After running a Google Search Ads campaign for several months, Meredith notices sales of her advertised products are starting to lag. She checks her Google Ads Recommendations page and notices that her campaign’s optimization score is 22%. What does this score tell Meredith about her Google Search Ads campaign?

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Her campaign’s optimization score tells Meredith about her Google Search Ads campaign that the campaign score has 78% headroom to improve .

  • 22% of the revenue she allocates to her campaign is being used in the wrong areas.
  • The campaign’s budget needs a 22% raise to be fully optimized.
  • Her campaign is being outperformed by 78% of businesses like hers.
  • The campaign score has 78% headroom to improve.

The correct answer is: The campaign score has 78% headroom to improve.

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It lets Meredith know that there is space for 78% improvement. Enhancement score looks across key parts of her missions to distinguish openings for development. Apply these proposals to get the best outcomes for a promoting financial plan.



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