7 Major Attraction during the Bike Trip from Manali to Leh

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Manali is one of the prime locations to visit in Himachal Pradesh, India. Himachal Pradesh is also known as Dev Bhoomi or the Land of Gods in India due to the mythological stories that prevail in different parts of this hill station. While Manali offers a plethora of attractions to explore, adventure lovers prefer to take a bike trip from Manali to Leh to explore the natural beauty of the place in a much-extended way.

When you are aiming at this bike trip, you need to make sure about a number of essential things such as the duration of the trip and the security measures for the trip. In order to get a completely enjoyable experience of the trip, you need to get a tour of 10 days or so. Also, you need to get a proper bike that does not ditch you midway. Thus, one of the best ways is to get in touch with a reliable service provider to arrange your trip package.

You should be aware of the major attraction spots that you will be covering during the trip. Here are some of the destinations where you can spend some enthralling moments while traveling from Manali to Leh on your bikes.

1. Manali:

Manali is the place where your bike trip from Manali to Leh will start. Though it is a small town that sits on the banks of River Beas, it has some stunning locations to offer such as Vashisht Hot Springs, Naggar Castle, and Solang Valley. Manali offers some of the best hotels and resorts where you can relax before starting your adventure trip.

2. Rohtang Pass:

You have to cross through the Rohtang Pass which is a connecting road between the Kullu Valley and the Spiti Valley. While traveling on the Rohtang Pass, you will avail some of the most beautiful scenic views of snowy mountains and green valleys.

3. Keylong:

As you cross the Rohtang Pass, the next destination that you will come across is Keylong which is situated at a height of 10,105 feet. This location is going to offer you some of the most picture-perfect views of the brown mountains covered with white snow. Amidst the lush greenery, you will also have the opportunity to visit the largest monastery in Lahaul, Kardang Monastery.

4. Sarchu:

Sarchu is also known by the name of Sir Bhum Chun. You will not get a better halting spot than this location. With a backdrop of snowy mountains, you will come across several tented accommodations here where you can stay and rest for some time before you continue your bike ride to Leh.

5. Nubra Valley:

Nubra Valley is another attraction that you should definitely not miss out on the route of the Manali to Leh trip. It is situated at a distance of 120 km from Leh and is known for some of the most beautiful monasteries and hot springs here. To reach this place, you have to cross Khardung Pass, which is another stunning route to explore and enjoy.

6. Pangong Lake:

Pangong Tso Lake is quite a popular lake that is not just known for its stunning scenic beauty. Located at a height of about 14,270 feet, this blue coloured lake is a perfect place to experience the best climatic conditions and rejuvenate your mind and soul. As this lake is shared between India and China, you have to cross through army sentries to reach out to this lake. If you wish, you can even stay at the camps nearby to spend some quality time by the lake before you finally ride towards Leh.

7. Leh:

Finally, your trip ends when you reach your final destination at Leh. It is located at a height of about 11,480 feet and will offer you mesmerizing views of the mountains touching the sky. Here, you can explore local tourist attractions and markets. Leh also offers some good accommodations for which you should make your reservations in advance to get the best resting place at a good tariff.

While you are going for the adventurous bike trip from Manali to Leh, it is essential that you make all the arrangements and book in advance to avoid confusion and last-minute regrets. Make sure that you get in touch with the right service provider for the purpose so that you can get the best and most reasonable package for the trip.

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