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Want to learn more about cloud-based web hosting and want to read our review of the top providers in 2021? You couldn’t have been happier. In our comparison, we will discuss all aspects of this type of hosting, and above all, we will present to you the 5 cloud hosts who were able to impress us during our tests.

Ranking of the best cloud hosting

Before even talking to you in detail about each of the providers that have caught our attention, we would like to present to you the complete list of the best Cloud hosting services. As you will see below, they all have their specificities, which will guarantee you to find THE solution that best suits your needs.

In any case, you will be sure to benefit from the good speed, and availability rate worthy of the name, but also responsive and professional customer support.

Best Cloud-Based Web Hosting (2021):

  • Hostinger
  • PlanetHoster
  • Infomaniak
  • LWS
  • OVH

cloud hosting

1) Hostinger

Are you looking for the best Cloud hosting in terms of value for money? If the answer is yes, Hostinger is definitely the preferred provider. The Lithuania-based company has a large number of data centers around the world (the majority of which are in Europe) and above all, it offers plans that meet all needs, with unbeatable prices.

Let’s take a look at what we particularly liked about the cloud hosting packages offered by Hostinger.

What we like about Hostinger

The first thing that caught our eye during our test of Hostinger’s Cloud offers was the prices charged. In total, you will have access to 3 very cheap offers:

  • Startup: € 9.99 / month
  • Professional: € 19.99 / month
  • Global Cloud: € 69.99 / month

Whatever your choice, know that you can lower these prices by applying our exclusive promotional code “pressecitron” (you will get an additional 10% discount).

That said, if you want to benefit from the most attractive prices possible, the best way is to make a commitment over several years with Hostinger. By subscribing for one year, you will be able to benefit from a 43% discount, 48% by making a 24-month commitment, and finally 50% by opting for a 4-year commitment.

Despite the low prices charged by Hostinger, you will be entitled to an availability rate of 99.995% (measured over 1 year by our teams). In terms of technical characteristics, your Cloud hosting will come with at least: 200 GB of SSD disk space, 3 GB of RAM, 2 CPU cores. You can learn more in our Hostinger review here.

Of course, if Hostinger is the best cloud-based web hosting in our eyes, it’s also because it offers a free domain name and SSL certificate. In addition, even with the Startup offer, you will be entitled to the LiteSpeed ​​server. For those who do not know LiteSpeed, it is a function that will allow you to obtain better performance from your hosting and site with optimized cache management.

What could be improved

Hostinger does not have much to improve regarding its cloud hosting. However, nothing is ever perfect! This is why we must point out to you that we regret the lack of customer support by phone.

You will only be able to contact Hostinger customer service by ticket/mail / live chat. At least these services are available 24/7. Which is a little catching up.

Also, you must be vigilant regarding the fact that the prices detailed above are only valid during your first commitment period. When renewing your Cloud hosting, you will have to pay a little more because you will no longer benefit from a reduction. If we can afford any advice, then try to make a very long-term commitment with Hostinger. This way you can make the most of the current discounts.

2) PlanetHoster

The second best host in our ranking of Cloud hosting is PlanetHoster with its HybridCloud offer.

You should also know in this regard that PlanetHoster has its own data centers, which allows it better control… and thus offer a better quality of service.

What we like about PlanetHoster

What are the aspects that make PlanetHoster one of the best cloud-based web hostings? First of all, we can remember the fact that the performances offered are quite simply excellent.

During our tests of the HybridCloud offer, we could see that the loading times were excellent and that the availability rate was close to that announced by PlanetHoster ( 99.98% – which is equivalent to a Type 3 datacenter for those to whom it speaks ).

In addition to performance well above average, the administration interface based in part on cPanel is very pleasant to use. Above all, it is easy to learn. Which makes it definitely accessible to everyone.

And what about customer support? Of all the services encountered and tested as part of this comparison of the best cloud hosting services, PlanetHoster’s customer support has proven to be a benchmark.

You can contact him at any time of the day or night, either by ticket, email, or phone! It is also good to note that by going through telephone support, you can expect a response time of less than one minute.

Finally, it is good to note that your Cloud hosting will be fully managed by the PlanetHoster teams and that you can easily upgrade your plan if necessary.

What could be improved

In our view, two things could be improved when it comes to PlanetHoster’s hybrid cloud offering.

The first is the fact that the Litespeed function and the LSCache plugin are offered as an option. You will have to pay a supplement to benefit from it. As a reminder, with this duo, you can expect 9 times faster hosting (compared to Apache).

