts, for whom waiting times can exceed 1 hour. The same was true of the numerous tickets that we have opened over the years. If these two options are not enough for you, you have the option of contacting them through Messenger to have a live chat. The answers are quick and precise and you really want to help.

PlanetHoster therefore fully deserves its excellent ranking in our comparison of the best web hosts of 2021. You will particularly appreciate its performance and its ultra-reachable customer support.

PlanetHoster, for whom?

PlanetHoster does not have the choice of hosting offers that can be found with other market players. For people who are just starting and will only need small, inexpensive accommodation, it is possible to find good alternatives to PlanetHoster. Indeed, with an entry price of 6 € TTC / month, it is perhaps a little too expensive for a single site.

PlanetHoster is therefore not recommended for beginners with very little need. On the other hand, it will be perfect for slightly more advanced webmasters who are starting to have significant needs and are looking for premium performance to accommodate several thousand visitors simultaneously.

3. Infomaniak, a quality offer “made in Switzerland”

In this ranking of the best web hosting services, we cannot forget Infomaniak, a Swiss web host founded in 1994 which offers quality hosting (shared, Cloud, mail, etc.). Its offer will suit as well whether you want to host a website aimed at French, Swiss, or any European population. The host has its own data centers, all located in Switzerland and meeting a certain number of requirements from an ecological point of view. For all these reasons, Infomaniak may prove to be an excellent choice in 2021.

Simple and efficient offers

What has made Infomaniak famous since its creation, and which today positions it among the best web hosts of 2021, is the relative simplicity of its offers and above all the quality of its web hosting.

For only a few euros per month ( from 5.75 € / month ), you will be able to benefit from hosting based on SSD storage and capable of supporting up to 20 sites (at least!).

Infomaniak ensures the optimization of all of its hostings for a large number of CMS. This goes for example for Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, and many others. Infomaniak’s web hosting services are unlimited in many aspects: several databases or even manageable domain names.

Unlike other more famous hosting providers, Infomaniak allows you to make backups of your site in another data center. Remember to configure everything once you have been able to acquire your web hosting.

In addition to everything we have already mentioned, the Swiss web host will offer SSL certificates (Let’s Encrypt and Sectigo), will give you access to more than 80 WordPress themes for free (while they are normally paid), and will obviously protect your site from possible DDoS attacks (the system used can absorb attacks of more than 4.5 TB per second).

In short, we find everything you need for quality offers, hence the very good positioning of Infomaniak in this comparison of the best web host of 2021. To find even more details, you can read our opinion on Infomaniak here.

Swiss know-how, a guarantee of quality

Behind these very good performances which we have just described, hides a 100% Swiss company, two very important criteria in our opinion in choosing a quality web host. If you intend to target traffic in France, it is obviously preferable to opt for a web host with servers close to France to improve its performance and loading times. Although Infomaniak’s data centers are not in France, you will be able to benefit from excellent performance (loading time and uptime). Infomaniak does much better than many hosting providers with data centers in France, that’s to say!

All Infomaniak sites are hosted in their Geneva datacenters not far from their offices. As much to say to you that technical assistance is available 24 hours a day if ever a server were to encounter problems.

Quality customer support

If you’ve read our article so far, you’ll understand that customer support is very important to us when ranking the best web hosts. Consequently, Infomaniak is no exception to the rule.

Although it does not offer customer support by phone 7 days a week, it still provides support from 6:00 a.m. to 5:50 p.m. Monday through Friday. It’s not the most impressive time slot we’ve seen, but at least the response time is very low (just a few minutes).

Our opinion on this Swiss web host would not have been so good if it stayed there. Indeed, in addition to telephone support, it also offers an online chat and of course, a ticket system that works 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and that you can use if necessary. It is also the latter that we have used the most during our more than 3 years of testing. The response time was always extremely fast (allow between 1 and 20 minutes), no matter when you contacted them. You will understand, it is not for nothing that it is one of our favorite web hosts in 2021.

Infomaniak, for whom?

With its shared hosting (Web or Web + Mail) as well as the Cloud, Infomaniak will suit both those new to the world of web hosting and professionals with more important needs. Thanks to its high-performance servers and advanced configurations, Infomaniak’s offers can withstand a significant traffic load. These can still be pushed at any time.

If you indeed need to host more sites, create more email addresses, or take advantage of more disk space, Infomaniak gives you the possibility of adding power to your hosting (whether it is when ordering or thereafter). Flexibility is therefore maximum!

In short, Infomaniak’s accommodation will meet the needs of virtually everyone. Whether you are an individual needing to host a small personal blog or a business needing a powerful Cloud service… you will find what you are looking for with this host.

What type of web hosting to choose?

Now that you know our 3 favorite web hosts in 2021, it’s time to go into a little more detail in all the complexity of this universe which can be scary at first glance. And for good reason, between shared and dedicated web hosting, VPS and Cloud, it is really not easy to navigate when you start.

It is therefore important to distinguish between these different solutions, with their advantages and disadvantages, to help you find the one which, for you, will be the best web host. Obviously, not all webmaster has the same needs and it is, therefore, necessary above all to know his needs before starting. A beginner will have little interest in turning to a dedicated server, while an expert who has many sites that generate significant traffic should rather avoid shared web hosting.

