Beauty trends: Here are the big beauty trends for 2022

Beauty trends: What make-up and skincare trends will we be smitten with in 2022? Ulta Beauty, the cosmetics behemoth, has released its trend forecasting report.

After two years of constraints and confinement due to the Covid-19 epidemic, it seems that 2022 will be more hopeful in terms of beauty. The masks eventually peel away, revealing the return of make-up and self-expression. That’s according to Ulta Beauty, a US cosmetics shop, in a new analysis projecting next year’s beauty trends.

This “Uncover” research identifies three areas of new or current beauty trends to keep an eye on in 2022. Unsurprisingly, new buying habits developed during the worldwide epidemic have had a significant impact on the outcomes. “2020 was really the beginning of an age when everyone took care of themselves, and 2021 was a bit of a re-emergence of that,” says Monica Arnaudo, Merchandising Director of Ulta Beauty, in the study. “As a result, we can see that in 2022, everything will be permissible and there will be no restriction.”

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Beauty trends: First and foremost, the article emphasises the passion for “natural beauty,” an inescapable result of months of confinement that have obviously turned our skin “green.” “This new naturalness” involves accepting her hair texture and freckles, as well as using natural and eco-friendly cosmetics. “Self-care is at the heart of this entire ‘natural’ concept.” People are more conscious of their mental health, which adds additional dimensions to the concept of naturalness,” says Monica Arnaudo.

Ulta Beauty believes that the most bold beauty shoppers would unleash all conceivable experimentation in hair, eye makeup, and brows. “We’ll see a lot more daring emotions, whether via cosmetics or the hair trends we’ve identified,” Monica Arnaudo affirms.

Consumers and cosmetics firms, on the other hand, have recognised the necessity of supporting social and environmental concerns like as sustainable beauty, inclusion, the building of a true community, and even the resonance of history. artists concerned about women’s well-being “When you consider what occurred in 2020, there is a lot more awareness [of social justice].” It is about ensuring that there is a social component and that we take care of our environment. Beauty has an important role in this. This points to a much healthier and more upbeat 2022.

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