Are you considering quitting SEO? Do not do it!

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Before we even talk to each other, I can already tell you that it is not a smart idea to stop the SEO work for your website. Why not and what the effects are if you do, I’ll tell you in this blog.


Unfortunately, we are often asked by customers to (temporarily) stop the SEO work for their website. Certainly in 2021, as an internet marketing specialist, we are often asked because of budget cuts. For many, online marketing is still a vague concept, so it is often the first choice to be deleted if costs have to be saved.
In addition to saving money, there are often other reasons why a customer wants to stop. For example, because a customer is going to handle the SEO himself.

What is the effect on your website if you stop adding new content?

When we talk about content, we are talking about all texts, products, photos, and brel on your site. If you do not place new content on your website or webshop, Google sees this as a sign that your website is no longer active. While you are waiting for new requests or purchases. If there is no new content on your site then:

If you stop performing the SEO work for a month, this will not immediately have major consequences. If you do nothing about this for a long time, it will eventually only take more work to make up for the damage.

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What about the SEO technique?

When you outsource the SEO work for your website, you have made this choice for a reason. You have little knowledge of it or you are too busy to carry out the work. In addition, technical maintenance is often the responsibility of the site manager, so there is little you can change about this yourself. Technical work is also involved in the field of SEO. There are a number of technical errors you’ll want to fix quickly:

  1. 404 errors. When you remove a page or product or change the URL, it is important that you redirect it to a similar page. Are you not doing this? Then a 404 page is created, so the visitor ends up on an empty page.
  2. A sitemap is not loading correctly. Don’t have the right pages in your sitemap? Then the correct pages are not crawled by Google. This means that not all pages are visible.
  3. By adding multiple internal links in a text, this costs less ‘crawl budget’ at Google and so more pages are visible. Internal links that are ‘broken’, when you change something on your website and do not redirect it correctly, visitors can no longer easily navigate on your site.

In addition, it is also important to make timely updates and to monitor the loading time and mobile-friendliness of your website. Google regularly has various updates that require attention to the technical part of your website.


In addition to adding new content, it is also important that you continue to optimize your website!

Many new topics may develop within your company’s industry. As stated before, it is important to respond to this and add new content to your website. Unfortunately, it does not mean that once you have added new content to the website, you will never have to look at it again. New content is quickly no longer new and a number of things may have changed as a result of which the content becomes obsolete. There are several ways you can optimize content:

First of all, it is of course important that when you delete a page or change the name, the old URL also redirects to the new URL. By removing or modifying the page, the original URL is no longer accessible and the visitor will receive a 404 message.

Attention, always use unique content!

We all need inspiration from time to time and it’s not a bad thing to get it on a competitor’s website. Always make sure that this content is unique.

Read: no CTRL+C + CTRL+V. This not only has disadvantages for the website from which you get the information, but also for your own website. Google recognizes duplicate content and punishes you for this. This way you will only be lower in the search results than higher. Do you see that someone has taken over the content of your website?

Then it is best to contact the company itself, the hosting party (if you know this), or rewrite your own content. If you can’t figure it out, you can always submit a removal request to the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act).

So is it wise to stop with SEO?

Our answer is no. A website is, especially in this day and age, very important to bring in new customers. With an up-to-date website, you can not only attract more visitors to your website, but you can also inform potential customers about your products or services and ensure that that potential customer eventually becomes a customer.


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