7 WordPress plugins to interact with your users

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plugin to interact with users

Would you like to give the possibility to users to interact with you? Here are the 10 best WordPress interaction plugins.

Many users have often asked us how can they get closer to their customers and visitors. How do learn about their opinions, suggestions, complaints, apprehensions, in short by what means could they interact on their site?

This is the question that we will try to answer today by presenting 10 premium WordPress interaction plugins that you can easily integrate into your WordPress blog.

But before you jump in, take a look at How to Install a WordPress Theme, How Many Plugins Should You Install on WordPress.

Then let’s discover our list together.

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1. WP Advanced Comment

WP Advanced Comment is a powerful yet accessible comment management system designed for WordPress. It integrates with AJAX technology and works by using fields with drag and drop support to allow your visitors to comment on your articles, blogs, and product pages.

Its features include the easy creation of forms, the ability to enable or disable customer comments, the ability to change the status of the comment form, support for email notifications of new comments with custom fields, an advanced comment finder, Ajax comment pagination, and more.

2. Forym

WP Pro Forum System is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to add a beautiful and user-friendly forum to your website. It has a lot of powerful features that allow it to create a forum with a professional look.

The forum is created to work on your website’s UI, but admins can manage all forums, topics, replies, categories, and tags from the dashboard.

In addition, the WP Pro Forum system has certain advantages such as functional translation thanks to mo / .po files included, the integration of many models to suit the look of your website, or even custom filters included.

3. CommentPress

CommentPress is a powerful compact premium WordPress plugin that lets you insert, edit, and delete comments quickly and easily. CommentPress uses Ajax, jQuery, and PHP to allow visitors to insert comments without having to reload the page.

This plugin has many customization options to give it the look and look you want. It has a captcha to block spam and gives your comment section more security.

Its main features are easy insertion of comments, the possibility for users to respond to specific comments, pagination of comments, complete management of the administration of the comments section, buttons for easy insertion of images, videos, and links, a fully responsive layout, a Captcha to secure the form and prevent spam, and much more.

4. WP How Designer

Comment Word Designer is a premium WordPress plugin that will help you change the look layout of your comments section and that of your comment submission form. You can add text or numeric fields, radio buttons, checkboxes, selectors, and upload files. The fields, by default and personalized, can be re-organized.

Overall, it’s an easy-to-use plugin that works great with the latest version of WordPress.

5. Captcha Plus

This is a powerful premium WordPress plugin that uses a math equation for Captcha to block spambots.

Its main functions are many types of forms supported: connection, registration, comments, contact, etc., improvement of the protection by Captcha with letters, numbers, and images, the configuration of a delay Captcha submission, the ability to refresh the Captcha, change the Captcha title and notifications, compatibility with the latest version of WordPress, multilingual (39 languages) and RTL support and much more.

6. Sabai Discuss

Sabai Discuss is not a premium WordPress forum plugin in the strict sense of the word, but it contains very interesting features just as provided as a traditional forum plugin.

Thanks to it, you will be able to set up a forum on your blog or website, where visitors can ask questions that will be answered by others.

Also, once you install Sabai Discuss and your users start using it, it will automatically create a database for your website that can be used again.

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7. Bpchat

Bpchat is a premium WordPress plugin from BuddyPress that sets up a chat system on your WordPress blog or website.

Once this plugin is installed on any blog, forum, community, directory, e-commerce website, or BuddyPress social website, all logged-in users can automatically chat instantly.

The plugin also sets up an easy way to chat online, which looks a bit like what Facebook offers.


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