The second negative aspect of PlanetHoster’s cloud hosting is its price. Not that it is too high for the features offered, far from it. What we regret most is that no “intermediate” accommodation is offered. It will indeed be necessary to pay at least 49.99 € / month to take advantage of the hybrid cloud.

Please note that we have good news for you regarding the price aspect. We were able to obtain an exclusive promotional code which will allow you to obtain a nice reduction. When ordering, simply enter the code “PHA-lemon squeezer” to get a 25% discount on one of the best Cloud hosting in 2021.

3) Infomaniak

Infomaniak is a Swiss-based hosting provider that has proven itself in the French-speaking Cloud hosting market, among others.

In any case, this is what one would tend to think. We are going to give you our full opinion on Infomaniak’s Cloud offer so that you can see if this is really the case… or not.

What we like about Infomaniak

One very appreciable thing about Infomaniak is the fact that you will be able to customize your Cloud hosting plan as you wish. Before ordering, you can change the number of CPUs to be allocated, the RAM, or even the disk space. Know in this regard that you can always develop your offer along the way. Flexibility is everywhere at Infomaniak!

As for the applications made available, we have not much to complain about. In total, we counted no less than 120 applications made available by Infomaniak. You can for example install in a few clicks Joomla, PrestaShop, WordPress, …

In addition, you will have the guarantee that the resources will actually be allocated to your server. You will be able to benefit from the maximum potential of your server, without bad surprises!

What could be improved

Like PlanetHoster, the prices charged by Infomaniak are not the most affordable. The cheapest offer (whether managed or unmanaged) will cost you € 29 / month.

Our remark will therefore be the same as with PlanetHoster: we would have liked to find a more affordable offer for people who wish to take the plunge into Cloud hosting, without necessarily paying too much.

We also regret the fact that no domain name is offered with Infomaniak Cloud hosting. This is something that can be found in most of the best cloud hosting, which explains our disappointment.

As far as customer support goes, it was pretty responsive in our testing. However, we believe that the service could be further improved to reach the standards imposed by PlanetHoster, for example.

4) LWS

In fourth place in this comparison of the best Cloud hosts of 2021, we find LWS.

Is that enough to convince you to trust LWS to host your site on its Cloud service? Not sure. This is why we advise you to read the following lines.

What we like about LWS

As is also the case if you are looking for VPS web hosting, LWS has the very big advantage of offering plans at more than affordable prices. At the time of writing this article, its offer called “Cloud M” costs only € 4.99 / month excl.

For more details about LWS Cloud hosting, we advise you to click on the image below, or on the button made available previously.

You will thus be able to realize the certain competitiveness of the host.

Regardless of the plan chosen, you will have the right to a free domain name (.fr, .com, .net), as well as a free SSL certificate. And of course, it will be possible to benefit from increased security.

This requires anti-DoS protection, as well as daily backups. We would also like to point out that a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered by LWS.

Thanks to the latter, if you are not satisfied after a few days of using your Cloud hosting, you will be able to demand a full refund.

What could be improved

If LWS is only 4th in our ranking and comparison, it is necessary because it also has flaws.

The first thing that left us with a bitter taste during our tests was the fact that the availability rate was a little lower than that announced on the LWS site (99.9%). So certainly, the difference being minimal, it is not a drama. But still, we would like not to have any unpleasant surprises at this level.

Our teams also noticed that the prices of Cloud hosting based on cPanel were much more expensive than those on ISPConfig. If you want to base your hosting on the first solution mentioned, you will have to count at least 19.99 € HT/month. Which removes a little attraction from this host.

In addition, we found that overall the administration interface provided by LWS was not clear and therefore not easy to learn. This is our sole responsibility, but we nevertheless wanted to share this feeling so that you have all the cards in your hand.

5) OVH

OVH is also one of the best Cloud hosting services of 2021. The 100% French host based in Roubaix and which was created more than 20 years ago has proven over time its qualities as a web host.

Despite this reputation, do you want to know our opinion on OVH and its Cloud hosting offer?

You do well! In the following lines, we will explain the positive aspects to you, as well as the points for improvement that we have been able to identify.

What we like about OVH

Like Hostinger, OVH offers three Cloud hosting plans that will allow everyone to find the right fit. The first price offer is available at € 11.99 including tax/month, while the most expensive (Cloud Web 3) is available for € 40.79 including tax/month.

Overall, the prices charged by OVH seem to us to be very attractive, although a little behind compared to Hostinger.

In all 3 cases, be aware that a domain name will be offered to you for the first year. And of course, this also includes a free SSL certificate. In addition, we very much appreciated the fact that the 3 Cloud hosting services of OVH allow multi-sites (without any limit).

