7 free and royalty-free music bank

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This time, we invite you to discover some sites on which to find free music bank sound effects also free of rights to use for all your projects.

However, you should check the license for each song, as it may vary depending on the site and the song.

Some are intended for any type of use, whether personal, professional, or commercial and others do not accept commercial use and in other cases, it is necessary to cite the author, let us know more details on free music bank

Top 7 Royalty free music bank

1. Au bout du fil

music bank

Au bout du fil is a French sound content platform that offers sound effects, sounds and music, you can find many free music bank on this platform.

The site is both very clear and very practical to use, the presence of filters greatly helping to simplify the search.

The platform allows a quick listening of the musical piece and displays on the page all the information concerning it.

2. Audio Micro, Music bank

free music bank

Audio Micro is an important American sound bank, 400,000 kinds of music, sounds, and sound effects are paid and 2,000 are free, this is the best free music bank you will for all the category.

The site displays many categories, and filters that allow you to search very easily. To directly access the free content offered on the platform, selectFree Sound Effects”.

You can then filter by category, genre, author, or even by duration.

Although it is an American platform, Audio Micro and however accessible in English and many other languages as well.

Note that to use the platform it is mandatory to create an account.

3. Find sounds

free sound effects music bank

FindSounds offers a multitude of sounds and sound effects, 1,000,000 sounds are referenced there, and the site is also very easy to use. You can carry out your research using the search bar directly or select the category of your choice below. To download content, click on “Play” then on the small arrow to the right.

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4. SoundEffect+

music bank sound effects

SoundEffects + brings together 5000 quality sound effects and sound effects in WAV or MP3 format. Unlike other platforms, SoundEffects + offers a slightly more sophisticated visual and is, therefore, more pleasant to use. On the home page is the recently added content and on the right the different categories. It is also possible to perform a search using the search bar.

Read more about website maintenance

5. Sound Fishing , music bank

Music bank

Sound Fishing is a French resource that brings together no less than 10,000 audio works, 2,000 of which are free. The free content is recognizable thanks to the small green dot, on which you have to click to download the works.

You can find everything, sound effects, sound effects, and illustration music. The platform has a search engine, and the files are downloadable in MP3 and WAV format (for paid content).

To access and download the content, no registration is required, the site is also very clear and well done. If you want to access more content, there are several subscription types you can choose from.

6. Soundjay

free music bank

Sound Jay is another platform on which you will find different music, sound effects, sound effects, and atmospheres.

Most of the files are high-quality 16-bit stereo 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz sound effects, and downloadable as Mp3 or WAV.

The little extra is that the site regularly updates its content by adding new files.

7. Soundgator

7 free and royalty-free music banks

Soundgator is also a very good free music bank for your projects whatever they are, the sounds offered are of good quality. You can carry out your research using the search bar or go through the different categories of the site. To use the content available on Soundgator it is imperative to register.


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