Shared hosting: for beginners

This is the most classic type of accommodation. Almost all hosting providers offer it and they are a perfect gateway to the world of the web, to get started with your first site.

The main characteristic of shared hosting is that you will be sharing a server with other clients (and sites). Depending on the offer to which you subscribe, you will have more or less allocated power and may be limited, in particular in terms of bandwidth, monthly traffic, or, quite simply, the maximum number of monthly visitors.

The advantages: shared web hosting is very attractive from a price point of view. Also, it’s managed (in most cases) so you won’t have to worry about what’s going on on your server at all.

The disadvantages: if shared web hosting is good to start with, it quickly shows its limits. This is because spikes in traffic from other customers can lead to poor performance on your site. Also, from a security point of view, if one of the many sites hosted on the server is not updated and a hacker attacks it, it can very easily attack the server. Your site can be compromised very quickly and the resolution of the problem will be out of your control. Also, the performance allocated to sites on shared accommodation is often very limited.

VPS hosting: for advanced webmasters

In this ranking of the best web hosts, we have compared providers who offer VPS solutions. VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is a hosting where a section of a server is dedicated to you. Take, for example, a server, cut it in 4, and one of the 4 partitions is allocated to you at 100%… according to the resources you have chosen (CPU, RAM,…).

The advantages: the performance is much better than for shared hosting and the clumsiness of other customers cannot affect you.

The disadvantages: the price gets higher and you will have to be able to anticipate your resource needs well so that you don’t end up with too much, or not enough, resources. Also, in the event of a traffic spike, responsiveness may be less good to temporarily allocate more performance to your server partition.

Cloud hosting: for advanced webmasters

More and more widespread, is also represented by the best web hosts in our comparison, cloud hosting continues to become more democratic and to attract more and more customers. Its operating principle is based on Cloud Computing. This is the use of different servers connected to deliver the content of a website.

The advantages: performance is excellent, especially for sites that target international traffic. Sudden surges in traffic are easy to deal with and the risk of downtime is almost zero, provided the cloud hosting is well managed. Most web hosts offer outsourcing for this type of product.

The disadvantages: the price is much higher than the 2 other solutions presented above, in particular for sites which receive a lot of traffic.

Dedicated hosting: for experts with important needs

Finally, the 4th type of accommodation is dedicated. As its name suggests, it is a solution where a whole server is entirely dedicated to you. You will not share it with anyone and you will be solely responsible for any problems that may occur there.

The advantages: it is hard to do better when it comes to performance. The most demanding sites appreciate dedicated servers which they can configure however they see fit to best meet the needs of the websites. It is quite common for webmasters to install many sites on a single dedicated server to cushion the costs a little.

The disadvantages: the price starts to become very high (often around 100 € / month for entry prices) and you have to anticipate the needs of the sites that will be installed there. In the event of under-anticipation, it is not possible to (quickly) allocate more resources to the server. Therefore, large spikes in traffic can crash the server if enough resources were not planned.

With the different providers in our ranking of the best web hosts of 2021, you will find these 4 types of servers to best meet your specific needs.

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How to choose the right web host?

You now know the 4 major web hosting solutions available in 2021. It is now necessary to present to you the criteria that we have taken into consideration in order to develop our comparison of the best website hosting services. As you will see, many criteria have been combed through in order to arrive at a legitimate and defensible ranking.

Following the analysis of these criteria, you will be able, yourself, to make your own opinion on certain web hosts and to carry out your own classification in the knowledge of the crucial points of decision.


The first selection criterion is obviously performance. Indeed, we have said it over and over again in this article, this aspect is essential for a good experience with your host. During the last 10 years, we have known very poor quality web hosts who can make you live a real nightmare and cause very significant financial losses.

Unsurprisingly, performance is therefore THE most important criterion to take into account when choosing a web host. Unfortunately, it is also the hardest to assess. Indeed, even though our experience would be excellent with a service provider, our neighbor could encounter problems. So don’t just rely on what WE say, but try to get user reviews to get feedback from more people.

You will see that the 3 best web hosts in our comparison all get excellent user feedback (on Trustpilot for example), attesting to their high level of performance.


Within the performance, we will, above all, look at the speed. This is mainly measured by the TTFB (server response time when sending a request) and the full load time of a page. Please note, these two concepts do not depend 100% on your host, but also on your “on-page” optimization. If your photos are all 10MB and you have 80 plugins on your site, the TTFB will jump and so will the full load time.

With the best French web hosting services, you will manage to get TTFBs close to 100ms and a full charge time close to 1s. Here again, these excellent results are obtained in conjunction with good on-page optimization and the use of a good caching system. You may have the best web hosting service, if your site is full of plugins and unoptimized images, your stats will not be good.

Boost options

Similar to what we saw above in our top 3 best web hosts with PlanetHoster, there are some boost options that can be of interest to help you overcome unexpected peak times. Having the opportunity, on an ad hoc basis, to allocate more resources to your offer can be very interesting, or even save you in some cases. This is also one of the things that we appreciate the most with PlanetHoster’s HybridCloud and its 2.5x boost for CPU and RAM.


