A List of Paid and Free WordPress Weed Themes

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Weed Themes

Best paid and free medical cannabis WordPress themes

Are you looking for the latest paid or free weed themes for your online cannabis store?

Medical marijuana has been a hot global topic in recent years. Its legalization in different states fuels the popularity. The wide acceptance has seen investors jump into the business, starting physical dispensaries and online stores.

Whether you’re selling fast-growing cannabis seeds or any other variety, a unique theme makes you stand out from competitors.

If you’re considering starting an online weed business, you might be looking for the best WordPress themes. Whether paid or free, the options appear endless.

To help you narrow the field, we’ve done the work for you. Check out our list below:

If your budget allows, opting for paid WordPress themes for your website has more benefits. While free ones can get the job done, premium templates have more to offer. They allow you to customize and personalize the things you need the most.

The following are some of the best-paid themes on the market.

1. GreenGrow

Are you looking for a stylish and modern weed WordPress theme?

GreenGrow has a design that supports most niches in the marijuana industry. Its form leaves an impression on the minds of your visitors. Thanks to the olive green, blood orange splashes, and toned-down color palette, it has an aesthetically pleasing look.

Besides the physical appearance, it also features options that make your site more functional. The loader icons and attractive animations ensure smoother engagement and responsiveness.

It includes a feature for your site visitors to contact you or reach out by filling in the available form. There’s also an option to list your email, telephone, and physical location.

GreenGrow comes with an age verification page, ensuring you stick to legal requirements on who can visit your weed-themed site. It also encourages visitors to confirm regulations in their area before buying cannabis products.

Other features that make it the best dispensary WordPress theme include

  • Cannabis industry themed home pages
  • It’s SEO optimized
  • Full-Screen menu functionality for easier navigation
  • It has a countdown shortcode

Buy it at around $80 and enjoy six months of support and lifetime updates.

2. Indicana

If you want to create a reputable online presence, the Indicana WordPress theme is excellent. It has a design fit for various weed businesses, including cannabis concentrate shops and marijuana dispensaries.

Use it even if you don’t have any coding knowledge. It costs around $60 and comes with full software support.

The Indicana medical marijuana WordPress theme features the necessary pages of the WooCommerce online store. It allows you to sell your cannabis edibles, rolls, and powders.

It has everything you need to run a successful online business, including:

  • Products catalog
  • Product page
  • Shopping cart
  • About
  • Professional design home pages
  • Testimonials
  • 20+ unique shortcodes
  • Galleries

It’s easy to use for you and your site visitors.

3. MediGreen

Run a professional cannabis-related online business with the MediGreen WordPress theme. It’s ideal for marijuana dispensaries.

It stands out due to its several inner pages and unique homepage layouts.

Besides informing your customers about the available range of products, let them know the expected costs. The MediGreen dispensary website template has pricing package shortcodes, making it easy for you to outline your rates.

Other features of the theme include:

  • Blog functionality to keep your website visitors updated
  • A predefined page for testimonials to present your customers
  • Cost calculator that clients can use to calculate how much to pay
  • An age verification pop-up
  • Menu support

At around $70 it’s money well spent.

Free WordPress themes

Ready to take your online marijuana company to the next level? You don’t have to pay for it. The following is a list of the best free WordPress themes to get your canna-business noticed.

1. Regina Lite

Though it’s mostly famous in the dental industry, Regina Lite is also ideal for a cannabis dispensary. It stands out due to its stylish and sophisticated design.

Its intuitive layout makes it easy for you and your customers to navigate.

Among its incredible features is the blog section, which allows you to upload valuable content. The posts boost your site’s SEO ranking and keep your audience updated about the range of products in the business.

The grid layout allows you to display your products, such as CBD powder and rolls, in tiles or masonry form. It also makes your website aesthetically eye-pleasing.

It features other options such as:

  • Custom widgets
  • Dedicated sections
  • Vibrant design

2. Medplus

Medplus is a perfect choice if you want to create a website with the best weed themes. It’s compatible with WooCommerce, so creating an online store for your cannabis products is seamless.

Its straightforward nature makes it easy for you and your customers to navigate.

Mediplus WordPress theme has features such as:

  • Separate page for product or service information
  • Contact details
  • Links to the company’s social media accounts
  • Varying homepage colors and styles
  • Blog posts section

3. Medical Hub Lite

This free WordPress theme features beautiful weed templates. Its animated options make your website intuitive and attractive.

Medical Hub Lite stands out for its features that focus on functionality.

The width slider allows you to display the brand at the top while adding relevant links to the banner, making it easy to navigate.

Other options on the free template include:

  • Different information boxes
  • A notice board
  • Custom icons

Take your online cannabis business to the next level

An online store puts your medical marijuana business out there. It becomes easier for customers from various places to access your products.

Making your website stand out from the rest puts you ahead of your competitors. Use the wide range of online templates to ensure your trade is unique and attractive to potential buyers.

Free and paid weed templates are available. Choose one depending on your budget and preferences.

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