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Discover tips for using Snapchat effectively: know emojis of friends, best Snapchat friends, use Lenses, create Bitmojis, save your stories in Memories.

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Access the beta version of Snapchat

To access the Android beta or iOS beta for those with an iPhone, go to your Snapchat app settings, scroll to the bottom, and tap Join Snapchat beta. You will find on this page all the instructions for accessing the Android and iOS beta version. You may then need to uninstall and then reinstall Snapchat for the beta to work.

Take a screenshot on Snapchat

Before, it was complicated. Now it’s very simple:

  • On Android: press Power and Volume Down simultaneously
  • On iOS: press Power and Volume Up simultaneously

The Snapchat screenshot is saved to your photo gallery. Remember that the sender of the snap is notified instantly!

Take a Snapchat screenshot without notification

Do you have something to hide? Want to take a Snapchat screenshot but don’t want whoever uploaded the snap to see it? It’s tedious but possible:

  • Open Snapchat so that the snap is loaded,
  • Switch to airplane mode (mobile data and Wi-Fi disabled),
  • Open the snap and take a screenshot,
  • Log out and close Snapchat,
  • Turn off airplane mode.

Please note: if you forget a step, the sender will receive a notification. Take the test with a friend beforehand to make sure you are doing the correct way to take a screenshot without getting caught.

Icons on Snapchat (arrow, square, double-arrow, etc.)

Next to the nicknames of friends, several icons can be displayed:

Here is the meaning of the icon colors on Snapchat:

  • If the icon is blue: it is a cat
  • If the icon is purple, it is a video snap with sound
  • If the icon is red, it is a photo snap or a video snap without sound
  • If the icon is gray, it’s a snap sent to someone who hasn’t yet accepted your friend request

The shape of the icons also has a meaning:

  • Full arrow: snap/chat sent
  • Hollow arrow: snap/chat read by your friend
  • Solid square: snap/cat received
  • Hollow square: snap/cat read
  • Double arrow: snap / captured cat (screenshot)
  • Arrow in the circle: snap replayed

Thus, a solid purple square means that you have received a video snap with sound (at least one of the snaps received contains sound). If there is a blue double arrow, it means that a screenshot of your chat conversation has been taken, and so on.

snapchat tips
snapchat tips

Know who viewed your Snapchat story

To find out who has seen your latest stories:

  • Tap the circle at the top left in the Snapchat app,
  • In the My Stories section, tap My Story, to display your different active stories,
  • To the right of each story, you can tap the eye icon to get a list of friends who have viewed your story.

Know who took a screenshot of your Snapchat story

To find out who took a screenshot of your story:

  • Tap the circle at the top left in the Snapchat app,
  • In the My Stories section, tap the photo preview circle next to the My Story text.
  • Your story opens in full screen, at the bottom left, two icons are displayed: the eye corresponds to people who have seen your story, the double arrow corresponds to those who took a screenshot.
  • Press the “double arrow” icon to see your friends who have taken a screenshot of your story.

Friends list emojis

On Snapchat, to the right of your friends’ nicknames, you can see emojis (fire emoji, little pink hearts, red hearts, yellow hearts, the man with sunglasses, etc.). Click here for the full list of friend emojis (and their meanings). For example, the red heart emoji appears next to your friend, when you are both Best Friends # 1 (BFF) for at least 2 consecutive weeks.

Customize friends emojis

Don’t like friend emojis? You cannot remove them, but you can change them. To do this, take the following path:

Settings> Additional options (Manage)> Friend emojis .

In this section, you have the option to edit these friend emojis. For example, if you tap “best friends”, you can replace the yellow heart with a blue heart if you prefer that color. You can also customize emojis for Super BFF and BFF emojis.

What are best friends on Snapchat?

When you send a snap, the app selects your “best friends”. But what do they correspond to? On this subject, the application is quite secret … It does indicate, however, that these are the people with whom you exchange the most snaps and chats. But rest assured: you are the only person with access to your best friends list.

Know your number of snaps sent or received

To find out the number of snaps you’ve sent and received, just press the circle at the top left to access their Profile page. Below your Snapcode, you see a number. Press this number to reveal you’re received and sent snaps. Note: you can also see those of your friends by making a long press on their name, and by tapping on a View friends profile.

Add your birthday to Snapchat

Go to Settings, then tap Date of Birth. Interest: your friends will be notified of your birthday because a cupcake will be displayed next to your nickname in the friend’s list! They will then be able to wish you a happy birthday (but your age remains confidential).

