4 Advanced Google analytics plugin for WordPress

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Google analytics plugin wordpress

Need the best WordPress Google Analytics plugins for your blog?

When your website is up and running, one of the first things you probably ask yourself is, ” Does it really work?” “.

Without an immediate report on sales or listings, it’s hard to know what’s going on. If your website even has visitors already, you still have to ask yourself, where are they coming from? Do they always come from the home page or did they find your website from a blog post? And when they’re on the website for more than five minutes, what’s stopping them from becoming customers or subscribers?

Fortunately, on WordPress, some plugins will allow you to have all this information. And in this article, we’re going to bring you the 5 best premium WordPress plugins, designed to give you a detailed report on your website activity in real-time.

Google analytics plugin wordpress
Google analytics plugin WordPress

1. Visit Analytics

Visit Analytics is one of the best premium WordPress statistics analysis plugins. It is a set of services that allow you to track and report on the quantity and quality of your website traffic.

Indeed, Visit Analytics allows you to obtain statistics not only on your WordPress website and on your social networks, but also your Google Analytics account.

The latter’s data is collected and displayed in a graph so that you can improve and develop your strategies.

2. Google Analytics WP Plugin for Specific Pages

Like all of the premium WordPress plugins in this article, this plugin will help you integrate features like Google Analytics tracking code for posting the custom page.

Its features include the ability to define an unlimited number of referrers (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others), the ability to open between 1 and 50 threads simultaneously, the use of a single user agent (browser) or random (the list of user agents is already predefined), etc.

3. Actionable Google Analytics for WooCommerce

Actionable Google Analytics is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to use some of the best features of Universal Analytics, including Enhanced Ecommerce and User ID Tracking. In addition, this plugin supports the anonymization of IP addresses, product refunds, content grouping, form tracking, etc.

By using this WordPress plugin, you will save time integrating complex Google Analytics code, so you can focus on managing your data.

Its main features are quick and easy installation, access to 9 enhanced e-Commerce reports, the ability to study how different devices are used by the same user and how purchases are made, the ability to analyze which products are reimbursed most often, finally to take remedial action, and more.

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4. Google Analytics – Multisite

You are having difficulty in managing the statistics of your websites from your Google Analytics accounts, and now you want to solve this problem by getting a better overview of your statistics in one place finally to navigate quickly between different diagrams, improve and develop your strategies, then the WordPress Google Analytics – Multisite plugin will help you do that easily.

As features, it offers among others: many styles of graphs, the display of information such as the number of new or old visitors per day, month or year, the number of users logged in in real-time, the bounce rate, the length of a user’s session, new users by location, top pages viewed, and more.


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