All about Bundesliga: How does it work?

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Bundesliga often referred to as Fußball-Bundesliga is a professional football league in Germany. It was founded on 28 July 1962 in Dortmund, Germany. This league consists of 18 teams, that run on a system of relegation and promotion. Bayern Munich may always lead the way when it comes to the soccer Vegas odds for the overall winner, but there’s so much more to the league than that.

The Bundesliga season runs from August to May, with the games majorly played on Sundays and Saturdays, though some games are played on weekdays. Bundesliga is the top tier of the German football league. Every Bundesliga club qualifies for the DFB-Pokal, while the winner of the Bundesliga qualifies for the DFB-Supercup. It is also Germany’s primary football competition.


The Bundesliga is among the top national leagues and is ranked fourth in Europe. Fifty-six clubs have participated in it since its beginning. The Bundesliga, out of all sports has the highest average attendance in the whole world with an average of over forty thousand fans per game. It is also broadcasted on television in more than 200 countries.

 With the discovery of the Bundesliga by Deutscher Fußball-Bund in 1962, it has undergone a different organization and structure. Also, the first Bundesliga game was played on the 24th of August 1963. The Bundesliga also boasts outstanding achievements like having the two awards of The Best Fifa Men’s Player.

Notable Bundesliga Football Stars.

The Bundesliga has had several players set impossible records in the past. Let’s look at some of the greatest players ever to grace the league:

Gerhard Muller, also known as ‘Der Bomber,’ was a German player known for his perfect finishing and one of the greatest goalscorers in football history. He was a player for Bayern Munich, where he scored a total of 365 goals in 427 matches in the Bundesliga. In the 1970 FIFA World Cup, he scored ten goals for Germany, where he received the golden boots as the highest goalscorer.

 Also, Oliver Kahn, a former Bayern Munich player, is now a German Football Executive. Starting his career in 1975 in the Karlsruher SC Junior team, he then went on to make his first appearance in the professional squad 12 years later. Kahn was later transferred to Bayern Munich for 4.6 million DM, where he played till the end of his career in 2008. In this time, he was a Bayern Munich goalkeeper and regarded as one of the most successful and greatest goalkeepers of all time. The press and fans gave him the name ‘Der Titan’ for his commanding and aggressive presence in goal. He won several awards like 8 Bundesliga titles, the UEFA Cup in 1996, six DFB-Pokals, and so much more in his career.


The Bundesliga is known for its popularity, and a great number of fans is the league that has given the world of football true meaning. Bundesliga clubs have won eight UEFA Champions League, seven Europa League, four European Cup Winner’s Cups, and so much more. Over the years, their players have showcased immense talent with several individual honours in football.

By Bex
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