tools to test speed performance

The speed and performance of a website are points that most administrators and bloggers often overlook. Accessing a blog and waiting “a lifetime” for it to be uploaded is something that no longer fits today and no one has the patience.

Therefore, decreasing the number of visitors will be a simple consequence. If you haven’t optimized your site yet, you can check out our tutorial on How to Install and Configure WP Super Cache Plugin and improve your site’s speed with tips that you can only find here in Script Certo.

Did you know that the speed and performance of a website are also taken into account for better placement in Google results? Well, dear friend, even though they are not the most important factors, Google is concerned with listing the best and fastest sites for internet users.

Thus, Script Certo will list for you some essential tools to test the speed and performance of your WordPress site.

tools to test speed performance
tools to test speed performance

Speed ​​and Performance


Pingdom is a tool to test the load time of the objects of your site – HTML, images, JavaScript, CSS, iframes, etc. You can check how fast each element on your site is loaded, which allows you to implement improvements to avoid any slowdowns.
After the test is completed, you have a summary where you can see the local load time report, the load time of each element, element sizes, and even the total number of elements.

Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a Google tool to perform speed tests and performance and also generates suggestions to make your site faster.

One of the best features you’ll find in PageSpeed ​​Insights is that it measures your website’s performance across multiple devices, including desktops and mobile browsers. This is useful if your visitors are accessing your site from a variety of screen sizes and devices.


The GTmetrix generates a report that comprehensively shows you the loading speed of your website as well as a detailed report suggesting ways to improve its performance.

You have analytics for CSS, JavaScript, Content, and even server. All are marked with priority indexes.


How about choosing the country and the browser to perform different performance tests and in one place? The WebPagetest gives you the option to simulate how would the speed of access to your site from the 4 corners of the earth and also offers advanced settings, such as connection type, the minimum time for the test, emulating mobile devices, test systems that require user and password, among many others.


The WebToolHub offers you valuable information on the speed and performance of your website. See page size, the load time for different connection speeds, and even see information about CSS, Javascript, and images that are used on your website pages.

It’s an excellent kick-start to test your site’s loading speed, content, and scripts.

Website Speed ​​Test

Website Speed ​​Test is an online tool used to provide us, administrators and bloggers, with valuable information about website and domain loading speed. Check all the details for domain resolution, loading scripts, images, and miscellaneous files.

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YSlow Browser Plugin

A solution to get up close, installed in your browser. The YSlow Browser is a plugin that can be used in various browsers and it imposes high-performance requirements to measure your site.

It allows you to track the performance of any website you are visiting. It is excellent to help you compare with local competitors and, of course, within your niche.

P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

The P3 plugin is a tool to use on your WordPress Dashboard. It creates a performance profile for all existing plugins in your WP, measuring the impact on your site’s load time.

This tool is important for you because often the slow loading can be due to poorly configured plugins or the large number of them. The P3 is compatible with most browsers except IE8 or lower.

Gomez Networks

The Gomez Networks offers a complete test of your site performance. You perform an instant test in real-time, where you will follow in detail:

DNS Lookup Time – the time it takes the browser to transform the hostname into an IP address,
Connection Time – the time it takes to connect to a web server through a network,
First Byte – the time interval between when the request was made from a web server and when the first byte of data requested was received, among several other areas.


WebWait is a tool that works as a timer to test your site. It makes several tests until it reaches an average speed. Time tends to be precise because it pulls the entire site into your browser.

Therefore, it takes into account Ajax, Javascript, image manipulation, and loading – which many tools tend to ignore.

Important Tip

Have you performed your tests and realized that hosting servers may be compromising your website’s speed and performance? The best thing, in this case, is to change to one that is more robust and prepared to meet your business needs.

tools to test speed performance
tools to test speed performance


More than working on the layout, style, and optimized content on your website, to provide more pleasurable navigation to your readers, it is necessary to target the points that directly influence the speed and performance of your website, blog, or WordPress virtual store.

The list of tools that Script Certo has cited here is an excellent help for you to analyze what has been slowing you down and most importantly, what can be improved. So get started with your tests today and get a site faster and to the point.


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