Trophies on Snapchat

Snapchat’s famous trophies are no longer available. Previously, you could get trophies (rewards) for certain actions: snap sent between 4 a.m. and 5 a.m., snap sent with a temperature below 0 ° Celsius, etc. Now there are no trophies, but you can get badges called Charms to celebrate your friendships on Snapchat.

Snapchat Friendship Badges (Charms)

For each friend, you get badges (Charms). To view badges earned with a friend:

  • Go to the Chat section,
  • Long press on their bitmoji (or name)
  • Select View friends profile,
  • Scroll all the way down to view your Friendship Badges.

Here are some examples of possible badges:

  • Gangsta du Snap: the two friends joined Snapchat for a long time,
  • Super Snapchatters: Both friends have a high Snap Score,
  • Best friends: the two friends talk a lot together.

Block someone on Snapchat

Blocking a user on Snapchat can be done from several places in the app: from the chat, the friend’s list, or the list of people who have added you. Each time, you just have to make a long press on the contact, click on More, then Block.

Unblock someone on Snapchat

To unblock someone on Snapchat, tap the circle at the top left, tap the Settings icon at the top right, scroll all the way to the bottom, click Blocked. You will see the list of blocked people and you will be able to unblock them. A blocked person cannot send anything to you, nor see your story.

All About Memories

To access the Memories area:

  • Open the camera on Snapchat,
  • Tap the icon to the left of the photo capture button,
  • You can navigate between 4 tabs: Snaps, Stories, Camera Roll, and My Eyes Only.

With Memories, you can save your snaps and resend them later. You can send snaps by choosing photos from your phone’s photo gallery but also add old snaps to your story. We have collected all the Memories tips on this article.

See where your friends are on Snapchat

Snapchat lets you see where your friends are located on a map:

  1. Tap the Snap Map icon on the far left in the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen,
  2. A map opens, you can “zoom in” or “zoom-out” to see where your friends are. You will see their bitmojis appear. You can click on it for more information.

Note: if some of your friends do not appear, they have hidden their location.

Hide your location (ghost mode)

If you don’t want to be visible to your friends on the Snap Map, press the circle at the top left to find yourself on the Profile page, scroll to the bottom. You will find the Snap card, with the option Share my location. You can turn on Ghost Mode so that no one can see your location.

You have options to decide who can see your location: all your friends, all your friends except certain people, or only a selection of your closest friends.

Scan on Snapchat: music, plants, dogs, calculations …

Snapchat lets you “shazam” right inside the app to find a song you like. You can also: scan calculations to solve your mathematical problems, scan dogs to find out their breeds, scan plants to discover their names, scan foods to find out if they are good for your health …

To use the different scan tools:

  • Open the camera of the Snapchat app,
  • Tap the emoji to the right of the photo capture button,
  • Select Scanner in the navigation bar,
  • Scroll through the circles to choose the desired scan.

Use special effects on Snapchat (lens)

Snapchat’s popularity started in part thanks to face swaps (when you swap your face with someone’s face). Now there are many effects, you just need:

  • To be in selfie mode (front camera)
  • Long press on a face on the screen

The available special effects are displayed at the bottom of your screen, you can swipe from one to another to test them. Sometimes you will need to raise your eyebrows or open your mouth to start the animation. You can take a single capture (image) by briefly pressing the button provided, or take a video by long pressing. Note: some special effects are sponsored by brands.

Lenses are supported for Apple devices running iOS 10 or later and most Android devices running Android 4.4 or later.

snapchat tips
snapchat tips

How to find new effects on Snapchat (Lenses)

Are you looking for new special effects? There is a Lenses Explorer. Just open the Snapchat camera, tap the emoji to the right of the photo capture button. In the navigation bar which is located at the very bottom, you will then find a “magnifying glass” icon (Explorer) which allows you to access an explorer of new effects, classified by theme: trend, sport, face, world, music, creators.

Create your own lens on Snapchat

You can now use Lens Studio which is a free tool to create lenses, augmented reality experiences. After creating your lens, you can then share them with all other Snapchat users.

The filters battery, speed, temperature, time, time of day …

Snapchat also offers data filters. You find them:

  • By swiping to the side when the photo or video is taken, just before sending it: location filter, filter with the time, filter according to the time of day … If you do not have access to these filters, check in the settings that this option is activated and that Snapchat has permission to access this data.
  • By pressing the “Stickers” icon in the toolbar on the right, you will find the classic filters: battery, time, day, temperature, etc.

Note: the Snapchat speed filter has been removed for security reasons.

