tips to improve shopping cart

You are so happy with your brand new webshop! Hopefully, many purchases will be made soon. After a month you view the results on Google Analytics and you see that many consumers leave the website after adding a product to their shopping cart but have not completed the purchase. What’s going wrong? How can you ensure that the consumer completes his purchase? Designpro gives you 5 tips to improve the conversion of your shopping cart.

tips to improve shopping cart
tips to improve shopping cart

1. The check-out must at least comply with this

Consumers often leave a website without completing the purchase, because there is an (in their eyes) unclear check-out process. It is important to indicate in advance what you expect from the consumer so that there are no surprises. A progress bar can be a useful indicator of how long a purchase will take to complete.

It is also important not to have the consumer enter the same data twice, but fill in as much information as possible already. Make it clear whether a field is optional or mandatory. Perhaps most importantly: Make the primary button the most prominent button. This persuades the consumer to complete the purchase.

2. Provide a clear structure

Everyone knows it, the shopping cart is always at the top right of the webshop. So don’t let the visitors of your page search for this by wanting to be ‘original’ and organize your page in a different way. You can call this an unwritten rule within e-commerce. You know, three in-line checkouts. Right, consumers don’t want to wait too long before they can pay.

Make sure that the loading time of the page is a maximum of 2 seconds, also reloading the page is a tricky point. A consumer must be able to adjust the shopping cart without having to reload the page. Less is more! Make sure there is not too much unnecessary information in the shopping cart. What does a consumer want to know at checkout:

  • What am I going to order?
  • What do I have to pay?
  • When will I receive my order?

It often happens that a consumer first looks around in the webshop and uses the shopping cart as a ‘wishlist’. That is why it is nice when a consumer comes back to complete the purchase, that the shopping cart has remembered the following information:

  • product title
  • product image
  • quantity per
  • product price

Last but not least, take the consumer along in the number of steps that must be completed to complete the purchase.

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3. Make the shopping cart interactive

To stimulate the sale of the products in your webshop, use a visitor’s shopping route to seek interaction. For example, let us know that there are still products in the shopping cart that have not yet been paid for. Zalando does this through a drop-down menu. After the product has been added to the shopping cart, you will see which products you have already added and you can choose to view the entire shopping cart. Then you can go to the cash register to pay. chooses to use a pop-up notification. This notification shows users which other matching products can be ordered. Often in combination with a discount, this is called cross-selling. Even though you give a discount, you still increase the total value of the order. These are two efficient ways to interact with consumers and promote sales.

4. No unexpected obligations

One of the main reasons for a consumer not to complete the purchase is unexpected charges that have not been shown or mentioned before. Make sure you are clear and transparent about prices and any additional costs. Another important reason is not wanting to create an account.

Of course, the consumer understands that a delivery address and an e-mail address for sending the confirmation are necessary to complete a purchase. For many it is a barrier to immediately create an account, often you will be overloaded with unwanted advertising. So my tip: if creating an account is not necessary for business operations, don’t do it.

tips to improve shopping cart
tips to improve shopping cart

5. Remove doubts

A little extra conviction to complete a purchase can of course never hurt. Where one person likes to pay with iDEAL, another likes to pay via AfterPay. Show the payment options already in the shopping cart, so that this is not an issue for the consumer. You can also increase consumer confidence with a quality mark. This can be a large investment but often pays for itself quickly. Commonly used features are:

  • Home Shopping Guarantee
  • Webshop Hallmark
  • Qshops
  • Webshop Keur

These two options are already a good basis, but by convincing consumers before you, you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. Independent parties such as Trustpilot, Feedback Company, and Kiyoh are good options for displaying consumer reviews on your website.


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