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Need the best WordPress plugins to improve your sidebars?

The sidebar is one of the most popular features for newbies to WordPress. Its ease of use for a variety of purposes makes it ideal for displaying important and sometimes permanent data on your blog.

While adding a link to your content on the sidebar isn’t new, it’s still a better way to let returning visitors know about everything that’s happening on your blog.

sidebar plugin wordpress
sidebar plugin wordpress

Do you know how you can make the most of sidebars?

Most beginners opt for a classic widget, which displays the best or most recent articles. It’s also the same with comments.

However which would be the best choice, don’t you think that using a tab widget can simplify the life of your visitors, especially since they will be able to consult several different information in one place?

In this article, we, therefore, offer you the 6 best premium WordPress plugins that you can use on your blog to give your sidebars and Widgets a look that will allow you to easily convert your visitors into subscribers.

1. Sidebar & Widget Manager

This premium WordPress plugin allows you to create powerful sidebars and widgets on your website or blog. It’s a 2 in 1 WordPress plugin that gives you full control of your sidebars and allows any user to position them anywhere on your website.

Its main features are among others: a responsive design for its sidebars and widgets, support for bbPress, BuddyPress, and WooCommerce plugins, compatibility with Visual Composer, support for all types of content, and many others.

2. Popping Sidebars and Widgets

The premium WordPress Popping Sidebar and Widgets for WordPress plugin allows you to create sidebars and manage your website widgets. You can create any Sidebar and any Widget with a few clicks.

In terms of functionality, you will find strong similarities between this WordPress plugin and the Sidebar & Widget Manager for the WordPress plugin, simply because they were created by the same author.

You can use one or the other and rest assured, these two plugins offer a level of user-friendliness to allow you to customize your Sidebars.

3. Visual Sidebar Editor

Visual Sidebar Editor brings the power of WPBakery Page Builder or TinyMCE Editor into the life of your website sidebars and lets you manage their content the same way you do for posts and pages.

You will now be able to take full control of the content of your sidebar with unlimited possibilities, you will be able to use Visual Composer and its superb interface with its many custom shortcodes to finally give your sidebar the look it deserves.

With the revisions system included in Visual Sidebar Editor, you will never lose an edit, you can revert to the previous revision at any time. It also comes with a handy export and import tool to help you migrate your sidebars between your websites or between sidebars within the same website.

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4. WordPress Social Sidebar

The name of this WordPress plugin should tell you roughly what it is for. But it will be said that the WordPress Social Sidebar plugin will help you create a sidebar on your website to help you quickly share your content on different social networks .

Its features are among others: automatic integration into your WordPress theme, the ability to configure it from top to bottom, compatibility with several recent and modern browsers, the ability to place your sidebars left to right, above or below of your pages, 4 color sets are offered natively, a responsive layout and much more.

5. Recent Posts Widget Extended

Thanks to this WordPress plugin, most visitors will be able to see links to your blog in the sidebar.

Broadly speaking, there are three types of navigation widgets: recent articles, popular articles, and related articles.

This plugin allows you to display a thumbnail and an excerpt for each article. You can also target recent articles based on a category. The plugin allows you to display your posts based on the date of publication or the most recent comments.

6. Widget and Sidebar Customizer

Widgets and Sidebars or sidebars in WordPress themes usually have one design! Based on this, some users even buy these WordPress themes. Now, with this revolutionary Widget and the WordPress Sidebar Customizer, create new templates with ease.

The process is really simple. To customize a widget, simply add it to the Widget Customizer and configure its styling options.

It works the same with the sidebars, which makes it easy and efficient. It is compatible with BuddyPress, Easy Digital Downloads, WPBakery, WooCommerce, WPML, and other plugins.


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