A company makes a mixture which contains 2 alcohol

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A company makes a mixture that contains 2% alcohol. if 10 liters of alcohol is added to the mixture, then the concentration increases to 5%. what is the approx? quantity of the mixture?


quantity of alcohol=(2/100)*x=x/50 liters.

When 10 liters of alcohol is added mixture
= (x+10) litres
Quantity of alcohol=10+ x/50 litres.

So % of alcohol in new mixture:-
= (10 + x/50)/(x+10) = 5/100

=>100(500+x) = 250(x+10)

=> 2(500+x) =5(x+10)

=> x= 950/3= 316.66 which is approximateky equal to… 316 litres……

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