5 Physical Exercise to do without leaving Home

By Bijesh Ustav

With the sudden change in our daily lives, we end up adopting habits that we didn’t have before. Exercising, for example, has become a watershed behavior.

People who had a routine at the gym found themselves unable to go out to exercise and, on the other hand, the sedentary people decided to start paying more attention to their health and body.

Thinking about it, taking into account that there is still no forecast of when our routines will return to normal, being able to come and go with tranquility and safety, we have prepared valuable content with 5 great exercises for health, which can be done without leaving home. Come on?

1. Arm bending

It is an extremely important exercise for strengthening the shoulders, chest and arms. The ideal thing is that you start the activity doing three sets, with ten movements, giving a 2-minute rest interval between them.

To perform the exercise, your arms must line up with your chest, in a position that your elbows can bend approximately 90 degrees. Start bending your elbow until your chest is two fingers off the floor. Return to the starting position and so on.

2. Ground plank

This exercise will help you to strengthen:

  • Abdomen;
  • Low back;
  • Back;
  • Trunk.

It is an isometric activity, directed to the deep muscles of the trunk. It is similar to exercise 1. The difference is that to perform the plank, you will have to place your arms on the floor and find the exact position in which you will feel your abdomen contracted.

To perform the exercise, keep your face facing the ground, positioning your torso, hips and legs off the ground, keeping your toes in contact with the ground. Start the set with three repetitions of 30 seconds each, with a one-minute break in between.

3. Squat

Ideal exercise for strengthening the lower limbs, such as thighs and glutes. To perform the activity, just flex your knees, positioning your arms forward for balance.

As you lower your body, your spine should be straight and the movement should reach a position where your leg forms a 45 degree angle. Start with three sets of twenty repetitions, taking a two-minute break in between.

4. Jump rope

A great aerobic exercise to improve physical conditioning. 15 minutes of jumping rope is equivalent to a loss of approximately 180 calories. It’s the same result you’ll get on a 1-hour walk.

5. Jumping jack

One of the most fun exercises to do at home. It generates heat to the body quickly, providing the burning of calories and the improvement of physical resistance.

For a great set, position and bring your hands together above your head, while spreading your feet apart. Then bring your feet together while lowering your hands, touching your sides. The ideal is to perform 50 repetitions of the movement or do the sequence repeatedly for 1 minute.

Now that you know how to exercise at home, just prepare your form and start training.

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