Advertising on Facebook for a blog is no nonsense

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advertising on facebook

It is that advertising on Facebook was something unthinkable, even more so when it is a social network of which I have always been quite skeptical at a professional level.

But the truth is that time has made me change my mind.

When I launch all the changes to my website, I will open my Facebook page again to promote different things, I have it clear and decided, you can see for yourself that more and more people are taking advantage of it.

advertising on facebook

I was not considering paying for traffic at the beginning either

Let’s be honest, when you start a project you have to look at the penny, and that’s normal.

I am taking care of SEO with the intention of positioning and obtaining organic traffic from Google, totally free.

It has not gone bad for me and of course, I recommend doing it, but that does not mean I have to deny myself other options.

Especially when you take off the eternal blindfold that we have when paying for something.

I mean the difference between seeing something as an expense, or seeing it as an investment.

And this is the key point because obviously neither you nor I want to waste money.

That would mean spending X money a month on something that does not affect us at all and, in that case, of course, we are “spending” silly money.

But it does not have to be like that.

If you create a good funnel, where a promotion on Facebook Ads brings you targeted and qualified traffic to subscribe to your list, in which they enter a series of autoresponders that ends in an offer for your product or service and sales can occur. … There we are already talking about something else.

The famous “ROI”, or return on investment.

As long as this is positive, the money you put in will not be an expense, but an investment.

The issue is to prepare that funnel well and be able to measure the results.

Is advertising on Facebook Ads better than on Adwords?

Well in my opinion yes.

For example, I have done a few tests on both sites for a bar here in Valladolid and the results have been better on Facebook Ads.

Without going into specific cases, because it could depend on each case, let’s get to the concept.

When you want to present something to a potential market, you want “your offer” to be addressed to people who might really be interested in it a priori.

To achieve this, Google relies on the search that a person is doing in its search engine.

That is, if someone puts ” tapas bar in Valladolid “, I can have an Adwords campaign that makes an ad for my bar pop up. Okay.

What happens is that Google uses the fact that it knows that the user has that specific interest at that moment, or at least that is supposed by that search that it performs.

We can also apply filters by geographic location and other device factors, etc.

And although your options are certainly not few, I am more seduced by those of Facebook Ads.

Facebook does know everything about the user (about you and me too):

  • Where is?
  • What interests do you have, where do you like?
  • Whether he is in a relationship or not.
  • What are your friends?
  • What groups are you in?
  • Long etcetera …

The list is much longer, but the idea is that I think that Facebook has more data about the user than Google has.

And this is saying a lot.

Of course, there will be those who say no, that Google knows much more about us than we can guess.

And he is surely right, but I am telling you about the segmentation options that both monsters offer me when it comes to advertising with them and directly attacking the profiles of people that interest me.

Is it more expensive to advertise on Facebook or Adwords?

Well, in principle both work with similar bidding systems, but today (and I am based on the tests that I have been able to do) advertising with Facebook has always been better for me than with Adwords.

When we talk about advertising a campaign on Google Adwords, I think anyone would tell you that with less than 50-100 euros per month you are not going to get much clear.

And those are very low figures for a company, but we are talking about blogs and individuals, to which we are a dough.

On the other hand, I have done € 8 promotions on Facebook to promote something for a whole week and they have worked great for me.

Obviously the more you invest, the more impact the issue will have, but of course, I would recommend you first train and start little by little, with small investments in which you can learn and improve your ads and strategies.

Speaking of training and not taking risks, at the end of the post I am going to leave you a link for free training with an expert in Facebook Ads, that is why this post is not to explain the technical questions such as “how to publish an ad on Facebook ”but it’s more a matter of looking at the issue in perspective and giving you my opinion.

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In the end, what matters is to know where your potential client is

In this article, you can get an idea of ​​the power that Facebook has in our lives.

It is worth that these data are a study in adolescents and the data sure that something varies in other age ranges, but the percentages are very clear.

Of the global time we spend on the internet per day, a high percentage is for Facebook.

That’s how it is.

What happens is that we can be skeptical (I include myself) and say well, but on Facebook, I am here to entertain myself, watch bullshit, chat with friends … a whole series of more personal things, but I ignore the advertising that is sometimes shown on the timeline.

Well, that may be your case. But it is certainly not that of most users.

And I’m not saying it, the millionaire figures that Facebook moves in advertising say it.

If people didn’t click on them, the business wouldn’t work.

I admit that I also happen a lot, but I also admit that I read them. And if the topic interests me a lot, then I do click.

This is the real key to all this.

This is where the part of our work comes in because, in the end, advertising on Facebook is just one more tool:

Because I agree with Roberto Gamboa, selling directly with an ad on Facebook that takes you to a sales page is a waste of money.

We have to apply the same strategy and methodology that we apply in attraction marketing. Al is the one that at least has always worked for me.

If it were that simple, my home would be a sales page with a buy button, and it is not about that.

But let’s get back to the topic of this point, and that is that people are on Facebook.

What Facebook Ads allows us is to find those who may be interested in what we offer and put them in an ad in front of their noses, on their walls.

And here realize an important fact.

With Google Adwords, we are ” waiting for the user to show their interest ” in something by searching, and that’s when they can find you.

On the other hand, with Facebook, it is about knowing their interests in advance and anticipating ourselves, that is to say: ” Hey, I think you might be interested in this .”

This has a good side and a bad side: the good thing is we can reach many more people, the bad thing is that the a priori conversion is higher if the user has already shown interest because they are looking for it. It can be a nice discussion for comments.


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