Use 2 filters simultaneously on Snapchat

It is possible to apply two filters to a snap before sending it. To do this, simply swipe from left to right to choose the first filter. You will then see an icon appear at the very bottom of the toolbar on the right of the screen. You just have to press on it to be able to add a second filter in superposition to the first one. You can superimpose up to 5 filters simultaneously.

Add stickers, emojis, bitmojis to your snaps

To add stickers or other elements:

  • Take a photo or video on Snapchat,
  • Press the “Stickers” icon,
  • Choose the sticker, emoji, or bitmoji of your choice,
  • You can then move the sticker over your photo or video to put it wherever you want.

Note: To delete an added sticker, just make a long press on it and drag it to the recycle bin displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Change camera on Snapchat

On Snapchat, you can easily switch from the front (selfie) camera to the camera on the back of your phone. Two solutions are available to you:

  • Press the icon at the top right (a small circle and two arrows)
  • Double-tap the screen

Put the self-timer for a photo on Snapchat

  • Open the camera on the Snapchat app,
  • Press the arrow on the toolbar located at the top right of the screen,
  • The self-timer icon is displayed, press it once to activate a 3-second self-timer,
  • You can press a second time to set the number of seconds before the photo release.

Add more text on a snap

On a snap, you can add up to 250 letters (80 previously). Before, it was possible to copy text from another application to bypass the limit on the number of characters. Snapchat has unfortunately blocked this possibility, you will not be able to add more than 250 characters (spaces included).

Write big text on Snapchat

You can write larger text, by tapping the “T” icon at the very top right, or by simply tapping anywhere on the screen once after your photo is taken. You select a font format and then you can pinch the text to make it larger or smaller as if you wanted to “zoom in” or “out”. You can also tilt it by moving your fingers.

Write in italics on Snapchat (or in bold)

You can italicize, bold, or underline text on Snapchat. All you have to do is select the text to format, options are displayed, press the arrow to the right of the “Replace” option to be able to select the text formatting option: Bold, Italic or Underline. Note: These options are not available for all fonts in the application.

Useless data on Snapchat (data)

To save your data plan, you can activate a dedicated option in the Snapchat settings, in “Additional options”, press “Manage”, and swipe to activate the “Data saver” option. Snapchat explains that this option reduces mobile data usage, and implies that you will have to manually load content like lenses and snaps, which may take longer to display.

Activate geo-filters (geofilters)

You do not have access to geolocated filters? You need to make sure that you allow Snapchat to access your location. Go to the settings of your smartphone, find the Snapchat application, and activate the location.

Activate dark mode on Snapchat

To enable dark mode on Snapchat on iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings,
  2. In the My Account section,
  3. tap App appearance,
  4. Select Always Dark.

Activate night mode on Snapchat

Snapchat has a very handy option to take a snap at night. It is available when the light is low, via a dedicated “Moon” icon next to the lightning (flash). Night mode makes it easy to snap when the light is low, you can activate it anytime by hiding your camera with your finger.

Enable front flash on Snapchat

Another tip to improve the quality of selfies: simply activate the “front flash”, in selfie mode, by pressing the lightning bolt located in the toolbar on the right of your screen. The screen will light up white when you take the selfie so you can be seen, even at night.

How to change text color on Snapchat

The Snapchat pencil palette allows you to write or draw in many colors: red, pink, purple, blue, cyan, green, yellow, orange, brown … When you are on the text editor or the drawing tool, a colored sidebar is displayed at the top right. You can move the slider to change the color and choose the one you prefer.

Enlarge emojis on Snapchat

To enlarge an emoji or a sticker on Snapchat, it’s very simple: pinch your fingers, tap on the emoji of your choice, and enlarge it as if you were zooming. You can also tilt an emoji (rotate) by rotating your fingers on the screen.

Add emojis to Snapchat videos

Emojis aren’t just for Snapchat photos. You can also add it to videos. And the application is well done: just long-press on an emoji to pin it on an element of your video. Which means the emoji will follow that element’s movement. Take the test!

Create a Bitmoji on Snapchat

To create your Bitmoji, here is the path to follow:

  1. Press the circle at the top left to access your Profile page,
  2. Go to the Settings icon at the top right,
  3. Choose Bitmoji to create your Bitmoji

You can then find many versions of your Bitmoji by pressing the “Stickers” icon after taking a photo or video. You can also use Bitmojis in your conversations with your friends. Stickers are specially created to put your Bitmoji in a situation with those of your friends.

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Change your Bitmoji

You can change the look of your Bitmoji through Settings:

  1. Press the circle at the top left to access your Profile page,
  2. Go to the Settings icon at the top right,
  3. Choose Bitmoji to change your Bitmoji outfit or your face.

