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What is the full form of ACP?

ACP full form: Assistant Commissioner of Police

ACP full form: Assistant Commissioner of Police is the full form of ACP. Assistant Commissioner of Police is the complete version of ACP in Hindi. The job of Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) is one of the most coveted in the Indian Police Service. A police officer with the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (Asst. SP) or Deputy Superintendent of Police is assigned to this position ( DSP ). Three stars are given to the person who works in this position.

How can you become an ACP?

You can become an ACP in one of two ways:

  • After serving in the police department for about 15-20 years, receiving general advancement from state police level to ACP officer.
  • UPSC will hire you directly if you pass the Group I exam with a decent score.

To become an ACP, you must meet certain requirements.

  • In order to become an ACP, the candidate must be an Indian citizen.
  • Physically and psychologically, the individual should be in good shape.
  • To become an ACP, a candidate must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university in any field.
  • To become an ACP, a candidate’s age must be between 21 and 32 years old, with OBC applicants receiving a 3-year remission and SC/ST candidates receiving a 5-year relaxation, according to the UPSC exam.

ACP’s Primary Responsibilities

  • The ACP is in charge of all Commissionerate activities and duties as given by the Commissioner of Police.
  • He is responsible for guiding and supervising the officers under his command, as well as maintaining the department’s discipline. They should go to the police station on a regular basis.
  • They conduct regular inspections to the crime scene and to significant offenses to follow and carry out the directions of higher authorities. He investigates crimes so that they can be avoided in the future.
  • They also take roll calls during trips to police stations in order to plan nighttime visits and ensure that all officers under their command are on high alert.

Other full variants of the ACP abbreviation

  • Average Contribution Percent
  • Additional Computational Practice
  • Alberta College of Pharmacists
  • Atmospheric Chemistry Program
  • Ansi Code Page
  • Association of Computer Professionals
  • Administration Control Panel
  • Acid Phosphatase
  • Acyl Carrier Protein
  • Associated Computer Professional
  • Allergen Control Program
  • Automated Change Processing
  • Acquisition Classification Publication
  • Anesthesia Care Provider
  • Association of Circus Proprietors
  • Automatic Colt Pistol
  • Alternative Class Program
  • Assured Career Plan
  • Administrator’s Control Panel
  • Application Control Parameter
  • Advisory Committee on Pesticides
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  • Airborne Command Post
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  • Applied Communication Program
  • Autoloading Colt Pistol
  • Annual Compensation Payment
  • Average Conditional Probability
  • Activities, Channels, and Pools
  • Anticipated Cash Provider
  • Average Contribution Percentage

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