Accessing Weed TikTok: A Complete Guide

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Weed TikTok

How to find stoner content on TikTok

Your garden from outdoor cannabis seeds has ripened and borne buds. Now’s the time to savor the fruits of your labor in the company of hilarious content, courtesy of weed TikTok.

The app’s teeming with bite-sized videos to enlighten and amuse the viewer. There’s a catch, though. Given the herb’s precarious nature, it takes algorithm manipulation to tailor your feed and join the niche.

Keep reading to learn about the platform’s relationship with marijuana. Discover ways to ensure a never-ending stream of weed videos.

TikTok and cannabis

TikTok is home to a billion active users across 154 countries, and its scope content reflects this diversity. The platform has a place for everything, from relatable story times to ads by budding businesses. Some topics are more prominent than others, though.

The app has a stringent content policy when it comes to marijuana. You’re unlikely to find ads for the best places to buy cannabis seeds online, recordings of smoke, or cultivation advice.

But only if you don’t know where to look.

Despite these restrictions, the stoner TikTok niche is thriving. However, its funny potheads and insightful MJJ-ers are unlikely to appear on your feed if you don’t search for them.

On the other hand, the AI is quick to profile you as a toker once you start interacting with these creators. An avalanche of amazing videos ensures.

The starting steps are the hardest, so let’s see how you can make the algorithm catch your drift.

Weed TikTok

Communicating with the algorithm

The ‘for you page’ (FYP) is TikTok’s main selling point. It consists of an endless stream of videos, some from accounts you follow but more based on your previous activity.

At the start, you see viral videos based on your location. Then the algorithm uses your reactions to determine what you like. It’s not long before you have a highly personalized feed.

The issue with finding tik toks about weed is that you’re unlikely to run into them organically. So, you need to be proactive while using the app.

There are two avenues to finding your first batch of videos.


Hashtags let a creator communicate the topic of their videos. Ones who talk about weed need to tread carefully to avoid getting banned.

Using cannabis and marijuana tags could result in a flag or removal, so people get creative with:

  • #smokeweedeveryday
  • #weedsociety
  • #weeding
  • #joint
  • #ganja
  • #420

TikTok is less restrictive in some locations, so these relatively straightforward options might give you the desired results. If you find the posts too few and far between, try niche tags like:

  • #hitsblunt
  • #w33d
  • #st0nertikt0k
  • #ouid

You’ll also notice that many accounts use multiple hashtags. Expand your search by tapping all under a particularly entertaining video.


When you follow a person, they and similar accounts are more likely to appear on your FYP. For this reason, finding stoner creators and joining their communities should be in your arsenal.

Here are five creators much loved among TikTok tokers to get you started. They’re a goldmine of creative videos guaranteed to scratch the itch for creative canna content.

  • asks questions under the #hitsblunt hashtag. The meme makes room for mind-boggling topics.
  • TheHighWoman discusses marijuana and CBD usage and gets pretty informative. She’s also unafraid of deep topics and serious discussions.
  • SheSmokesJoints is a slice-of-life account colored by toker themes. You feel like you’re chatting with a friend who incidentally likes marijuana.
  • SativaDiva1997 posts a series of ‘Baked Takes’ on numerous topics. They get high and then go in-depth about a theme, unafraid to get silly or philosophical.
  • AppleCrumbWill is a comedian who’ll have you in stitches. His videos are short, simple, and the perfect way to pass a high.

Weed TikTok

Maintaining your FYP

These accounts and hashtags send you down a content rabbit hole. By the time you finish browsing, the platform already has an idea of your preferences. Now’s the time to tweak it.

The algorithm updates itself regularly. Your app usage habits determine whether you see more TikToks about weed. They also personalize the feed to display life stories, memes, creators of color, lady tokers, or whatever else you enjoy.

In a nutshell, your reactions help polish your FYP.

If you like a particular piece of content, be sure to:

  • Watch till the end, especially if it’s longer.
  • Interact with the video by liking, commenting, and saving it.
  • Share the video with friends on the app or other platforms.
  • Visit the sound or filter used and see what else is available.

These actions make your enjoyment of the video loud and clear.

If you dislike the content, you can:

  • Scroll past quickly without finishing it.
  • Unfollow the creator.
  • Tap the ‘not interested’ option.

Only take the final action if there’s something particular you dislike about that post. Doing it too often might confuse the algorithm, making it believe you’re not a fan of the marijuana theme.

Stoner content for days

Follow the tips above to start enjoying weed TikTok. The hashtags and accounts set you up with a rich source of quality videos. They also ensure you keep seeing similar content in the future.

This platform has it all. It’s sure to keep you occupied and make you feel like a part of the 420 community. Some creators also teach valuable lessons, inspire adventures, and even encourage you to buy seeds and grow cannabis at home.

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