9 WordPress plugins to customize your footer

plugin to customize footer

How to customize your footer? Here are the best WordPress plugins to do it.

A footer refers to the lower part of a web page that is generally found on all the pages of a website. The footer is therefore included in the WordPress page template to allow its multiplication on all pages.

Depending on the case, the links and content in the footer are addressed to visitors, but also and above all to search engines. This is an element of the website that looks and functions essential to attracting more visitors.

In this article, we’re going to go over the best premium WordPress plugins to use to customize your blog or website footer.

1. Smart Sections Theme Builder

Smart Sections Theme Builder is a WordPress plugin that allows you to visually modify any part of your website with Visual Composer.

It allows you to create horizontal and vertical headers and override your theme’s default header. You can also customize the footers, sidebars, and megamenu.

2. HayyaBuild

HayyaBuild is a powerful and accessible plugin that allows you to create headers and footers on your WordPress blog. This plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of headers and footers using a drag and drop function.

It is an easy-to-use plugin that will help you save time and grab the attention of your visitors, and this is thanks to the customization features it offers for headers and footers.

In addition, HayyaBuild allows you to create a header and footer for each page of your blog. You can also create a default header and footer that will appear on all pages that don’t have one.


Stripe is a simple 2-tier menu plugin designed to add some life to your WordPress blog header or footer. Once activated, the menu scrolls with the page so that it is visible at all times, making it a great place to insert important links. Alternatively, the menu can be placed in a fixed position so that it scrolls off the screen with other content.

Stripe does not replace your theme’s current menu or menus. Instead, it’s a bonus for highlighting certain posts or pages on your website, hosting your social links, or even serving as a place to place email and/or phone call buttons. With a huge amount of icons to choose from, the possibilities of using this plugin are numerous.

4. WordPress Social Sidebar

WordPress Social Sidebar is a WordPress plugin for quickly and easily adding social links to your website.

It is completely customizable; you can configure the links and styles as needed via a settings page in the dashboard.

The bar with social links can be added to the header, on one of the sides, or the footer of your website. This extension works on all popular browsers and can easily adapt to mobile devices.

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5. Royal Footer Bar

This specific plugin takes care of the footer area as well as the affiliate setup. It includes most of the features that are needed to embed affiliate tools right into the footer.

It includes social media icons as well as their integration, it offers forms to capture email addresses and other useful details of visitors.

It can display a bar with visual options available inside and it can even be integrated on a website that doesn’t use WordPress.

6. HT Script Pro

HT Script is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to add things like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Custom CSS, Custom HTML, JavaScript code to your website headers and footers without having to change the theme. WordPress.

This WordPress plugin has the ability to add any custom code to your WordPress theme, so you won’t need to modify the theme’s code. This will save you time and remove the hassle that happens when updating your WordPress theme.

Its main features are: very easy to use, unlimited addition of scripts, insertion of scripts on the header or footer, adding custom CSS / js in any WordPress theme, adding Google Analytics code, adding Facebook Pixel code, and more.

7. Monster Mega Menu

Mega Menu Monster is a WordPress plugin that will allow you to add a mega menu to your pages on WordPress. Even if its use is much more suited to header menus, the fact remains that this plugin also allows you to use it on your footers.

Among its features, we find among others: support for all modern browsers, the responsiveness on all devices, highly customizable layout (background, colors, fonts), and many others.

8. Ultimate Footer Builder

The WordPress Ultimate Footer Builder plugin is an easy way to create any kind of footers for your sites.

It offers among its features unlimited styles of footers, compatibility with all WordPress plugins and themes, support for most browsers, etc. …

9. WHMCS Multipurpose Footer

WHMCS is a plugin that allows you to create custom layouts on WordPress.

It offers a responsive interface, compatible with possible gestures on mobile devices. You have at your disposal 6 columns that you can use, social icons, and much more.


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