Note: you can also edit your Bitmoji directly by tapping your head that appears at the top of the Profile page.

Create a Cameo selfie on Snapchat

To create a Cameo selfie sticker:

  1. Open a Chat with a friend,
  2. Tap the smiling emoji in the chat bar,
  3. Press the “+” icon,
  4. Take your selfie and validate the operation.

Edit a Cameo selfie on Snapchat

To edit your Cameo selfie:

  1. Open a Chat with a friend,
  2. Tap the smiling emoji in the chat bar,
  3. Make a long press on Cameo’s paver,
  4. Tap New Selfie.

Delete a cameo selfie Note:

if you want to delete your Snapchat selfie, go to the Settings of the application, and in the Actions section, press “Delete the selfie used for my cameos”.

Use the Volume buttons on Snapchat

On Snapchat, you can use the two-volume buttons (up and down) to control the camera. To take a snap, short press one of the volume buttons. To take a video snap, long press one of the volume buttons.

Slow down or speed up a video snap

Effects aren’t just for “photo” snaps. Your videos can be sped up, slowed down, and even rewound on Snapchat. You just need to swipe left or right to fast forward, slow motion, or rewind your snap.

Send a phone photo (gallery) in a snap

On Snapchat, you must take a photo directly to be able to send it as a snap (unless you go through Memories) … But via chat, you can send a photo on your phone! Go to a conversation with a friend, you press the “image” icon to the right of the “emoji” icon.

All the chat features on Snapchat

Snapchat chat allows you to:

  • Make audio and video calls
  • Send oral notes
  • Send stickers, emojis, emojis,
  • Send multiple photos simultaneously
  • Send links on Snapchat
  • Play mini-games online …

Pin a conversation on Snapchat

Do you want to keep the conversation with one of your friends always at the top of the screen? To pin your chat, just long-press your chat, tap More, then Pin Chat.

Review a snap

To review a snap, just long-press on the contact who just sent you the snap. If your friend has just sent you several snaps, you must tap on their name and swipe right to access the chat. You will then access the list of snaps sent, and you can select one of your choices.

Remove a snap from your story

To remove a snap from your story:

  1. Go to your profile (circle at the top left),
  2. Tap on My Story in the My Stories section,
  3. Long press on the snap of your choice, and delete it.

Note: you cannot delete a story all at once: you must delete each snap individually.

Skip a story

If the story you are watching is boring, you can move on to the next one with a simple swipe to the side. To exit the stories, swipe down.

Respond to a story

You can also reply to a story. When viewing a friend’s story, you can reply to them via the Send a chat option, located at the bottom of the screen.

Save your story on Snapchat

To save your stories:

  1. Go to your Profile page, by pressing the circle at the top left,
  2. In the My Story section, tap the download icon with the arrow, located to the right of your story preview,
  3. Then find your story saved in Memories.

Automatically save your stories on Snapchat

  1. Go to your Settings,
  2. Select Memories,
  3. Choose Automatically Save My Story Snaps.

Contribute to a live story

Snapchat regularly creates live stories so that users can experience an event from the inside. The application then selects snapshots of people who participate in an event or are in a known place. If you are in a location with a live story, you can send your snap to your friends, add it to your story, and contribute to the life story.

Snapchat must accept your contribution. Remember that life stories can be seen by all Snapchat users before submitting your snap! In particular, you can view them on the Snap Map. Just press the circle to view all the stories live.

Discover, how does it work?

On Snapchat, you access news and editorial content via Discover. Many media publish content in the Discover section.

To access Discover content:

  1. Press the “Stories” icon (4th in from the left)
  2. You find the stories of your friends, then below, you access the content of Discover. You can subscribe to brands and designers to follow their news.

Like stories, you can easily jump to the next snap with a swipe left, while a swipe down exits Discover. The swipe-up allows you to learn more about the creator of the content and to subscribe to it.

How to use Spotlight on Snapchat

Snapchat launched Spotlight to bring together the best user-generated content on the social network. You will find this space open to all, the funniest and most popular snaps made by users of the application. The principle is similar to TikTok, you view videos made by others, you can like them and share them with your friends. To access Spotlight, just tap the icon on the far right of the Snapchat navigation bar.

Snapchat and privacy: 5 things to know

Prohibited content: you do not have the right to send certain snaps. Pornography is prohibited in Stories, you cannot send naughty snaps to minors, you must not take a picture of someone without their consent, you must not threaten or intimidate anyone and you must not pretend to be someone else. If you don’t follow these rules, your account may be deleted!

