Best MP5 Class Cold War: [Season 6] MP5 Loadout Guide

Best MP5 Class Cold War: The beloved MP5 has made a triumphant return to the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War game as of October 6, with the release of season 6 on the 6th of October. This SMG has a tremendous amount of punch for close-to-medium range fighting (depending on the attachments). This weapon’s faster RPM, ADS, and reload time allow the player to run faster and melt targets, allowing the player to run faster and melt targets. Creating the greatest MP5 class Cold War, on the other hand, is absolutely required if you want to maintain winning one-on-one battles. In order to assist both new and returning players, we have created this guide, which contains all of the necessary information to help them construct their ideal MP5 class.

How to Unlock MP5 Files During the Cold War

Best MP5 Class Cold War: Prior to being able to get your hands on the incredible MP5, you must first unlock it. Since Call of Duty Cold War and Warzone have synchronized their weapon advancement, obtaining the MP5 has become considerably more straightforward than previously. In order to unlock the weapon, all you have to do is progress through the levels of multiplayer battles until you reach level 4.

Aside from that, players must acquire all of the attachments in order to get the greatest MP5 class Cold War Season 6 weapon possible. This is due to the fact that this SMG is not in ideal condition or is not operating at peak performance when it is in stock form. So, in order to get the most out of this weapon, you’ll need to put in a little more effort and unlock the attachments that transform this weapon into a true powerhouse capable of melting opponents to the ground.

Characteristics of the MP5 Weapon

The MP5 SMG’s stock variant has 32-33 base damage and a magazine capacity of 30 rounds, making it a good all-around weapon. The weapon also has an 854 RPM and reloads in 2.48 seconds, which is rather impressive. Based on the distance between the player and opponent, MP5 can take out an opponent in 6-13 rounds, depending on the speed with which it can lock on to the target (ADS). Most importantly, while running with the default MP5 variant, players receive a 99 percent movement speed percentage, making this SMG an excellent choice for run and gun fighting styles.

Equipping the best accessories for the MP5 can improve the overall damage, handling, stability, magazine size, and other characteristics of the weapon (more about it later). If players want to use the greatest MP5 cold war attachments, it is critical that they use the correct attachments and do not use the stock version of this SMG if slicing up their opponents is the primary goal.

Season 6’s most effective attachments for MP5

Knowing how to unlock the weapon and its base/stock version stats is important, but knowing which attachments to equip for the best MP5 class is even more important. We’ve put together a list of eight attachments that will make this SMG stand out among the other weapons in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Microflex LED is used as an optical element.

Players should use the Microflex LED optic attachments for their optic attachments. This modification improves total vision while aiming down the sight and performs far better than the standard iron sights on firearms. Furthermore, it comes with a 1.25x magnification, which is marginally better than the iron sigh in terms of clarity.

Muzzle Brake (also known as Muzzle Brake)

The ” Muzzle Brake 9″ should be used as a muzzle attachment by the players in question. Due to the fact that this attachment stabilizes the vertical recoil by providing a +4 control, it is used. Vertical recoil must be controlled at all times, but it is especially important when shooting at targets close to the chest or the head. You don’t want the weapon to have a lot of recoils and to miss 50% of the shots with it. This almost qualifies as the mp5 loadout with no recoil, but it falls short.

Heavy Barrel with Reinforcements

When it comes to attaching the MP5 SMG to a barrel, the “9.5′′ Reinforced Heavy” is the best option. At weapon level 21, it unlocks, providing an 18 percent boost in damage range and an increase in bullet velocity of 80 percent, respectively. It does, however, penalize sprinting speed by -4 percent and goal walking speed by -20 percent, respectively. Regardless of the disadvantages of employing the attachment, the trade-off is well worthwhile.

Body: Laser with Consistent Aim

Players must use a “Steady Aim Laser” attachment on the MP5 SMG’s body in order to be successful. This may be unlocked by progressing to the fifth weapon level. The body attachment provides a 15 percent improvement in hip fire accuracy while having no negative impact on other metrics on the character.

Field Agent Grip is located beneath the barrel.

