Beauty treatments for men: The 5 favorite beauty treatments for men

Beauty treatments for men: Many guys seem to have virtually beautiful skin while putting in very little effort in their daily upkeep. Alternatively, people wait until they have visible skin issues before beginning the appropriate skin care. Aesthetic treatments, on the other hand, provide several advantages for both men and women! Furthermore, males make up a significant portion of our customers at the Option Dermasanté dermo-aesthetic clinic in Sherbrooke. Here are these gentlemen’s top 5 cosmetic procedures!


Beauty treatments for men: Men, like women, have various parts of their bodies where body hair is undesired! We may think of the back, shoulders, chest, neck, groynes, and brows in particular.

Option Dermasanté provides waxing and sugar hair removal procedures if you wish to get rid of these hairs. Enjoy about 4 weeks without regrowth until your next session thanks to these temporary hair removal procedures! Your hair will also be weaker since it has been shaved to the root.


Beauty treatments for men: The most permanently waxed regions, like with sugaring or waxing, are the chest, back, neck, arms, entire groynes, and shoulders. LightSheer Duet, Soprano ICE Platinum, and electrolysis are the methods offered at Option Dermasanté to remove these hairs.

Permanent laser hair removal

For many years, Option Dermasanté has used LightSheer Duet laser hair removal technology.

Think again if you believe that your light hair prohibits you from obtaining permanent laser hair removal. This technique not only accommodates all skin types, but also almost all hair kinds. Have fun with quick and safe sessions! You may also begin treatments at any time of year.

Please keep in mind that white hairs are an exception to this technique, as are all other permanent hair removal methods!

Permanent hair removal by electrolysis

Electrolysis will be utilised to treat face areas for permanent hair removal. It is also a fascinating approach for improving the outcomes of laser hair removal on any region of your body. If you still have a few undesirable hairs, permanent hair removal with electrolysis will be highly helpful in ultimately getting rid of them!


Beauty treatments for men: Our dermo-aesthetic centre provides a variety of hand and foot treatments! You may test Footlogix products and the SpaRitual treatment, among other things.

You will get quick and effective results with the Footlogix treatment and product line! You will, indeed, notice the outcomes of the first treatment. Allow yourself a moment of calm while your foot and hand troubles are alleviated.

Vegan products are included in the SpaRitual treatment. This collection provides a variety of hand and foot treatments based on your requirements:

  • peace and quiet;
  • rejuvenation and revitalization;
  • stimulation and heat;
  • rest and recovery.

Allow the SpaRitual range to mesmerise you for a multisensory experience!

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Beauty treatments for men: Did you know that men’s face skin contains 50% more sebaceous glands, which are responsible for sebum production?

This feature often results in their having larger pores than women. Blackheads are more prone to form under these circumstances. Despite this, many men continue to ignore facials!

In our dermo-aesthetic and technological clinic in Sherbrooke, we provide a variety of face treatments to both men and women. However, before we begin a therapy, we will evaluate your skin.


Beauty treatments for men: If you have acne, rosacea, blemishes, or vascular concerns, IPL/BBL technology will help tighten your skin while reducing the appearance of pores and fine wrinkles.

The advantages are numerous: complexion whitening, colour enhancement, texture reduction, and increased suppleness of your skin. With this safe and non-invasive technique, you may give yourself the young wind of your dreams!

Option Dermasanté is a dermo-aesthetic clinic in Sherbrooke that provides all treatments to men. Whether you want to get rid of your hair, take care of your hands and feet, or preserve the health and beauty of your face, our specialists will be pleased to point you in the right direction.

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