Baby Gifts: Four Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts: Four Eco-Friendly Baby Gifts. A variety of eco-friendly gifts to replace the ever-present cuddly toy with a visible carbon impact.


Baby Gifts: At the heart of the Biberon Français is Benjamin Banoun, a father looking for ways to simplify his life who invented this set of nested bottles that are simple to store and come with anti-colic medical silicone teats.

For those who… don’t have enough room in their cabinets or whose diaper bag is overflowing.

The green twist

Its substance is long-lasting. While polypropylene emits millions of microparticles into infants’ milk, this unique childcare copolyester is unchangeable. It absorbs neither the fragrance nor the colour of food and retains its lustre throughout the washing process.


Soledad Bravi, our favourite artist, has designed baby bottles.


Baby Gifts: Laura Amar, a mother of two small girls, a pharmacy graduate, and a naturopathic practitioner, has created a box of natural items that accompany moms throughout pregnancy and tracks the child’s development from birth to 24 months.

For people who… wish to save money on infant care while finding new goods.

The green twist

The creator selects and tests natural or organic therapies, paying close attention to the compositions with effective and minimally modified formulations based on hydrosol or vegetable oils in particular.


Each treatment box contains a wealth of information from qualified and compassionate health experts.


Baby Gifts: Subscriptions from the French firm Joone eliminate the need to buy for diapers and other hygiene goods. Young parents are supplied a package of diapers and biodegradable wipes with organic olive oil for the length of their choosing through a virtual gift card.

For those who… feel disoriented at the supermarket’s childcare area without necessarily being prepared for the difficulty of washing diapers.

The green twist

The balanced composition. The nappies are constructed of biodegradable cellulose and are bleached with hydrogen peroxide rather than chlorine, ensuring that no endocrine disruptors are present.


The diaper is attractive, with colourful motifs that are printed with solvent-free ink.

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Baby Gifts: Milk, love, natural care, strong connections of attachment: Mélanie Schmidt-“Baby Ulmann’s Zero Baby Slow” tote bags limit the materials required to welcome a kid to the basics.

For those who… are followers of “slow” parenting.

The green twist

The assortment of organic and environmentally friendly items. From clean care to washable diapers, including swaddling garments, you’ll come across some rather specialized goods that aren’t widely available.


To supplement the knowledge, the creator is also the author of the handbook “Baby Zero Waste,” which was published in February by Leduc editions.


Baby Gifts: Jojo Factory, a little emerging company, sells attractive bags and toiletry bags with animal motifs and pastel hues to carry all of your baby’s equipment or clothing. Everything is packaged in an organic cotton bag with no plastic.

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