5 facial aesthetic procedures to nourish the skin

By Tamer Alexandera

A lot is said about facial aesthetic procedures to treat facial skin problems, but did you know that facial nutrition can prevent various problems and delay aging?

Learn more about facial aesthetic procedures to nourish the skin and why you should pay more attention to this subject.


What is the importance of nutrition with facial aesthetics?

To always have beautiful and healthy skin, it is necessary to make an effort to keep it hydrated and nourished.

You can do several treatments, but these two actions act to prevent skin problems and ensure a lot of beauty.

Just as we need water and food to survive, our skin also needs the regular use of creams that hydrate and nourish the skin layer, as well as procedures that aim to enhance this hydration, so you don’t have to spend so much in the future with larger procedures. interventions.


Facial aesthetic procedures with a focus on skin nutrition

  • Skin cleansing;
  • face drainage;
  • Vitamin C Mask;
  • Lifting effect with Bio Facial;
  • Japanese Face Lift.

skin cleansing

Skin Cleaning is a deep cleaning of the skin, which consists of removing impurities, comedones, pustules and excess oil from the skin, recovering the freshness and freshness of normal, mixed and oily skins.

The aesthetic cleaning procedure provides a clearer and more homogeneous skin, in addition to quality facial hydration and a much finer and softer texture.

face drainage

Facial Drainage is composed of a light, smooth, slow-moving, draining massage technique, performed in the décolleté, neck and face. 

This facial aesthetic procedure helps a lot in skin nutrition, favors the immune system and relaxes.

Also indicated for facial edema, postoperative facial, blood disorders and intraocular bags.


Vitamin C Mask

The Vitamin C Facial Mask is suitable for devitalized, dry or dehydrated skin. 

It has a whitening function, inhibits melanin production, performs a superficial exfoliation and reduces expression lines, in addition to increasing collagen production and leaving the skin extremely hydrated and with a velvety texture.

japanese face lift

The  Japanese Face Lift is also a great procedure for skin nutrition, as it is a facial aesthetic technique that consists of movements that alternate between draining, vigorous and relaxing, providing an immediate lifting effect. 

These movements increase local circulation, improve cell oxygenation, facial contour and nutrient distribution.

What is the correct way to carry out these procedures?

Facial aesthetic procedures for skin nutrition and hydration should be performed exclusively in a professional environment. 

Of course, the patient can (and should) have care at home, using creams and products that will always keep the skin hydrated and healthy. 

However, the aforementioned extremely procedures must be performed frequently and are important so that even home treatment is effective and the effects are truly satisfactory. 


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