A Complete Guide For Making The Best Lens Choice

Is this your first time trying out contact lenses? If yes, then the process of choice might seem a little overwhelming and can be daunting at first. However, there is absolutely no need to worry. This post will help you learn all you need to know about contact lenses.

How does one know which contacts are the best to choose? Is there any type that is better than the other? The most reliable source to have all these questions answered is your eye doctor; however, we’ve also compiled some expert tips that can help you a great deal. Here are some factors that you need to keep in mind when making your choice.

Duration of Wear

You need to determine what sort of lifestyle it is that you live. You can make use of contacts for a variety of time lengths, and that primarily will determine the right type of contact lenses for you. Before making a choice, make sure to consider the type of usage required.

Several/Single-Day/Overnight Wear

This is also a choice that depends upon your usage. Some contacts can be re-worn for many days until they need to be replaced. This could mean six days for some and a month-long for others. The duration of how long a lens can last also depends upon its type. Soft lenses need to be replaced often as they eventually get buildup and tend to wear out.

Single-day wear lenses are disposable ones and are for people who do not want to get into the hassles of cleaning and maintenance. There are overnight wear lenses that can be worn overnight as they allow ample amounts of oxygen to reach one’s eyes. Do check with your doctor once to work out what’s best for you.

Rigid Lens vs. Soft Lens

Contacts can be both soft and rigid. Your doctor will guide you through which will be the best for you. Soft lenses are more commonly used as they are more comfortable in usage, especially for people who are using them for the first time. Rigid lenses have their own edge on soft, as they are more resistant to the buildup of deposits. They also have sharper acuity.

Various Types of Lenses

There are different kinds of contacts. There are multifocal, bifocal, farsighted, and nearsighted types. Bifocal types are for those who need a correction in both of their vision types, near and far. If an individual has astigmatism, both toric (check out Contact Lenses UK if you need toric lenses)’ and gas lenses can be helpful.

Effects and Colors

Not all lenses are transparent. There are colored lenses too, which either get located easily or provide an effect. Colored lenses can change the effect entirely and are also used for beauty-enhancing purposes. Even for lenses that are for theatrical purposes, make sure to get a suitable prescription.

Cost Analysis

While making a choice for the type of lens one needs to buy, do keep cost comparisons in mind. Prices tend to vary according to the brand, length, and type of lens. Consult your doctor to determine which type suits you best and make a purchase accordingly.

The bottom line

Making the best suitable choice for one’s lenses can be overwhelming, but these factors can help you make a more informed choice. Along with consulting your doctor, do keep the above factors in mind while making your choice.

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