A programmer mistakenly writes gor instead of for

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A programmer mistakenly writes gor instead of for: Class brush{ private:integer size,rcode function get data() { … }// Statement 1public:integer name // Statement 2function put data() { … }}function main{brush b1,b2print b1.name // Statement 3b2.get data() //Statement 4}​


a) n is equal to 1 (ans) b) n is equal to 2 c) n>=1 d) n>1 A function Object() { [native code] } can be used in which of the following situations? When an object is generated in the first place (ans) b) When the value 0 is assigned to an object c) Only at the end of the code d) When the object’s scope is exhausted A questionnaire with “true or false” questions is created by a coder. He wants to create a data type that stores the candidates’ responses to the questions. Which of the following data types is most appropriate for this purpose? a) Integer b) Boolean(ans) c) Float d) Character a) Integer b) Boolean(ans) c) Float d) Character Any number in the tree is larger than all the numbers in the sub-tree below it, according to a sorting technique that leverages the binary tree notion. What is the name of this technique? a) Sort by selection b) Sort by insertion c) Sort by a heap (ans) d) Sorting quickly When writing a C++ software, a programmer makes the error of using the keyword “gor” instead of the keyword “for” in loops. What will be the outcome?

a) The code would not be able to be compiled. (ans) b) During execution, the code would throw an error. c) The code may or may not function with certain inputs. d) There would be no issues with the coding. A programmer creates a sorting algorithm that takes two different lists of equal size a varying length of time to sort. What could be the distinction between the two lists? a) In one list, all of the numbers are greater than 100, while in the other, all are fewer than 100. b) The ordering of numbers in the two lists with respect to magnitude has different features. (ans) c) One list is entirely made up of negative numbers, whereas the other is entirely made up of positive numbers. d) One list has an element of 0 while the other does not. Refer to the ‘passage’ for the pseudo code. The code is self-explanatory and similar to that of C++. The statements objectname.functionname and objectname.datamembername, respectively, access an object’s accessible member function and data member. To fix the issue in the code, which statement should be removed? Private: int size, c rcode function getdata()…../statement 1 public: int size, c rcode function getdata()…../statement 2 public: int size, c rcode function getdata()…../statement 3 public: int

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