7 Essential Elements Of An OTT Solution

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Are you thinking about having your own OTT platform? If so, you are probably wondering what an OTT solution should provide. We created a list of essential elements you should check when choosing an OTT platform developer and obtaining a solution.

Here is the list:

CDN software

CDN software allows you to configure the delivery of content in other countries. In other words, you can cover more markets with the help of a content delivery network. It delivers videos to an end-user, and an end-user can have a smooth viewing experience. CDN reduces latencies and boosts buffering. Due to that, a video is transmitted without interruptions.

Monetization capabilities

The primary goal of OTT solutions is to help content creators make money by selling access to their videos. Developers work hard on introducing various monetization models into their solutions.

The common models are advertisements, transactions, and subscriptions. Some services combine several of them so the consumers can choose which one they prefer.

Advertisement-based platforms are gaining popularity among people. You can learn more about OTT advertising in the blog.


Middleware is the heart of your OTT streaming business. It is the software that manages the whole OTT video streaming process. It defines where your content is available, what users can access it, and who cannot visit your website.

With the help of Middleware, you can manage your content and create categories and subcategories. Middleware also has the functionality to configure the user interface.


Customization is what will help a brand showcase that the platform belongs to them. Users also get to know who is in charge.

Customization allows brands to use their own colors, fonts, and design, in general, to stand out and be recognizable.

Another level of customization is when a pre-developed OTT platform allows you to integrate third-party plugins and services.


Data and its analysis are what can boost a service’s performance. If you use analytics properly, you can understand your customers and see the content performance. After that, you can understand whether your content is working, do you attract the audience you want, and how they interact with your platform.

Analytics data helps service owners make better business decisions and enhance platform performance, step by step.

DRM solution

Digital Rights Management is important for protecting your video content from unauthorized access. It is a problem in the IT ecosystem. There are many people who don’t want to pay for a service. And they steal the content with different techniques.

DRM takes care of your copyright holder’s rights so that no one except you can control it.


Applications should be in the same row as CDN because they also help an OTT service reach more people.

Applications are developed for smartphones, Smart TVs, tablets, and laptops. Due to that, more people have access to your platform. Some of them don’t use computers at all, but they use smartphones. So, you can draw their attention by providing an application.

It is also important for families. When one family member is busy watching Smart TV, the other can view videos on a tablet.

People who prefer to spend time outside their homes also can take advantage of applications. They can visit a platform while waiting in a queue or drinking coffee in a cafe.

Final Thoughts

These are not all the elements of OTT services. But you should check if an OTT platform development company can provide you with them. They are important if you want to scale and grow your business in the future.

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