Today I introduce you to the 3CX service, 3CX is not just a site chat, a switchboard, or a helpdesk. It is so much more. Find out what it is.

What is 3CX

3CX offers several services seamlessly integrated, ranging from a simple chat on the website to advanced call management systems, video calls, and video conferencing with many interesting tools included.

In addition to being a very valid system for managing a helpdesk, it is also ideal for managing the work of employees and collaborators in smart working.

Here are all the services included.


Live chat for a website with an integrated switchboard

The 3CX chat plugin allows you to insert a live chat on your fully customizable website.

It can be integrated into any type of website, thanks to the WordPress plugin, or through the HTML generator, which will allow you to add it to sites created with Wix, Joomla, Drupal, or any other system.

You can set different welcome messages based on working hours, and the style of the window is completely customizable, from the colors to the insertion of logos and avatars.

The messages you receive from the chat on your site will be automatically assigned to a group and forwarded to the first available operator.

There are no user and chat limits, and all conversations are archived in the system. Additionally, you can enter contacts directly into your CRM.

The 3CX WordPress plugin is free and you can download it directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Thanks to the chat on the site, you can manage requests for information and support in a very practical and effective way.

3CX Phone System

With 3CX services, just one click and you can turn the chat into a voice or video call.

Calls will simply take place through the browser, so there is no need to have users install special software or create accounts for other services to use them.

Operators will also have the ability to manage calls without even opening the browser, thanks to features for Microsoft 365 or CRM.

The software works on all operating systems and its updates are automatic, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Even Facebook chat and SMS can always be managed from the same platform and finally, thanks to the apps for iOS and Android you can simply use your smartphone.

Integration with browser calls and video calls, Facebook, and SMS make the 3CX PBX an indispensable tool for any company.

As I have already told you, however, it does not end there. Now let’s see what other even more advanced features will be included in your customer service.

Web conferences

The 3CX communication system allows you to manage video conferences as well.

It integrates seamlessly with chat and PBX and you don’t need any additional software.

With a single click, you can invite different participants to the video call or organize scheduled conferences, even recurring ones.

All this also happens in this case directly on the browser, through your meeting room, or simply by sharing the URL of the conference.

The features included will be very useful for you, as you can share screens, send documents and even create polls.

A very interesting function is then the practical whiteboard, where you can insert slides and notes, graphics, and diagrams.

How much does 3CX cost

3CX’s standard plan is completely free for one year.

You understood well!

For a whole year you will be able to take advantage of these features:

  • unlimited number of users;
  • app for iOS and Android ;
  • automatic and voice responder;
  • web conferences with screen sharing, file sharing, whiteboard, and polling features;
  • call center function;
  • browser calls;
  • live chat for your website;
  • integration within Facebook messages …

and many others.

How to install 3CX

You can use 3CX on-premise on Windows, Linux, and Raspberry Pi, or hosted in your own cloud or on their own hosting.

Installing the software on your computer is not particularly complex, but it does require a minimum of skills.

However, the documentation provided shows you step by step all the steps and clearly explains the system requirements and the preliminary configurations to be applied.

Once installed, launch the 3CX Setup Wizard by typing HTTP: //your-IP.5015 on your browser. Replace “your-IP” with the IP address of your network card.

If you have difficulty with the installation, you can consult the appropriate guides, the webinars, or the clear and practical videos in the 3CX Academy section.

The software can also be used in the cloud with Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other similar services. You can switch from on-premise to hosting at any time.

If you choose the 3CX hosted option, you’ll have updates and firewalls included, as well as daily backups and constant monitoring.

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3CX: why choose it?

You will have understood by now how complete and powerful this service is.

Are you wondering how much you will have to spend after the first year for free?

In reality, it is much less than you imagine.

Consider first of all that you will save especially on telephone costs since you will only manage any type of communication via the web.

Consult the pricing page to understand how much you would spend based on the number of users and simultaneous calls.

By selecting a single user, you will see that the cost of the Pro annual plan starts at € 219 (approximately € 18 / month).

The most advantageous offer, however, is the one that includes 25 users and 8 simultaneous calls. In this case, you will pay only € 0.95 / month per user, for a total of € 285 per year.

3CX is the most convenient among similar services and will allow you to save up to 80% compared to competitors.

Another point in its favor is that most PBXs offer tariff plans based on the number of extensions. Instead, with 3CX you pay based on the number of simultaneous calls.

The number of extensions is therefore unlimited and free. The 3CX software is also very simple to install and configure, it does not require the intervention of a specialized technician and you can also do it independently.


Now you have an overview of all that 3CX offers for the management of a communication and customer service system.

With the ability to use it on any operating system and even in the cloud or on 3CX hosting, it is a solution suitable for everyone.

Have all these services included, from the chat on the site to the contact center, up to the tool for web conferences, at such a low cost and even free for a year, it is an opportunity that you cannot find anywhere else.


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