7 Common Google Ads Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

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Google Ads promises you to effectively target your audience by allowing you to bid on keywords in real time and get people to click on your ad, here are our few things to consider on google ads mistakes to avoid

However, this platform can be complicated for advertisers to use. If you are not familiar with Google Adwords, mistakes can greatly reduce the relevance of your ads.

Your campaigns can then be ineffective. So what are common advertiser mistakes and how do you avoid them? now we shall go further to avoid these google ads mistakes to avoid

1. Not understanding the types of correspondence

Once you’ve targeted the right keywords for your business, it makes sense to incorporate them into your Google Ads campaigns.
However, some requests may be irrelevant or too high for your budget:

  • Queries that are too broad can target users who are not interested in your products or services.
  • The exact keywords can be expensive and small.
  • An exact query can lead you to pay a higher CPC.

It is, therefore, necessary to establish a targeted matching strategy while measuring costs, avoid google ads Mistake

2. Neglecting keyword writing

There are different ways to write keyword queries:

  • The usual writing like web writing leaves the possibility for Google to display your ads on synonyms, which limits your control over the keywords.
  • Added “ + ” to keywords like + editorial + web . Google then only displays ads containing those words in the user’s request.
  • Keywords in quotes like “web copywriting” make your Google advertisement appear when the phrase is written precisely and not detached.
  • When queries are written in square brackets like [web writing] , Google will only display ads if the user types that specific query.

3. Stop searching for the user

Some marketers tend to buy unrelated keywords. They assume that a user typing a specific search will also be interested in their product which happens to be in the same theme.

From a marketing standpoint, this is an interesting approach, however, users doing this kind of research have a specific purpose and may just be annoyed to be interrupted. Take a more generalist approach to your brand and then add value as you go.

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4. Return on investment does not match profits

As an advertiser, it’s not uncommon to get a bad idea of ​​the returns on Google Ads. Be able to determine if the budget you invest is generating profits for your business.

Check the entire customer journey to accurately calculate your ROI. You can calculate it by determining the number of conversions.

The value of each conversion will need to be greater than the amount you spent to get it.

5. Choosing the wrong landing pages

You will need to choose a landing page for each ad created. Don’t just systematically link your ads to your home page. This is often the least relevant page since it is essential to offer users the most precise solution to their problem.

Generalist pages are not targeted enough. You then take the risk of not converting your visitor if they cannot find what they are looking for quickly and precisely.

Since you are paying for an ad on every click, you need to maximize your chances of it leading to a purchase or a qualified lead.

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6. Not performing regular audits

It is essential to carry out an audit at least once a year . An audit allows you to check the optimization of your Adwords account. This saves you the trouble of putting in unnecessary effort and knowing where you are before you invest more time and money. You will then be able to identify opportunities to seize and improve your management.

To gain objectivity, do not hesitate to call a professional to examine your Adwords account . And even if you have a good handle on your account, you will be able to make additional improvements with hindsight and experience of already designed campaigns.

7. Don’t watch the competition

If you’re converting less than before, Google Ads isn’t necessarily the problem. Other factors may be involved, including your competitors. Indeed, they can attract users with better offers for example.

You will need to keep an eye on the competition regularly to stay ahead of the game. Use the “auction analysis” feature to compare your performance with that of competing advertisers.

If you want to check how the values ​​have evolved over time, you can select the dates, click “download” then “more options” and add segments.

Don’t make the mistake of absolutely wanting to be first in search results. If you want to take advantage of a strategic and optimized Google Ads account and get a good return on your investment, avoid these mistakes! avoid these google ads mistakes to avoid

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