Screenshot: It used to be difficult to capture a snap because you had to keep your finger on the screen. Today, it is easier and even authorized! You receive a notification if your friend takes a capture of your snap. But do not forget that solutions to take a snap without warning the recipient to exist (via dedicated applications, jailbroken phones, or simply with a camera).

Stickers and emojis: above all, never hide any part of your body with an emoji or a sticker (or any other content that you do not want to show). Although Snapchat is fighting against the use of its application on jailbroken phones, there are tips to remove stickers and emojis from your photos. So be careful!

Automatic snaps removal: Snaps are deleted from Snapchat servers as soon as they are viewed. Chats are deleted from Snapchat servers as soon as they are seen. Story content is automatically deleted from Snapchat servers after 24 hours. However, snaps sent to a live story can be kept.

Clear all Snapchat conversations

You can easily delete all conversations on Snapchat. Go to settings, scroll to the bottom, and select Clear conversations. You can then delete the messages exchanged with a specific Snapchat friend or with all your Snapchat friends.

Create a geolocated filter on Snapchat (geofilter)

To create your own geolocated filters, go to the dedicated Snapchat page. The social network offers a free online tool to create your geolocated filters. You can also create Moments filters to represent one of your activities (breakfast, restaurant, shopping, sports…). Brands can also ask Snapchat to create filters to enhance their image and gain notoriety (the service is chargeable).

Access the statistics of your geolocated filter

Companies can know the statistics of their geolocated filter. They must connect to the geolocated filter creation platform, select their geofilter, and scroll to access the statistics.

Make your stories public

By default, only your friends can access your stories. But if you want everyone to see your stories, you can unblock access to your stories in the app settings, in the “Who can…” section, select View My Story. You can select Everyone to make your Stories public. Making your stories public is particularly useful for brands that want to be visible.

Invite people to add you on Snapchat

For other people to add you on Snapchat, you have several options on your Profile page:

  • By the Snapcode (your Bitmoji on the yellow background): you can save it as a photo and send it to one of your friends, or share the URL.
  • Via the Add friends section: click on the contact you want to add. He will receive a notification to add you in turn.
  • By the URL nickname by replacing nickname with your Snapchat nickname.

Share a contact on Snapchat

It’s easy to send a Snapchat contact to another Snapchat friend. In the chat or on your friend’s list:

  1. Long press on the name of the contact to share,
  2. Then press the little blue arrow at the very bottom to share the contact via the Snapchat chat,
  3. Simply check the recipients of the contact, then on the arrow at the bottom right.

Note: Snapchat also offers you to share your friend’s snap by copying a link or via a third-party application: WhatsApp, Messages, Twitter, Messenger, Facebook

2 things impossible on Snapchat

Change your nickname

On Snapchat, upon registration, you must define a “username”. Be very careful: Snapchat indicates that it is not possible to change your nickname. Moreover, if you delete your Snapchat account, your old username will not be available. On the other hand, you can modify the name that your contacts see: go to the application settings and modify your name (and not your nickname).

Be connected on your phone and tablet

Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to be logged in on multiple phones or your phone and tablet simultaneously. Each time you sign in on a new phone or tablet, you are signed out on the other device. The application has undoubtedly made this choice to limit the risks of hacking on Snapchat …

Snapchat on computer

You must use the mobile app to send and receive snaps. On PC, you can only manage your Snapchat account. You need to go to this address to log into your Snapchat account on desktop: By logging in with your credentials, you will be able to:

  • Download your snapcode in the HD version
  • Get a new snapcode
  • Download all your Snapchat data
  • Manage the filters you have created (on-demand geofilters)
  • Change your Snapchat password
  • Unblock your Snapchat account if it is suspended
  • Delete your Snapchat account
  • Manage your applications
  • Manage your devices

Download your Snapchat data

You can, at any time, retrieve all the data that Snapchat associates with your account (information, history, etc.). Go to this address to download your Snapchat data:

Download your snapcode in HD

You can upload your Snapchat QR code and personalize it. To do this, go to and log in with your usual credentials (this link also generates a new Snapchat code). Then, with your favorite photo editing software, you can edit your snapcode (and even change the color of the snapcode). You just have to follow certain rules.

How to delete your Snapchat account?

Finally, if despite all these tips, you no longer want Snapchat … It’s very simple. Go to: and enter your username and password to identify yourself. For 30 days, your account will be “deactivated”, your friends will no longer be able to contact you.

All snaps and chats will be deleted. If you don’t sign in to your account within 30 days, your Snapchat account will be permanently deleted. This process is irrevocable.


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