The handling and stability of the weapon are affected by the choice of the right underbarrel. For this reason, we recommend that you use the “Field Agent Grip” for this attachment. This is due to the fact that this attachment improves vertical recoil control by 6 percent and horizontal recoil control by 20 percent on the MP5 SMG. It does, however, slow down the shooting move speed by around 30%. During our field testing of Field Agent Grip, we discovered that the trade-off was well worth it, and as a result, we recommend that you use this underbarrel rather than others if you prefer a run-and-gun gameplay style.

Rnd Speed Mag is a magazine published by Rnd Speed Magazine.

Because the MP5 SMG has such a fast rate of fire, 30 rounds in a magazine may not be enough to take out at least two opponents at the same time. As a result, we propose that you use the “40 Rnd Speed Mag” magazine attachment to get over the problem of restricted mag capacity. This is due to the fact that the weapon boosts magazine ammo capacity by 33 percent, reload speed by 25 percent, overall capacity by 33 percent, and starting ammo capacity by 25 percent.

There is, however, a 20 percent penalty for using aim-down sights (ADS). Because the MP5 SMG’s standard ADS is extremely rapid, the use of this magazine attachment has no effect on the overall weapon consistency. When a player reaches weapon level 25, he or she will be able to unlock this attachment.

Airborne Elastic Wrap is used as a handle.

The “Airborne Elastic Wrap” attachment for the MP5 SMG’s handle comes highly recommended by us. This is due to the fact that after attaching the magazine we recommended above, the weapon recovers the ADS that was previously lost. As a result, in a sense, this handle restores the ADS. Airborne Elastic Wrap reduces the player’s sprint to fire speed and shooting movement speed by 15 and 10 percent, respectively, after being equipped with the wrap.

Raider Stock is the name of the stock.

The “Raider Stock” is the final attachment you should install on the weapon in order to build the best MP5 class Cold War weapon possible. In contrast to the other weapon attachments, which become accessible rather early in the weapon’s level progression, this one is only available after reaching weapon level 54. Furthermore, this attachment makes up for the fact that the majority of the attachments reduced the sprint to fire and the player’s movement speed.

Raider Stock shortens the time it takes to sprint to fire by 30% and boosts the pace at which you walk to aim by 40%.

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Best Perks and Wildcards for the MP5 Division

We equipped the Gunfighter Wildcard with the purpose of supporting this MP5 SMG class. This is due to the fact that this wildcard allows players to wear up to eight weapon attachments, each of which has the potential to substantially alter the overall dynamics of the weapon.

Furthermore, if the necessary perks are not carried alongside the weapon attachments in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, the perfect MP5 SMG weapon class will not be found in that game. We’ve put up a list of the three perks that pair particularly well with the MP5 weapon class.

Perk number one

You must equip the “Flack Jacket” perk in order to use the Perk 1 slot. This is due to the fact that your character takes a much lower amount of damage while using this perk. This perk increases your chances of surviving by a factor of multiples, regardless of whether you’re dealing with a burning battle bow, Molotov cocktails, grenades, or other explosives.


Choosing the “Scavenger” perk for the perk 2 slot is a necessity for players. The gameplay style we recommend for the MP5 SMG class is ideal for this perk, as the character receives more assistance from other fallen players as a result of our recommendations.


The Perk 3 slot should be fitted with the name “Ninja.” The Cold War MP5 Loadout is essentially incomplete without this perk, as it allows the player to travel softly while hearing the footsteps of enemies much more clearly than they would otherwise be able to hear. Because of this, taking enemies by surprise becomes a small bit simpler after the Ninja perk is on.

In Call of Duty: Cold War, MP5 is the preferred playstyle.

Run and gun is the only playstyle that works well with the MP5 SMG, even after taking into consideration all of the attachments and bonuses we’ve listed. Players must engage in close-to-mid-combat at the very least and should avoid long-range battles because of the increased likelihood of bullet spray due to lower long-range accuracy. Furthermore, always engage in one-on-one combat because the chances of coming out triumphant are substantially higher in these situations.

When the bullet count falls below 15 rounds, reload the magazine as soon as possible. Furthermore, racing down the road rather than walking down the road while aiming down the sight is always preferred. Due to the attachments, the MP5 SMG will receive a much higher sprint to fire time than it would otherwise. As a result, make sure you use it on a regular basis.

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