A Quick Guide on Different Zorbing Activities a Person Can Enjoy

By George

Zorbing is the act of rolling down a hill in an orb, typically constructed of vinyl. It’s one of those activities that satisfy both thrill-seekers and the more cautious. So whether you’re considering it a family activity or want to try something new with your friends, this guide will point you in the right direction.

Zorbing is one of the most fun and adventurous activities. Most companies will supply you with an inflatable zorb ball, protective clothing and a helmet to wear as you roll down a hill. Some companies also provide refreshments at the bottom of the hill, which gives you time to take photos of your experience.

If you’re looking for something different, zorbing is worth trying! The following are some of the most popular zorbing activities that people can perform using a zorb ball:

Harness Zorbing:

This is the activity that you see most companies advertising. The zorb ball is strapped to a harness around your waist. You’ll then be pulled up the hill by an ATV or other vehicle and dropped down at high speed, and allowed to roll to the bottom of the mountain.

This can give you a sense of what it’s like to go down a mountain on a sledge. It’s more exhilarating than one might expect, and if you’re looking for adrenaline, this is where it’s at. However, if you’re afraid of heights, you might not enjoy this experience as much as others.

Snow Zorbing:

Snow zorbing is an excellent substitute for those who want to try it but don’t have good conditions to do it in. It’s a similar experience; only you’re going down a snow-covered hill instead of a grassy one.

Hay Bale Zorbing:

This is a newer version of zorbing. You’ll start inside a cage at the top of a hill and then be placed into an orb. It’s then rolled down the hill to simulate going down a snow-covered mountain.

Vertical Zorbing:

This activity takes place in a vertical zorb, which means you’ll be going up and down the hill. You’ll begin at the top of the hill and get pulled down by ropes attached to an ATV or other vehicle running alongside you as you roll down to the bottom of the hill.

Downhill Zorbing:

Downhill zorbing is for those who want the exhilaration of harness zorbing but with the added comfort of strapping into a tube rather than just a harness. It’s easier to maneuver, and if you want more control while rolling down the hill, this is the way to go. But it is very important to access a very strong quality zorb ball, and for that, you can consider kameymall, which provides the best quality products.

Rope Tug Zorbing:

This is probably one of the most popular water ball activities. You’ll wear a harness, which will then be pulled up the hill by another person using ropes attached to a platform that you pull yourself up against.

Zorb Soccer:

This is essentially just a combination of zorbing and soccer! The ball for this sport has handles, which allow you to run around and play soccer while in it — similar to how you would in an inflatable swimming pool. So again, if you want an adrenaline rush while having fun with friends, this might be the activity for you.

Zorb Bowling:

You’ll begin by getting into a zorb bowling ball, and you’ll be set on a platform. You then roll down the hill, which mimics some of the controls you’d find in a bowling alley. The only difference is that instead of using your arms to bowl, you can use the handles on the zorb ball. It may not be as enjoyable if you don’t like bowling critically, as it will put you at an obvious disadvantage while going down the hill!

Zorb Swimming:

This activity takes place in an inflatable pool similar to what you’d find in a swimming pool at home. It has the same controls as Zorb Soccer and can be used by anyone. The only difference is that you’ll be going down the hill at a relatively slow speed, making it more fun than other activities.

Real-Time Zorbing:

Real-time zorbing is a slightly different type of zorb ball activity. You’ll be put on a real-time zorb by an exuberant host and taken down the hill to what feels like hang gliding on a giant inflatable golf ball. If you’ve ever wanted to experience hang gliding with friends, this is your chance!


While there may be numerous other activities, these are some of the most popular that people can enjoy. As you can see, zorbing is a fun and exciting activity that one can do with the whole family or even their friends.

By George
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