6 Ways to Customize Your WordPress Site to Improve Visibility & Traffic

A WordPress website is quite simple to use and makes site creation easy for everyone. If you know a few basics of the platform, you can achieve quite a lot. One of these websites can give you considerable visibility, whether your website is for personal purposes or business ones. You can even run these sites on medium-tier internet connections and can contact your Spectrum customer service to get the right connection for you. However, if you only stick to the basics, you may not get the full benefits of a WordPress website.

Instead, you should look into the tool, and explore it a bit. The deeper you go, the more customizations you will see. These customizations will help you improve your website’s visibility and also increase your traffic. From SEO optimization to simple design tweaks, there are numerous ways you can improve your website’s performance. Here are a few of the best ways you can customize your WordPress website for the best results.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile Phones

Mobile optimization should be a top priority for your website, no matter what the purpose. These days, people overwhelmingly use their smartphones to access all the information they need. Therefore, if your website has a mobile-friendly view and loading times, then you’ll get a larger audience.

Therefore, you should do your research into WordPress’s mobile optimization options, and implement them in every way possible. This will help you reach more people, and give them a positive experience on your pages.

Create Search-Friendly Permalinks

Permalinks let your audience access different pages, posts, and other content on your website from the page they land on. Therefore, you should make sure they are SEO-friendly and do not contain redirects. In addition, their anchor text should be easily searchable and rank well by SEO standards.

So, if you create search-friendly permalinks, you can improve your audience’s experience on your website, prompting them to return again. These permalinks also matter when it comes to your SEO strategies, so you should plan them out well.

Install An optimized Theme

Those WordPress options you see are not just for aesthetics. The theme you choose can also impact your website performance and traffic. Therefore, you should explore all the themes possible, and see which one gives you the fastest loading times and least clutter. Your website theme should also reflect the tone of your website and the general outlook of your industry.

So, when you’re choosing them, don’t just pick the one which seems the cheapest or the most aesthetically appealing. Instead, take all these factors into account, so that you can increase your traffic and improve your search visibility.

Optimize Your Images

When you’re inserting images into your website, you should not just place them in there as is. Instead, you need to make sure you’re using a set series of dimensions throughout. If you place non-resized images on your pages, they will give your website a very unprofessional look. So, make sure you stick to a theme and have a coherent aesthetic throughout.

In addition, large image sizes will slow down your website loading speeds and performance. Therefore, you should optimize your images for website usage. You can do this by compressing these images into smaller file sizes. While this reduces the image quality a bit, it makes sure your website loads quickly, improving your visibility and traffic.

Incorporate Keywords & Tags

While this is the very basis of SEO, you cannot emphasize this enough. Do keyword research using the plethora of tools out there, and then incorporate top-ranking keywords into your content. Of course, you can also try to utilize long-tailed keywords which aren’t used as much. This will let you rank higher than general keywords, with less effort and competition.

You shouldn’t forget about tags either. These will help you show up in people’s search results for various terms and showcase your content. Therefore, you should make sure you follow SEO standards for keywords and tags to rank well in search results.

Create High-Quality, Updated Content

While technical SEO and keyword research play a major role in optimizing your WordPress website, your content quality should always be your top priority. You shouldn’t compromise on the excellence of your content and do your best to update it consistently. This will give your website an edge over less proactive competitors.

Therefore, you should update pages as your company progresses, and stick to high-quality standards. Of course, your website should also perform well technically. But when visitors land on your pages and see the quality content, they’re more likely to come back.

In conclusion, you should follow these tips to help improve your website’s visibility and also increase traffic. This will help you get the audience you need and rank well by SEO standards.

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