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Why are FAQs so effective? Would you like to check out the best WordPress FAQ plugins?

Well, if your visitors are used to asking similar questions, you are bound to repeat the same answers. You waste a lot of time repeating the same boring answers to the same boring questions.

You can compile a list of frequently asked questions. Which will save you the trouble of replying to an email all the time.

Most importantly, having to ask a question and wait for response delays the purchase decision. During this time, the potential customer might go elsewhere and that’s how you lose that last one.

faq plugin
faq plugin

In other words, FAQs or “Frequently Asked Questions” takes all of that hassle away from you, giving customers everything they need to know right off the bat. This means less work for you and more conversions – what more could you ask for?

In this list, we’re going to help you add an FAQ section to your website, bringing you the best premium WordPress FAQ plugins. There is a mix of free and premium plugins, so there will always be something for everyone, regardless of everyone’s budget.

1. Fancy FAQ

Fancy FAQ is one of the simplest WordPress FAQs plugins that you might have come across. The FAQs sections are displayed differently in this plugin. It uses a Q which means Question and A which means Answer, to highlight the questions and answers provided by users.

It offers you the option to add categories to the FAQs you have created so that the user can read more FAQs by navigating to their category’s link. It is fully responsive and allows the owner to display the FAQ section anywhere on the website with the help of shortcodes.

This WordPress plugin also has the accordion option, which can be implemented by the administrator according to their needs.

2. WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager

WooCommerce Product FAQ Manager is an excellent WordPress plugin for any e-Commerce website, which seeks to create an FAQ section, to convert visitors into buyers.

The advantage you will get from this plugin is that you could advertise each product and answer questions about each one. Plus, it’s easy to install and highly customizable.

At your convenience, you will have the possibility to add colors corresponding to the graphic charter of your online store. It will be your way to make e-Commerce even more enjoyable with this WordPress plugin.

3. FAQMore

FAQPlus is surely one of the best-provided WordPress FAQ plugins in terms of functionality on this list. The amount of customization it puts at your disposal is impressive.

Among its features, you will find that it supports the Visual Composer plugin. It is fully responsive and compatible with several browsers. It offers different types of FAQs, in particular: FAQs in question and answer format.

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4. BWL Advanced FAQ Manager

BWL Advanced FAQ Manager contains all the options of the plugins mentioned above and includes the pagination in the answer area of ​​the FAQ. This particular option allows to create pagination for a response and embeds YouTube videos so that the user can navigate to the paginated page to find their solution.

It offers, among others: quick configuration, paging support, custom widgets, multilingual support, a powerful search bar, and many more.

5. Ultimate FAQ

Ultimate FAQ is a plugin that allows you to create and publish FAQs and their answers. It also has a premium version with 7 days free trial. This extension supports the WooCommerce plugin, as well as its entire suite.

Its features include the ability to create an unlimited number of FAQs. It also has a search form that is based on AJAX technology which allows users to search for a keyword in FAQs and the EXPORT feature which allows FAQs to be exported in PDF format.


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