In terms of performance, OVH is not the benchmark in this ranking for the best Cloud hosting, but the whole is still more than adequate.

The host also ensures that your plan gives you access to an isolated server, with SSD disk storage. This will allow you to benefit from better speeds and especially increased stability.

To conclude on this section of the things we like about OVH, we have to reflect on the fact that the host comes to us from France. You will also have a very large choice of data centers located in France when you take out a Cloud plan with OVH. Which is definitely a plus!

What could be improved

Like every web host, OVH can improve several things.

We think directly of the waiting time before getting a response from customer support. When we tested the latter, we very often had to wait long minutes on the phone. This is not the case with PlanetHoster, for example.

It would be good if this could be improved by OVH because when browsing the Internet, we realize that it is a recurring problem among the users of its service. The other aspect on which OVH could improve is in terms of technical characteristics. If we take into account the price of each of its Cloud hosting and put this against the resources made available, OVH is lagging behind Hostinger.

For example for € 11.99 including tax/month, OVH only offers 1 CPU, 2 GB of RAM, and 10 GB of disk. While Hostinger offers for 7.45 € TTC / month: 2 CPU, 3 GB of RAM, and 100 GB of disk space.

What is cloud hosting?

Don’t fully understand what cloud-based web hosting is and want a full definition? No worries, we’ll give you that.

The cloud (or cloud computing system) in general refers to remote storage. For example, we can cite Google Drive or iCloud, which allow documents, photos, or videos to be stored in a space accessible at any time online.

But in the world of web hosting, the definition of Cloud and its concept is a bit more complex. Cloud-based web hosting is not connected to a single server.

The resources of your website are made available by several virtual servers located in the Cloud. This means that each virtual server will have the task of carrying out a certain number of tasks. And as soon as one of the servers does not succeed (for whatever reason), another virtual server will be able to take over immediately.

This means that your cloud hosting should continue to function even in the event of an incident on one of the servers. This will allow your website to benefit from a better availability rate and thus avoid possible unexpected cuts.

Read more: Dedicated server hosting: which is the best choice in 2021?

Who is Cloud Hosting for?

Cloud hosting is mainly aimed at medium and large companies which have rather substantial needs and which are likely to evolve quickly.

This is the number 1 asset of such hosting: scalability. If you have a small personal website or a blog, then you probably won’t need to turn to cloud-based web hosting. Even if, given the prices currently charged by some host (Hostinger for example), it may still be worth it.

Overall, we advise small businesses and individuals to instead turn to shared hosting or even VPS.

To summarize, the best Cloud hosting will rather be interesting for individuals/companies who have a site attracting several thousand users each month (between 40 and 60,000 to give you a range).

Also, don’t forget that having the best cloud hosting company by your side will allow you to capitalize on an uptime rate well above what all other types of hosting are capable of offering.


This is already the end of our comparison of the best accommodations offering plans based on the Cloud.

Now you will have to choose your soul and consciousness.

Take the time to assess your real needs to get them right. And above all, don’t forget: Cloud hosting changes. So it’s not too bad to aim a little too small at first as you can easily increase the potency of your supply.

Cloud hosting faq

To properly complete this ranking and comparison of the best cloud-based web hosting, we are going to answer a few questions that we believe are relevant.

How much does cloud hosting cost?

The cost of cloud hosting can vary wildly. Among the members of our top 5, you will find a price range that can go from 7.45 € / month (Hostinger) to more than 600 € / month (PlanetHoster pushed to the maximum).

In general, quality Cloud hosting will be offered at around twenty euros per month. <+ P>

Is cloud hosting reliable and secure?

Yes, the cloud hosting services selected by us are all secure and perfectly reliable. You have nothing to worry about at this level! They all offer the necessary to ensure the safety of your visitors, your hosting, as well as its reliability.

How to choose cloud hosting according to your needs?

To choose the best cloud hosting for your needs, there are several aspects to consider. This involves the scalability of resources, the price at which the plan is offered, security and reliability, and the speed and performance offered. Do not hesitate to consult our complete comparison to find out more about hosts like Hostinger, PlanetHoster, or even OVH.

What is the difference between cloud and shared hosting?

The difference between Cloud and shared hosting mainly lies in the fact that shared hosting is based on a single physical server to ensure the proper functioning of your service/site. This is the complete opposite of Cloud hosting since the latter will be based on several virtual machines, deployed on different physical servers. This will aim to ensure better continuity of service but also a greater evolution of your infrastructure.


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