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Would you like to add featured images? Here are the best-featured image WordPress plugins.

Featured images play an important role in most recent WordPress themes. Remember, it is possible to find free images to mine on ” WordPress “.

In this article, we’ll introduce the best WordPress plugins that will help you make it easy to use featured images on WordPress.

featured Image plugin

This is a 4 in 1 pack of Ultimate Post Thumbnails, the WordPress plugin designed for managing multiple thumbnails. Installing this add-on will integrate Ultimate Post Thumbnail with Visual Composer, add support for multiple featured images, and much more.

Four add-ons are included in this pack:

  • “Custom Post Type”: which allows you to generate several featured images or thumbnails
  • “Visual Composer Integration”: This manages the grid elements of Visual Composer (article grid, publication grid) and supports thumbnails of several publications.
  • “Custom Link”: This allows you to control the link of a thumbnail, to associate a thumbnail with any page inside or outside your website.

2. Image Fetcher

Image Fetcher is a fairly straightforward WordPress plugin that automatically finds and converts the first images of a published post to featured images quickly and easily.

Its main features are: the ability to automatically set the first images of published articles as featured images, a backup system (to save and restore important tables), publication statistics, conversion of statistics, a friendly user interface, documentation, and professional assistance

Quick Featured Images Pro is a WordPress plugin that helps you easily manage featured images on a website. It helps you apply various options and customizations related to images. With this plugin, you have the ability to get featured images, remove and replace them from website pages, posts, and other sections. You can also automate various default settings with this plugin.

Its main features are the ability to perform group operations on featured images – add, replace and delete, the ability to also get options to replace existing images with new ones, to delete the first embedded image, to attach an image to an article, and more, support for multiple languages ​​like Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, and English, it also offers several filters which you can apply using various image changes on the front page and only on certain pages and posts.

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4. Dynamic Feature Image

Dynamic Feature Image is one of the most reliable WordPress plugins out there that is absolutely free. This plugin offers a user-friendly interface with which you can add any number of featured images to your website. You will be able to add multiple featured images to pages and posts. In addition, you will be able to set a different number of featured images for different pages and posts.

Its main features are the ability to have several different types of featured images on a single page, post or custom post types, the presence of the Media Selector feature that helps you select featured images from the media library where you can instantly download images using the File Download option, adding the title, caption, alt text, description and other featured image details, and others.

If you want to use featured images on your website from external sources, then this is the best plugin for you. With this plugin, you will be able to add featured images on a website, which will be fetched from URLs or third-party sources. It automatically offers images in the content in places where the featured image is not available.

Among its features are: the ability to add an external image as a featured image in pages, articles, personalized posts, WooCommerce products, etc., the display of all featured images in a new column when ‘we consult the list of articles, pages, products and categories, the automatic addition of a featured image at the beginning of the content if the image is not displayed by the WordPress theme, and much more.


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