easy digital downloads plugin

Do you want to find out how to set up downloads on an online store? Here are the best extensions of the Easy Digital Downloads plugin

The power and flexibility of WordPress have been incredible and have led to the emergence of the most popular eCommerce solution on the web – WooCommerce.

With WooCommerce having a broader approach that includes physical goods and services, it has given way to a more efficient, niche solution, for eCommerce businesses interested in exclusively selling digital downloads. This solution is Easy Digital Downloads.

This flexible and easy-to-use eCommerce platform focuses on digital downloads and offers many useful features for managing a storefront on the internet.

There are, however, several ways to extend the platform. So let’s take a look at 9 plugins from the Easy Digital Downloads WordPress plugin to use on your website.

easy digital downloads plugin
easy digital downloads plugin

1. EDD Points and Rewards

Turn your loyal customers into frequent customers with Easy Digital Downloads – Points and Rewards. Configure and fine-tune your points program for maximum sales with the many options included in this expansion.

Your customers will be able to accumulate their points balance over time and then choose exactly when they want to redeem those points for a discount. Point balances can be manually adjusted at any time by online store administrators.

Its main functionalities are: a configuration of the maximum discounts according to the category, the basket and the levels of the products, the log generated for the customers on all the changes of points made, the configuration of the one-off earnings, and the values ​​of points for the defined discounts, and more

2. QuickBooks (Intuit) Gateway for EDD

As a small business, you might already be using QuickBooks. And if you are already using it then you have a QuickBooks (Intuit) merchant account. If this is your business, you must try this dedicated EDD payment gateway

In short, it’s a simpler, more cost-effective alternative for small businesses that accept credit cards.

3. EDD Purchase Limit

The extension allows you to specify purchase limits for a product. Purchase limits also allow you to specify the days that downloads are available by setting a start and/or end date.

Instead of imposing a limit on the number of order downloads, you can put a limit on the order dates to control your stock and the order limit.

Thanks to most of its advanced features, you will be able to configure the Add to cart button, update the accounting system for exhausted and remaining products, error messages and order limits, etc.

4. EDD Currency Converter

If you sell something that can be downloaded digitally, then the whole world becomes your market. But what about the management of different currencies? Easy Digital Downloads – The currency Converter extension makes you forget that there are several currencies.

Easy Digital Download Currency Converter uses Open Exchanges Rates to convert the prices of your products to currencies of your choice.

Its other features are automatic currency detection based on location, fully responsive layout, option to add prices on products, full localization support, and more.

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5. EDD Audio Player

If you’re selling access to music downloads (or any audio downloads for that matter), the Easy Digital Downloads Audio Player plugin will be the perfect addition to your storefront.

Easy to use, install and configure, this extension allows you to add amazing functionality to your eCommerce website. Simply upload a file to the backend and EDD Product Audio Sampler Player will take care of the rest.

This extension is ideal for musicians who sell their works through Easy Digital Downloads. Its main features are supported for simple or playlist playback mode, 3 personalized positions for the player display, a clean design, and many more.

6. EDD PDF Vouchers

This is a very good solution for companies that offer their services exclusively on the internet. Easy Digital Downloads – PDF Vouchers make it easy to promote and manage events.

It is perfect for online stores that want to sell tickets for events, coupons on certain purchases, admission tickets for certain classes, and more. You will have the option to set a recipient name, email, and personal message for coupons purchased through this extension.

It is an excellent solution for online payments of any type of goods or service. Its main functions are: the creation of coupon templates, thanks to an interface that supports drag and drop functionality, the PDFs of the various coupons will be fully customizable, the unlimited creation of discount coupons, the import of codes via CSV files, and much more

7. EDD Product Upsells

Improve Your Sales with Easy Digital Downloads Product Upsells. Not only will this be profitable, but it can also be very useful for your customers.

Use this extension to display the products you want to sell to your customers based on your selection. It is a simple plugin with a low investment threshold. There is hardly any reason why you shouldn’t try this plugin.

Its main features are among others: easy customization, easy installation, responsive layout, and many others

8. EDD Social Login

The first purchase is always the hardest, as signing up with a new account can be a real hassle. Customers can add products to their cart but get bogged down when faced with all of the fields required to create an account. Unless you use the Easy Digital Downloads – Social Login plugin.

It allows users to log in with their social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Windows Live, VK.com, Instagram, Amazon, and Paypal. But its most important feature is one-click registration. Gaining new customers will therefore be easy with Easy Digital Downloads – Social Login.

Its features are among others: shortcode support to place the login form wherever you want, send new account details to the user’s email address, the personalized redirect URL after login, and much more.

9. EDD Dropbox

There are several reasons why you are hosting your upload files on Dropbox. The Easy Digital Downloads – Dropbox extension makes it easy to integrate Dropbox into Easy Digital Downloads.

Easily choose a file from your Dropbox account via the choose button and the plugin will do the rest.

Its main features include: selecting and downloading files from your Dropbox account from the WordPress dashboard, ease of customization, configuration, and use; multilingual support, and more.


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