5 WordPress plugins to display a video background

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plugin to display video background

Need the best WordPress plugins to display video background on your website?

Video backgrounds are an extremely popular website design trend that undoubtedly adds a unique touch to any website. More importantly, though, using a video background is a powerful way to amplify your website’s message and entice visitors.

If you’ve been thinking about adding a video background to your website, here are the top five premium WordPress plugins available at CodeCanyon.

plugin to display video background

1. Video Background And Parallax for Visual Composer

Video and Parallax Backgrounds is designed to work with Visual Composer and makes it easy to add video backgrounds to your website. Just download the plugin and activate it in your WordPress theme, and the video background elements will be available in your Visual Composer editor.

Also, all you need to do is a link to the video that you want to use in your YouTube or Vimeo account, and the plugin takes care of everything else.

Video and Parallax Backgrounds For Visual Composer also includes parallax images and background features, which are great extras for adding variety to different pages on your website if you desire.

2. Video Player and Full-Screen Video Background

Video Player and Full-Screen Video Background is an HTML video player that allows you to create pages with full-screen video backgrounds for your website from videos hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or other websites.

Video Player and Full-Screen Video Background can also be used as a video player on web pages where you want to display the video but don’t want to use full-screen video background.

3. WooCommerce Ultimate Banner And Background

WooCommerce Ultimate Banner And Background is a plugin that allows you to set a custom banner and background for each category of your website. With this plugin, you can also set a background for each product, store page, cart page, and checkout page. It is fully responsive and works with all WooCommerce themes.

In addition, it is possible to create a default background for all products and a default banner for all categories.

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4. All-in-One Custom Background for WordPress

All-in-One Custom Background is an extension that allows you to set multiple backgrounds as a group of backgrounds on your website.

A group of backgrounds can be used as the default or contextual background of the website; and as the background of a specific page.

You can choose between different types of video, image, or color for each background. Additionally, backgrounds can be restricted to users, user roles, or devices separately.

For you, YouTubers is nowhere to be found, the Full-Width background gallery plugin has been designed for you. Not only allows YouTubers to use existing videos hosted on their YouTube channel to create video images for their website, but users can also add a different video to each page if they wish.

While this plugin is great for YouTubers, for those who don’t use the service, you can still take full advantage of this plugin by using the videos you have uploaded and stored in the WordPress media library.

Besides, the plugin offers other background options like background images and a full background slider to add some variety to your others.


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