By opting for Tier 3 or Tier 4 classified data centers, you can ensure excellent stability and up-time close to 100%. Again, our selection of the best web host offers providers who have obtained such certification.

Stability is a very important criterion in choosing a web host. For some large sites, a downtime of 1 hour at the worst moment can cost tens of thousands of dollars. When we told you, earlier, that we should not look so much at the price but really value the quality …

Ownership of data centers

In order to have good performance, it is preferable to opt for web hosts who have their own 24/7 monitored data centers. Not only should this improve performance, but also reduce risk. Indeed, by having their own infrastructure, hosts can better control them and avoid any unwanted intrusion. Often, a cheap web host is a company that does not have its data centers.


In choosing the best web host, you will also have to take into account the security aspect. Indeed, your site can, in some cases, be all your business. In such a case, you have to make sure that nothing can make it disappear overnight.

A quality web host must offer basic security solutions such as anti-DDoS protections or SSL / TLS certificates (free or not) included in their offer.

In addition to this security aspect “in the face of attacks”, it is also necessary to have an assurance in terms of backups and the possibility of restoration. When choosing your provider, make sure that they offer frequent automatic backups (daily, or at worst, weekly) and that you have the option to restore your sites in 1 click to a previous version.

Customer support

As you can see (if you’ve read this far), customer support is an essential criterion for us. While FAQs, knowledge bases, tutorials, and other “helpers” are helpful, nothing beats real customer support that is always reachable.

In our ranking of the best web hosts of 2021, we only selected providers who offer high quality customer support. By high quality we mean responsive and efficient. The best of the best, in our opinion, is having phone support (although this can be a problem for people overseas). An online chat can then do the trick very well to replace it. Finally, don’t forget about ticketing systems, which, when properly managed, can be great ways to contact customer support.

Our 3 favorite web hosts all provide excellent customer support, even via ticket, with response times always under the hour, and often less than 5 minutes.

Regarding customer support, we strongly advise you to avoid any web host that is difficult (or little) to reach on weekends. And yes, as luck would have it, it’s always the weekend that problems happen

The diversity of offers

Another criterion that we took into account to carry out this web hosting comparison is the diversity of the offers. Indeed, everyone’s needs are very different, it is essential to have different website hosting solutions to best meet everyone’s needs.

The offers, too abundant, must not create confusion for potential customers who would no longer find their way there. The clarity of the offer was therefore also analyzed when carrying out our ranking.

With the providers present in our comparison of the best web hosts, you will inevitably find an offer that suits your needs, whether you are new to the web wherever you are at your 1000th website.

Various limitations

In addition to all the criteria we have just presented above, we have also analyzed the limitations attached to each offer. Beware. Although the “unlimited” often appears, we quickly realize that everything is not always unlimited in reality.

A very simple example is that of peak traffic. Many web host indicate “unlimited visitors” when in reality, if you have traffic peaks that start to eat up a lot of your resources, the host will very quickly invite you to switch to a higher offer (especially if you are on a shared server).

When choosing a web hosting service, make sure that the content of the offers meets your needs.

Among the limitations to look out for in particular:

Ease of use

Creating a website is not too complicated. Excellent tutorials on the web allow you to launch your WordPress site in less than 30 minutes. However, it is still necessary to judge the quality of the interface of the host to see if it is simple or not to use.

All the suppliers in our ranking offer great ease of use, often with Cpanel access, or equivalent and equally functional solutions, as at Hostinger, with their “cpanel” which is extremely pleasant to use. .

Moreover, for people who are uncomfortable, the best web host offers WordPress hosting that comes with WP pre-installed. If you opt for such a solution, your site launch will be even simpler.

The various little extras

Finally, we have also looked at all the little extras that could make your experience better with the web host of our comparison that you will choose.

In this case, details of the type:

  • Free migration
  • Free domain name
  • The number of available IPs (see IP Extensions)
  • Cloudflare protection included
  • The diversity of payment methods

What to do if your web host disappoints you?

Finding the best web host is not easy and it often happens to make the wrong choice when starting out.

Indeed, the main market players, which we have presented above, all offer free migration of your site. Thus, if you are not satisfied with your current hosting service, you have the option of migrating to a new host who will take care of the transfer of your site for you. This service is offered free of charge and you will have almost nothing to do, except sending some essential information, such as the database or FTP access so that the process can be done.

So don’t be afraid to leave your current web host if it doesn’t meet your expectations in terms of stability, speed, pricing or customer support. Leaving is often the best thing to do, and it’s much easier than it looks!


what is the best web host? When it comes to web hosting, it’s hard to really find a winner, a provider that really stands out from all the rest. Indeed, the needs of each webmaster can be very different. Despite everything, if we take into account all of its offer, Hostinger is the winner and obtains the title of best web host in 2021 . This leadership position is due in particular to its very broad offer which meets all needs, and, above all, to the performance of its shared hosting and VPS.


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