7 WordPress plugins to rate blog comments

WordPress plugins to rate blog comments

Need to find the best WordPress plugins to rate comments?

Comments are an important part of any WordPress blog. They allow you to have an appreciation of your services and products, as well as other elements of your website.

However, sometimes one of the things to assess on a website is comments. This can be useful to you to highlight the best comments and thus to get good press for a product, a service, etc …

In this article, we will present the 6 best premium WordPress plugins that allow you to integrate a comment rating system on your blog.

1. Zxeion

Zxeion is a powerful premium WordPress plugin that helps boost the security of your website. This WordPress plugin contains a collection of fixes and tools for additional protection, as well as real-time protection of your network, which can help you identify threats to your website and block them without having to do anything.

Its features include: real-time protection, the ability to hide the admin section , automated firewall banning, file protection, IP blocker, protection against Brute Force attacks, detection of server errors, spam protection and many more.

2. WordPress Rate Everything Star Rating Plugin

When five stars isn’t enough, you need the WordPress Rate Everything Star Rating plugin . Not only does this WordPress rating plugin work with WooCommerce, it also works with any WordPress post, post type, and page.

You can insert it using a shortcode or add it directly to your theme. One of the best features is the vote counting system, which allows logged in users to use AJAX technology . Which makes this premium WordPress plugin a simple yet powerful grading solution, with state-of-the-art precision in displaying decimal grades.

Its functionalities are: customization of the number of stars, various display modes, integration into all types of post or only those specified, and more

3. CommentPress

CommentPress is a powerful and compact premium WordPress plugin that allows you to insert, edit and delete comments quickly and easily. CommentPress uses Ajax , jQuery and PHP to allow visitors to insert comments without having to reload the page.

This plugin has many customization options, to give it the look and look you want. It has a captcha to block spam and gives your comment section more security .

Its main features are: easy insertion of comments, the possibility for users to respond to specific comments, pagination of comments, complete management of the administration of the comments section, buttons for easy insertion of images, brel and links, a fully responsive layout, a Captcha to secure the form and prevent spam , and much more.

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4. Gravity Forms Star Rating FieldStar Rating Field

Easily add a star rating form (or thumbs up, hearts, smiley faces, etc.) with the WordPress Gravity Forms plugin .

Choose from 14 different rating styles and set configuration options for your rating field. So, if you are already using Gravity Forms, you should consider using Gravity Forms Star Rating FieldStar Rating Field.

Its functionalities are among others: personalization and display of the current note on mouse over, personalization and display of help on tooltip , and more

5. User Rating / Review Add on for UserPro

User Rating / Review Add on for UserPro is a premium WordPress star rating plugin specially designed for UserPro. Easily add your star ratings to your UserPro community with the User Rating / Review Add on for UserPro plugin.

Its main features are, among others: the possibility of evaluating two users by using notes or by using textual comments, the possibility of adjusting the restrictions of the evaluation according to the role of the user, the support of shortcodes and multilingual and much more.

6. Contact Form 7 Star Rating Field

Here is the premium WordPress star rating plugin, perfect for those of you using the Contact Form plugin 7 Star Rating Field brings 12 different rating styles to the Star Rating field for one of the most popular contact forms. of WordPress.

Like the other fields in Contact Form 7 Star Rating Field, you will have the option to configure your star rating system to be required or not.

You can also use shortcodes to include the total score in an email, and much more.


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