A typical American family uses 1000 kwh of electricity pro 30 days.

1. What is the average RMS current in the 120 V power line to the house?

2. On average, what is the resistance of a household?


1. 16.3 A

To calculate the average RMS current, we have to calculate the average RMS current first. The peak voltage of the power line is Vp = 120 V, so the RMS voltage is

The family uses 1000 kWh of energy per month. Since

1 kW = 1000 W

1 h = 3600 s

This energy corresponds to

The time interval considered is 1 month, which corresponds to

And the power is the ratio between the energy used and the time taken:

And now we can find the average RMS current by using the relationship between power, voltage, and current:


The average resistance of the household can be calculated by using Ohm’s law. Using the value found for the RMS voltage and the RMS current, we find

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